Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 888

Chapter 888: After(5)
Chapter 888: After5

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"Then do you know what is two plus two?" Little Rice Cake asked again.

At two and a half years old, Little Red Bean only knew the answer because brother Qiao An had made her memorize it back when she was in America. As for two plus two, she couldn't reply. Shaking her head, she looked at Little Rice Cake in confusion.

He had wanted to play with Little Red Bean, but when she didn't reply, he bit his lip and asked once more, "You don't know? It's okay, let me teach you.

"Two plus two equals four," he said as he reached out to count for her with fingers. "Four," he emphasized once more.

Little Red Bean stared at the four fingers he lifted up and repeated after him, "Four."

Little Rice Cake continued to teach her. " Four plus four equals eight."

He then counted four of her with his fingers.

She nodded and repeated, "Eight."

"Eight plus eight equals..."

Little Red Bean lifted all her fingers but it wasn't enough so Little Rice Cake moved his fingers over to count for her. "Sixteen."

She stared at her ten fingers and his six fingers. It was a pity that she could only count till ten, so she stopped and repeated continuously, "Ten, ten, ten.."

Little Rice Cake hurriedly helped her out. "Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen."

Once they were done, he continued, "Sixteen plus sixteen..."

Little Red Bean glanced at him in anticipation.

Little Rice Cake's tiny face blushed. He stammered for a while before saying excitedly, "Sixteen plus sixteen equals two sixteen."


Originally, Qiao Anhao thought that Little Rice Cake would end up crying and throwing a tantrum on his first day, but unexpectedly, the next day at just 5 am, he came knocking on her and Lu Jinnian's bedroom door, rushing them to get ready so that he could go to school.

What's more surprising was that he who had never liked apples, actually requested for some to bring to school.


Xu Jiamu had a dinner meeting. After the meal, Mr. Zhang suggested for them to play mahjong.

Xu Jiamu didn't want to go but right before he left the hotel, gray clouds covered the skies. A heaviness filled him at the thought of heading back to the empty office so he returned to the room.

Everyone was playing excitedly, heating up the atmosphere.

Xu Jiamu had fairly good luck, winning about three to four rounds, but even so, he remained nonchalant, a faint smile on his face.

A middle-aged man sat in front of him. His surname was Luo and he was in the makeup industry. His company had a renowned brand name, for they only employed A list celebrities. Xu Jiamu had acquired about 30% shares for their newest product.

When Mr. Zhang was touching his tile, he seemed to have remembered something. "Mr. Luo, are you planning to change the endorsement model for your brand this year?"