Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 892

Chapter 892: After(9)
Chapter 892: After9

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The two children were tired and hungry so the principal specially prepared healthy kids meal for them.

Little Rice Cake and Little Red Bean sat beside each other as they ate the food.

Xu Jiamu sat opposite them, staring with a warm expression.

Little Rice Cake started to eat by himself six months ago, so right now he was quite skilled with the spoon. Little Red Bean, though, clenched onto the spoon and every time the rice would spill out, even the vegetables falling over. She must have been starving, for in the end she put down the spoon to use her hands.

Xu Jiamu hurriedly stopped her. He grabbed her spoon and started to feed her.

Little Red Bean widened her dark eyes, staring up at him before opening her mouth to eat the spoonful of food. As she chewed, she smiled at him brightly.

The moment she smiled at him, his heart started to ache and a hard to explain impulse to pamper her seeped into his heart. He stared at her in a daze.

Little Red Bean swallowed the food in her mouth before widening her mouth once more. When he didn't notice, she produced an adorable squeaky sound, "Ah."

Xu Jiamu hurriedly placed another spoonful in her mouth. When he removed it, he caught sight of her beautiful dark eyes, and his heart squeezed again. Diverting his gaze, he scooped another spoonful of rice. "Little Red Bean, how old are you this year?"

The girl replied inaudibly, then raised three fingers up for Xu Jiamu.

Three years old... That's half a year older than Little Rice Cake.. But why did she seem younger than him.

Xu Jiamu smiled faintly. "Three years old... That means youre Little Rice Cake's Big Sister."

Little Rice Cake raised his head in displeasure. "I want to be her Big Brother."

Little Red Bean had wanted to eat the rice, but instead, she turned her head towards him. "But uncle said I'm your Big Sister."

"I'm your Big Brother."

"I'm your Big Sister."

"Big Brother."

"Big Sister."

"Big Brother"

The two kids bickered endlessly. In end, Little Red Bean got confused and called out "Big Brother."

Without hesitation, Little Rice Cake acknowledged her call. "Yea!"

Little Red Beans eyes grew damp. Filled with sorrow and helplessness, she turned towards Xu Jiamu. "Uncle, Little Rice Cake bullied me."

Xu Jiamu felt his hart melt into a puddle. Without giving it a thought, he reached out to hug her in his arms. "Good girl..."

The moment he hugged her, Little Red Bean naturally reached out her two stubby arms, circling his neck. Just like that, his throat tightened, and he swallowed the comforting words back down.

He felt his heart clench, softening. Curling his lips upwards, he smiled at her warmly. The principal's voice sounded right then. "Weve been waiting for a long time, you're finally here."