Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 889

Chapter 889: After(6)
Chapter 889: After6

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Mr. Luo arranged the tiles in front of him. "Yea, we're planning to change her, but we haven't found anyone suitable yet."

"What about Qiao Anhao? She just came back from filming a Hollywood film, very soon her name will be known globally. I'm sure her worth will increase in no time, so I suggest you strike soon. Besides, Qiao Anhao is Mr. Xu's sister in law and the both of you are partners so there'll be many opportunities." Mr. Zhang turned over to glance at Xu Jiamu. "Right? Mr. Xu?"

Xu Jiamu lifted his head. He glanced at Mr. Zhang and tugged his lips up. "Youve got to ask my brother about that."

The moment he mentioned Lu Jinnian... The group shook their heads, sighing.

"There's no hope then, Mr. Lu's business has grown so much recently. With so much money, I'm pretty sure Mrs. Lu would have already retired if not for the contract she signed two years ago."

Xu Jiamu chuckled lightly. Reaching out, he grabbed another tile swiftly and accurately.

"Eh... Besides Mrs. Lu, there's one other choice."

Mr. Zhang seemed to have thought of someone, so Mr. Luo turned to ask, "Who?"

"Song Xiangsi," he replied without hesitation.

Those familiar two words that were engraved deeply into Xu Jiamus heart.

He tightened his grip on the tile visibly, then lowered his eyes to stare at it motionlessly.

"From what I know, when Song Xiangsi left the industry, she had several contracts on hand. She willingly breached all of them, paying up to six billion RMB... As a star, she was indeed at the top, but after struggling for so many years, she probably spent it all. The Song Xiangsi now probably doesn't have much left so her pay would surely be lower than the crazily steep one from three years ago." Mr. Zhang took a breath and continued, "Besides, three years ago, she left the industry without a word, even till today, many are still curious about what happened. If you succeed in getting her to endorse your brand, itll definitely be a hit!"

Xu Jiamu clenched the tile in his fist, the faint smile on his face vanishing.

All these years, he had heard about her, but it wasn't much and every single time, it would be about the funds she had to pay for breaching her contracts.

They weren't wrong, after struggling for three years, Song Xiangsi wouldnt have much in her hands. Whenever he thought about her in the middle of the night, he would subconsciously wonder about her life now that she didn't have much money After all, she had been living quite pampered before.

"This is indeed an excellent suggestion!" Mr. Luo exclaimed excitedly, but quickly, it was replaced by disappointment. "But Song Xiangsi hasn't been on the radar for such a long time, where am I going to find her?"

Mr. Zhang was in a hurry to respond, instead, he tapped Xu Jiamu's elbow. "Mr. Xu, why are you in a daze? It's your turn."

Xu Jiamu nodded, keeping his gaze on the tiles. He randomly tossed one before listening to Mr. Zhangs next words. "From what I heard, Song Xiangsi came back last month."