Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 878

Chapter 878: Ending(39)
Chapter 878: Ending39

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It was as though Qiao Anhao had returned back to the days she filmed 'Alluring Times'. At that time, Cheng Yang had treated and Qiao Anxia had just agreed to become his girlfriend. Even though the entire room wasn't close, they heated up to each other instantly and, just like today, they started to play truth or dare.

That night, Lu Jinnian had blocked away all her alcohol and was willing to lose to her many times. At that night, he had even sang "It's a pity".

That night, he had used hand signals to confess to her multiple times - paper, scissors, and stone. But she was clueless.

This time, both Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian sat in the middle. Just like that day, he continued to throw paper, scissors, and stone whenever he played with Qiao Anhao, but whenever he played with others, he would always win.

Xu Jiamu was actually good at the game, but for some reason he wasn't in the best condition, continuously on a losing streak.

Just like old times, the loser would have to choose between truth or dare before downing three cups of beer.

Xu Jiamu accepted the punishment readily, downing all the beer.

He chose truth, and in the beginning, the questions were of a joking nature.

For instance: Are you still a virgin? Which hand do use use for your pleasure? How long will you take in bed?

But as he continued to lose, the ridiculous questions began to run out, and in the end, it went towards his love life.

Question: "Xu Jiamu, after you canceled the engagement with Lin Qianqian, you haven't had any girlfriends. Is it because you already like someone?

Xu Jiamu replied honestly, "Yes."

Question: "Did you cancel the engagement because of her then?"

Xu Jiamu's eyes flickered, he nodded. "Yes."

Question: "Then why didn't you get together with her?"

Xu Jiamu sunk into a heavy silence, his expression calm, but somehow the entire room seemed under pressure. It was as though everyone could see the loneliness radiating off him. But quickly, his lips curled into a smile and he replied casually, "We broke up."

Question: "Who initiated the break up?"

This question seemed to have stumped him. He pondered it for a long while before replying, "She didn't want me."

She was the one who didn't want him, for that entire year, she had been trying to leave him. In the end, she had even aborted his child.

Question: "Do you still like her?"

"I do." This time, he replied without hesitation.

Question: "Who is she?"

Until now, Xu Jiamu had downed almost forty eight cups of beer, and even though he had a high tolerance, he was starting to get drunk.

But even then, his eyes remained bright. When he heard the question, he sunk into silence once more. After a long while, he staggered towards the karaoke machine and picked a song.

A familiar tune started to play. After about five seconds, Xu Jiamu picked up the microphone and began to sing. "In the end, I finally learned to love, but you've already left, far into the horizon."

Qiao Anxia was visibly drunk, slouching lazily in Cheng Yang's arms. She raised her hand to shout inaudibly, "It's off key!"

Xu Jiamu continued to sing, ignoring her comment. "In the end, I finally realized among my tears that once you're gone"

He stopped, unable to continue on.