Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 874

Chapter 874: Ending(35)
Chapter 874: Ending35

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The skies were already bright by the time Qiao Anhao was finally out of labor. Exhausted, she fell asleep while being wheeled back to the ward.

After ensuring that both the mother and baby were well, the people who had waited the entire night gradually started to leave.

Xu Jiamu was the last one to go. Before he left, he walked to the baby cot to take one last look at Little Rice Cake. The baby had just been fed and was fast asleep.

Little Rice Cake seemed to have sensed that someone was looking at him, he shook his tiny head lightly and even pouted before breaking into a faint smile.

Xu Jiamu was delighted by the gesture, a bright smile engulfing his face. Gradually, his expression turned slightly glazed.

He stared at Little Rice Cake for a long while before finally leaving with a heavy heart.

It had been snowing in Beijing since the previous night, turning the city into a winter wonderland.

Xu Jiamu reached for a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. Leaning against his car, he took a puff as the snow fell on him mercilessly,

Little Rice Cakes was born, he was now an uncle... He should be ecstatic, and he was... But somehow, the happiness seemed to be drowned out by sorrow.

As he stared at Little Rice Cake's innocent expression, he couldn't help but be reminded of the child that Song Xiangsi had aborted...

If that child was still alive, Song Xiangsi would be about eight months into the pregnancy... In just another month, the child would be born just like Little Rice Cake... At that time, they would be able to grow up together and he could bring the both of them to amusement parks...

As he thought of the endless possibilities, his eyes started to sting, turning red.

What was he thinking about? The child was dead and his dream woman had left. The both of them were now just as he had said that day - strangers.


Qiao Anxia had informed Father and Mother Qiao early in the morning. When they found out that Qiao Anhao had went into labor the previous night, Mother Qiao personally cooked a pot of ginger soup before heading to the hospital.

That afternoon, Qiao Anxia, Zhao Meng, and Lu Jinnian's assistant came over again, staying till evening. After they left, peace settled in the ward. Qiao Anhao used the short gap after she finished feeding Little Rice Cake to snap a photo onto Weibo.

Soon, the photo leaked onto the internet and the news spread like wildfire, quickly gaining the most hits.


In Seattle, it was currently 8 am in the morning.

The bright rays entered through tiny openings, spilling onto an European style bed, a single ray coincidentally covering Song Xiangsi's eyes. She frowned slightly, her long lashes trembling. She opened her eyes instinctively and reached out to shield them from the light before sitting up lazily.

Song Xiangsi reached for the iPad she had tossed at the side. The first notification that popped up was from Weibo: Lu Qiao couple Welcomes a Son.

Her lips moved slightly. When she clicked onto the notification, a photo showed up: A big hand holding onto a tiny one.

The big hand was slender and elegant, with the Heart of Eternity glistening on the ring finger.

Song Xiangsi skimmed through the article. When she learned that both the mother and child were healthy and well, her lips curled slightly. Yanking the blanket aside, she climbed down from the bed carefully. She still possessed a slender figure, even though her belly was protruding.