Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 885

Chapter 885: After (2)
Chapter 885: After (2)

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Little Rice Cake blinked twice at Lu Jinnian and instinctively realised that his dad wasn't happy. However, though he was just two and half years old, he was really clever. Immediately, he turned his head towards Qiao Anxia and changed his answer. "Mama is better."

With that, Little Rice Cake sneakily glanced at Lu Jinnian. Seeing how his face relaxed, he relaxed also.

Qiao Anxia rolled her eyes at Lu Jinnian, that lunatic... just how far will he play slave to his wife?

Then, she turned her head and smiled sweetly at Little Rice Cake and said, "Then auntie will ask you another, do you love Baba more or Mama more? Remember! Just like before, you have to choose just one."

Qiao Anxia even raised one finger to Little Rice Cake, to suggest that he could only choose one.

Love papa more or love mama more?

Little Rice Cake's pupils quivered, and he thought about how papa had played games with him these past five months, so he innocently said again, "Papa."

After he said this, he glanced over to where Lu Jinnian was, and saw that he started to look annoyed. This time, he didn't wait for him to speak. He immediately said, "But I love mama more."

Although he was young, he understood how to read faces... Who could know just how black-bellied he might be when he grew up!

As Qiao Anxia secretly moaned inside, she felt that Little Rice Cake was even cuter, and so she stroked his head. "Then if papa and mama were no longer together..."

"Qiao Anxia!" As soon as Lu Jinnian heard the words "no longer together", his complexion immediately fell.

"Lu Jinnian, if you don't like to hear it, then get out! We're just playing around!" Qiao Anxia didn't back down, as she turned her head and angrily shouted at Lu Jinnian. Then, her expression softened again, and she continued to ask Little Rice Cake, "Would you go with papa or mama?"

Little Rice Cake didn't actually understand what being 'no longer together' meant, but seeing that Lu Jinnian was unhappy, he asked innocently, "Can they be together?"

"No." Qiao Anxia shook her head, then said enticingly, "Ultraman egg, oh..."

Little Rice Cake couldn't bear the temptation, so he innocently said, "Papa..."

As he said this, he glanced over at Lu Jinnian, who he realized was shooting him a frightening stare. His little face fell, and he looked like he was about to cry when he said, "Mama, I choose mama."

Qiao Anxia couldn't help but burst out laughing whilst teasing Little Rice Cake. "Auntie will ask you again..."

Little Rice Cake suddenly let out a cry, instinctively shaking his head and saying, "Auntie, I don't want the Ultraman egg anymore. I beg you, auntie, don't ask me anymore. Mama is good and papa is bad, I beg you..."

Just as Qiao Anhao came back upstairs after boiling milk, she heard Little Rice Cake's cries. She immediately ran over to the playroom and hugged the little boy. As she tried to cheer him up, she stared at Qiao Anxia.

She immediately waved her hands. "Don't blame me. It was your Mr. Lu who scared Little Rice Cake to tears."

Qiao Anhao turned her head and looked at Lu Jinnian.

He furrowed his brows, a little afraid that his sweet wife would be mad at him, so he explained, "Qiao Anxia made your son cry."

"You were the one who teased Little Rice Cake!" said Qiao Anxia boldly and confidently.

"Was that teasing?" scoffed Lu Jinnian.