Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 873

Chapter 873: Ending (34)
Chapter 873: Ending (34)

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"Why is it so quiet?" Qiao Anxia asked again, then shot Chen Yang a look for consolation. Having never experienced such a thing, he wore a grave expression on his face and shook his head to say he had no idea.

Lu Jinnian held his pose. He didn't move an inch, but his heart had already shot up to his throat.

"Nothing bad could've happened, right?" said Zhao Meng.

"Nah it can't be, right?" said Chen Yang.

Xu Jiamu anxiously also spoke up. "But why hasn't there been any sound in there for so long?"

The assistant completely unintentionally said, "I heard in the news recently that there was a doctor who secretly ran out of the delivery room because the pregnant woman and child died..."

After having calmed down with much difficulty due to Qiao Anxia's chatter, Lu Jinnian's entire body suddenly trembled. Like a crazy person, he hurled himself at the delivery room door and kicked it incredibly hard. The door shook so hard, the glass vibrated with a clang.

Just as Lu Jinnian was close to losing it completely, a sudden "Waaaaah" came from inside.

The cry was crisp and powerful, striking every single person's eardrum.

"It's born! It's born!" Qiao Anxia abruptly reached her hand out and grabbed the assistant beside her into a hug. She jumped twice happily on the spot before Chen Yang dragged her into his arms.

The assistant's smiling face was instantly filled with joy. "Mr. Lu, Miss Xiao Qiao has given birth..."

Zhao Meng excitedly cried, "Qiao Qiao finally gave birth!"

Xu Jiamu's body visibly relaxed. "I'm an uncle!"

Lu Jinnian was the only one who stood on the spot, with no reaction at all, like he was in a daze.

Just as they were going to pull the door open, a nurse came out hugging a cleaned baby, and said with a happy smile, "Congratulations Mr. Lu, it's a boy."

"Let me see, let me see!"

A group of them huddled together in a mess around him.

"Ahhh, so cute!"

"Yeah, so soft and smooth..."

"Ahhh, he's smiling at me!"

All of a sudden, Lu Jinnian snapped back to reality. Without even taking a glance at Little Rice Cake, who was surrounded by everyone, he legged it towards the delivery room and hurled himself towards the bed and crouched down.

Qiao Anhao lay there drenched in sweat. Her face was pale white, her eyes slightly closed, and her breathing unstable. She looked so weak.

Lu Jinnian stared at her like that for a long time, before he abruptly grabbed her hand. "Qiao Qiao...".

When Qiao Anhao heard his voice, she slightly lifted her eyelids. Instantly she saw that Lu Jinnian had an awful expression. She started to feel a warm sensation from the bottom of her heart. As she pursed the corner of her lips, she said in sweet and aggrieved voice, "Really hurts."

Lu Jinnian squeezed her hand hard, and nodded his head frantically, then said, "Sorry". He put her hand to his lips and kissed it, as tears crashed heavily down. "Let's never have another baby, no more."

When he said this, Qiao Anhao clearly felt his hand tremble. After holding her hand for a short minute, his palms were soaked. So he was more nervous than she was whilst giving birth to their child.

In an instant, all the pain she'd gone through just now felt like it was all worth the happiness.