Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 887

Chapter 887: After(4)
Chapter 887: After4

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Little Red Bean widened her dark innocent eyes, staring at Little Rice Cake blankly. After a long while, she realized that she just got tricked. She pouted, tears starting to cloud her eyes. "I don't wish to sit with you."

Is she going to cry?

Little Rice Cake stared at the layer of moisture gleaming in her eyes. Hurriedly, he tried to think of the times when he wanted to cry. At that time, his mommy would try to coax him while his dad would remind her to divert his attention. Little Rice Cake rotated his eyeballs before asking randomly, "Do you have apples?"

Weren't they arguing about the seating arrangement? Why did he suddenly ask about the apples?

Little Red Bean pouted again, thought for a moment, but still couldn't understand his motives so she stared at the droplets at the corners of her eyes, shaking her head. As she moved, the two long braids at the corners of her head flew sideways.

Little Rice Cake grabbed his bag and unzipped it. He reached in and pulled out a fruit container. Forcefully, he opened the lid and passed a red and round apple over. "I can give you one."

Little Red Bean glanced at Little Rice Cake. She then lowered her head to look at the apple in his hands. Swallowing the saliva that had formed unknowingly, her short arms clenched onto her pretty dress. In the end, she restrained her desires, shaking her head once more. "My mommy told me not to take things from strangers."

Strangers? Little Rice Cake blinked once more before correcting her seriously. "I'm not a stranger, I'm Little Rice Cake."

After which, he stuffed the apple into her palm.

Little Red Bean held onto the apple. She loosened her grip on it, wanting to give it back, yet, she couldn't bear to. After a short internal struggle, she finally tightened her grip once more before asking, "Are you really going to give it to me?"

As she asked, she seemed to worry that Little Rice Cake would regret, and without waiting for him to reply, she moved the apple towards her mouth, taking a bite.

A child's world was such, innocent and simple. Because of just an apple, Little Red Bean changed her attitude towards Little Rice Cake entirely, the two of them becoming friends.

Before Little Rice Cake had entered kindergarten, Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had brought him to classes for toddlers, but every time, he would sit alone and play by himself while the other children clustered together. Qiao Anhao was worried that he had mild autism, but afterwards, she realized that she was simply thinking too much. Little Rice Cake felt that the children were too childish and would much rather play by himself.

Little Red Bean was the first friend that he had taken the initiative to make.

The girl was shy so she didn't say much. While the other children played, she would often sit by herself. When Little Rice Cake wanted her to join in, she would refuse, so he started to look for other ways. "Do you know what's one plus one?"

Little Red Bean tilted her head. After a couple seconds, she lifted two fingers. "Two."