Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Ending(41)
Chapter 880: Ending41

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Xu Jiamu had wanted to propose, to make her his wife, to hold onto her hand forever, how did they end up as strangers then?

Was she doing well?

During the celebration this afternoon, he heard that she seemed to be doing well.

What about him? He was doing well too... Even though he didn't marry, Xu Enterprise was thriving. This few months, they had secured several big projects, multiplying the profits several times.

They were both doing well... But they weren't together.

Xu Jiamu stood still for a long while, a thick layer of snow covering his shoulders. Just then, a cute little girl ran past him, accidentally bumping into his leg. The little girl fell backwards, bursting into tears. Xu Jiamu snapped out of his daze and quickly bent down to lift her up.

The little girl's mother hurriedly came forward. After thanking him, she carried the little girl and left.

Xu Jiamu remained in the same bent position for a long while before straightening. He then headed straight for his car.

After entering it, he started to drive aimlessly without a destination in mind.

In the end, he ended up in a flower shop that was still open. After stopping the car, he entered the shop to buy a beautiful bouquet of Babys Breath. Carefully, he placed the bouquet onto the passenger seat before heading out of the city.

The snow was heavy and the winds were strong, so Xu Jiamu drove cautiously. A two hour car ride took him almost three hours.

He arrived at a cemetery that was covered by a thick layer of snow. He knelt down in front of a tomb. With bare hands, he gently wiped off the snow. Some of it had already frozen over, and he exerted more strength to swipe it off, cutting his hand.

Xu Jiamu placed the Babys Breath hed bought in front of the tomb.

There wasnt a photo, so he stared for a really long time at the stone before using his hands to caress it.

"Daddy doesn't know what flowers you like so I tried to change them up every time I came. There's a wide variety in the flower shop but I seem to have exhausted my options. So next time, dad will get you toys instead, alright?

"Today is Christmas... If you were still alive, you would probably have been born and this might be your first Christmas. Maybe at this time, daddy would be fretting about what to get you...

"You have a brother, he's called Little Rice Cake. Little Rice Cake is really adorable, today, when he held onto my fingers, I could feel his soft tender skin. If you were born and were to grab onto my fingers, would the feeling be the same?

"And... daddy really misses your mommy... but she doesn't want daddy anymore..."

Xu Jiamu's eyes started to sting, and he stopped mumbling. After a long while, a smile broke onto his face. "Daddy is going to leave now, daddy will visit you in a few days."

He lowered his body to the icy cold tomb before turning to descend from the mountain.

It was already 2 am in the morning when he came back to the car. Instead of heading back to the city, he leaned against the steering wheel.

Somehow, the lyrics of the song kept repeating in his mind.

"If we had been stronger, there might be no need for regret..."