Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 883

Chapter 883: Ending(44)
Chapter 883: Ending44

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Lu Jinnian let out a chuckle. He held onto her face and leaned his face downwards...

Not far away, someone was playing a song familiar to the Lu Qiao couple.

"Rainy days aren't the most beautiful / It's the house we hid to shelter from the rain that is"

The kiss deepened.

The wind bellowed, the snow flew.

He said four words: A lifetime with you.

She said three: For me too.

I have a wish, a tiny wish, it only consists of four words: A lifetime with you.


[Xu Jiamu, I really wish I could show you my past self, to let you know how much you've changed me since you entered my life.]


Two and a half years later.

Three years ago, Qiao Anhao had entered a competition for the female lead role in a Hollywood movie, today, the filming was finally over.

Lu Jinnian abandoned all his work, placed Little Rice Cake in the care of Qiao Anxia and Xu Jiamu before personally heading over to America to bring Qiao Anhao back.

The movie had gone on for five whole months. In between, the longest Qiao Anhao had stayed with Little Rice Cake was less than a week. Even though she would talk with him everyday online, but the moment she alighted, she continuously rushed Lu Jinnian to bring her back.

Once the car stopped, she pushed the doors open impatiently, rushing into the house, shouting out for Little Rice Cake. The moment she reached the living area, she scanned it before heading upstairs in search of him. Finally, she found him in the toy room with Qiao Anxia lying in front of him as he played with Lego.

Little Rice Cake was the one piecing it together while Qiao Anxia acted as an assistant, passing him the pieces according to his orders.

"Aunt, I want the pale U shape one."

"Yellow L shape."

"Purple S shape."

"Aunt, it's purple, not orange!"

Qiao Anhao chuckled. "Little rice cake!" Rushing forward, she caught him into her embrace.

Little Rice Cake kissed her face obediently before greeting her, "Mommy."

Wriggling out of her embrace, he grabbed her arm, indicating for her to play Lego with him. In a much softer and gentler tone, he asked, "Mommy, could you pass me the blue E shaped one?"

"Mommy, please pass me..."

"Mommy, thank you, could you pass me..."

When Qiao Anxia saw the obvious preferential treatment, she burst into laughter. "Hey, Qiao Qiao, look at Lu Jinnian, being a hen-pecked husband isn't enough, he's going to have his son a mommys boy..."

Qiao Anhao glanced at her sideways, a faint smile on her lips as she passed a black piece to the boy.

Just then, she seemed to have thought of something. She lifted her eyes to glance at Qiao Anxia. "Oh right, next week I'm going to send Little Rice Cake to school, do you have time tomorrow? Let's go shopping."

"Sure." Qiao Anxia laid down on the mat, raising the toy gun high up. "Did Xu Jiamu get this for Little Rice Cake?"


Qiao Anhao lowered her head to pass Little Rice Cake another piece.