Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 879

Chapter 879: Ending(40)
Chapter 879: Ending40

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Xu Jiamu stopped, unable to continue on.

He felt his throat close up, his breathing becoming uneven.

The background tune continued to play, and without Xu Jiamu's voice, the original singers voice could be heard faintly.

"Why was love at that time so easy. When I was young, why did I allow my deepest love to be hurt..."

"Ah, why aren't you singing anymore?" Zhao Meng asked foolishly before grabbing onto a beer bottle, treating it as a microphone. Shutting her eyes, she continued indulgently along with the background music. "In this deep night, will you feel the same? Are you silently reliving everything in pain and sorrow..."

Zhao Meng seemed to have influenced the rest for they then sang in unison, "If we had been stronger, there might be no need for regret..."

Xu Jiamu froze, clenching onto the microphone tightly.

"How do you remember me, is it in sorrow or happiness... It's a pity you left, into the depths of the sea. Only through the blur of my tears do I understand the mistake that can never be righted..."

Xu Jiamu closed the door silently, but he could still hear the music being played. "Its never to be repeated, a man loving a woman."

When he left, he realized that it was yet again snowing heavily, the big snowflakes pelting down on the land.

It was almost 10 pm, but since it was Christmas, the roads were still bustling. Occasional fireworks could also be seen brightening the corners of the sky.

Xu Jiamu stood still, suddenly clueless about where to go. He lifted his head to glance at the snow, and after a short while, he headed to the car park about two hundred meters away.

On his way, he passed a mall. The movie theater on the first floor was still open and the screens were showing the newest Christmas movie produced by Huan Ying Entertainment. The posters showed a strong and familiar cast.

He remembered many years ago, there was once he celebrated Christmas with Song Xiangsi. That day, they watched a midnight movie. Song Xiangsi back then hadn't entered the entertainment industry yet, and she always had on a clean face, her eyes curving into crescents whenever she smiled.

That day, there was an unusual crowd and it was snowing heavily just like today. There were couples walking hand in hand everywhere, only the both of them walked shoulder to shoulder. When they were crossing a road, a car sped past. Xu Jiamu quickly reached out to grab her hand, and ever since, he never let go.

Diverting his gaze, he lowered his head to glance at his palm.

Even though he was holding onto her hand, how did he let go?