Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Ending(3)
Chapter 886: Ending3

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Without hesitation, Qiao Anhao grabbed a couple Lego pieces and tossed them towards the two of them. "The two of you, get out!"


That weekend, Qiao Anhao went shopping with Qiao Anxia. She bought Little Rice Cake a pretty bag , skipped out on pens, and bought a two layered fruit container, while Qiao Anxia got him a bunch of random toys.

That Monday, Huan Ying Entertainment held a morning meeting so Lu Jinnian headed to work very early.

When Qiao Anhao woke up, she helped Little Rice Cake change and have his meal with the guidance of Madam Chen. Holding onto his stubby little arms, she was prepared to send him off to kindergarten.

The moment she opened the door, she saw Xu Jiamu's car enter her yard. Today was Little Rice Cake's first day of school, so how could Xu Jiamu, who was his biggest fan, miss out on such a special day?

In the car, Qiao Anhao turned towards Little Rice Cake and instructed him about many things, but before he got out of the car, Xu Jiamu repeated all of them once more before carrying him into the kindergarten.

Xu Jiamu and Qiao Anhao both didn't notice the red car stopped behind them. The car door was originally pushed open but the next moment, it was hurriedly pulled close.

Xu Jiamu waited outside the entrance until Little Rice Cake entered the classroom with the teacher before heading back to the car with Qiao Anhao.

Only when his car leave did the red car door finally open, and a woman wearing shades and a cap pushed stepped out. She carried a little girl wearing a princess-like dress. Her hair was pinned into two braids and she looked very adorable. In English, she asked, "Mommy, why did you close the door just now?"

"Mommy forgot something," the woman replied warmly.

After a moment, she spoke again. "Little Red Bean, listen to mommy, remember to play well with the kids, and if someone asks you about your mom's name, do not mention Song Xiangsi, you must say Song Yao, understand?"

"Yes, mom, youve repeated it enough times."

"Mmh, good girl. Once your grandpa recovers, mommy will bring you back to America so that you can play with your brother Qiao En again."

Once they were at the entrance, she bent down to place the little girl in her arms down. The little girl planted a kiss on her face before waving at her. "Mommy, goodbye."

"Goodbye." She caressed the little girl's head before gazing in her direction until she entered the kindergarten.

The woman returned to the drivers seat but didn't rush to head out, instead, she fell into a daze.

Yesterday, she had a dream... She dreamed about him, but she never expected to see him this morning.

Song Xiangsi reached out to her chest, her heart racing, its speed sending unease through her.


On the first day of school, Little Rice Cake scanned the surroundings before finally settling on Little Red Bean.

He lugged his bag over to her and pointed towards the little yellow table beside her. "Can I sit beside you?"

Little Red Bean wanted to sit with a pretty little girl just like herself so she shook her head. "No."

Little Rice Cake blinked before asking, "What did I say just now?"

Little Red Bean tilted her head to the side before repeating his question,"Can I sit beside you?"

Little Rice Cake nodded. "Sure."

Placing his bag on the yellow table, he sat down.