Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 882

Chapter 882: Ending(43)
Chapter 882: Ending43

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Qiao Anhao leaned against Lu Jinnian's back as she thought about the memories from a year ago - At that time, due to road construction, cars couldn't enter Mian Xiu Garden. On a night with a heavy downpour, Lu Jinnian had carried her just like this. Uncontrollably, the memories from their past came gushing out.

Their meeting from thirteen years ago, their life as high schoolers, being far apart in college, becoming strangers after graduation, their reunion about a year ago to finally their wedding at the beginning of the year... The memories from the past floated through her mind one after another.

At that moment, she suddenly felt at ease. It was as though the bustling memories had finally come to a happy ending.

Today, she was finally discharged, she held a one month celebration for Little Rice Cake and had a gathering with her loved ones... After hustling the entire day, her body felt unusually tired, especially since she had spent her pregnancy lazing around. But even so, her spirits were high. She hugged onto Lu Jinnian's neck, and among the strong winds, she continued to ramble on continuously in a calm tone.

She talked about their past, their future, and even when they would be old, and how she was going to die before him.

Unknowingly, she broke into a slight smile when she leaned over to Lu Jinnian's ear. "In the future, what if a man that is more handsome and richer than you loves me more... Hmm... No, not one loves me more than you, but the kind that is willing to die for me. If at that time, I also fall for him, what will you do?"

The car was getting closer. Lu Jinnian slowed down, as though trying to lengthen the journey.

The wind grew and the snow pelted down mercilessly, the bushes lining the road engulfed entirely by a sea of white.

Every step he took produced a crunching sound that was delightful to the ears. Lu Jinnian pushed Qiao Anhao upwards before replying to her. "I'll let him die."

"Mmh?" Qiao Anhao asked softly.

Lu Jinnian took strong and stable steps forward. "Didn't you say he was willing to die for you? Then why not just let him die... Besides, I will be there to love you, he doesn't need to be alive."

Qiao Anhao burst into laughter. She tightened her grip on his neck, glancing at the road ahead, suddenly feeling satisfied with her life.

When they were about to reach the car, Lu Jinnian asked, "Qiao Qiao, do you know? I have a wish, a really tiny one, and it's only four words."

"What is it?" Qiao Anhao leaned against his back, tilting her head to the side to gaze at his dashing profile. She had born him a son and had spent so many nights sleeping beside him, so how could she still be mesmerized every time she saw him?

Lu Jinnian stopped near the car. He helped her from his back before turning to stare into her eyes, his lips widening slightly.

The wind was rushing past them and the snow was strong, and due to Lu Jinnian's voice being very quiet, it was quickly drowned out.

But Qiao Anhao had still caught it clearly. Her lips curled into a dazzling smile when she opened her mouth to reply with two words.