Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 875

Chapter 875: Ending(36)
Chapter 875: Ending36

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Song Xiangsi slowly strolled to the bathroom, afraid to fall. Maybe due to her large belly, her waist felt sore. She reached a hand over to support her protruding belly as she continued to the basin.

As she brushed her teeth, she suddenly stopped, clenching onto her belly. The cheeky baby moved aggressively in her belly, sending pains through her. She gripped onto the basin, and only after a long while did the pain start to subside.

Initially, she was bent on aborting the baby.

She didn't want the child to be born without a father and she didn't want her child to end up like Lu Jinnian - an illegitimate child despised by others.

But the moment she laid down on the cold and hard surgical table, she started to question her decision and the moment the doctor was preparing to inject her with the anesthesia, she started to tear up.

This was her child after all... The baby was two months old... Even though it wasn't born yet, it was still already a life.

So even if she knew that being a single mother would be tough.

Even if she knew that she wasn't the princess of a fairy tale and that there was no chance of getting back with the prince even if she gave birth to the child.

Even then, she still couldn't help herself.

In reality, her life as a pregnant women in a foreign country hadn't been easy.

Besides, as a public figure, she was afraid that someone would take photos of her predicament so she had to keep on her toes constantly.

Even though she tried to keep strong, there were still nights when she could no longer hold back her tears

Regardless of how her days were, whenever she looked at her growing tummy, everything was worth it.


Qiao Anhao had a smooth labor, but even though she could be discharged after four days, Lu Jinnian only allowed her to go back after a whole month so that she could have professional care.

On the day she was discharged, Little Rice Cake was a month old.

Father and Mother Qiao specifically held a banquet for this celebration.

Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang were in charge of the guest list, and they invited several business partners that were close to the Qiao family and several actors that had good ties with Qiao Anhao. While they were preparing the invitation cards, it didn't seem like a lot but at the time of the celebration, the guests filled the entire house.

Even though Little Rice Cake was just a month old, there was a hint of future stunning looks in him. His eyes were dark and had a gleam, and were covered by a curtain of long lashes. Every time someone came to him, he would stare at them with his wide round eyes.

As a pretty baby, Little Rice Cake was in high demand, everyone couldn't resist coming forward to give him a hug or to touch him, but every time a female came forward, Little Rice Cake's little face would scrunch up into a wrinkle as though he was about to burst into tears. However, when a male touched him, he would stare at them mesmerized.

Even though Mother Qiao was looking after Little Rice Cake, Qiao Anhao still focused her attention on him. When she took note of his abnormal actions, she couldn't hep but to lean over to Lu Jinnian.

"Look at Little Rice Cake, whenever a female touches him, hes about to burst into tears, but whenever a male touches him, he seems to be all smiles. Did you realize?"

Did he? Lu Jinnian turned to glance at Little Rice Cake.

At that moment, several males came over to carry him, and Qiao Anhao seemed to have another discovery. "Lu Jinnian, ah, whenever Little Rice Cake is carried by an older man, he will seek someone else soon after..."