Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 894

Chapter 894: After (11)
Chapter 894: After (11)

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The principal assumed that Little Red Bean's parents hadn't met Little Rice Cake's parents, and so he introduced them to each other. "Hello Miss Song, this is Little Rice Cake's uncle, Mr. Xu, Xu Jiamu."

When the principal said Xu Jiamu's name, the man carrying Little Red Bean looked confused for a moment, before quickly reverting back to normal. He continued to play with Little Red Bean, but from the corner of his eyes, he shot Xu Jiamu a few glances.

The principal shot Xu Jiamu a gentle smile and continued, "Mr. Xu, I'm sure you know the big star, Miss Song, Song Xiangsi. This here is her husband, Jiang Licheng, Mr. Jiang."

She aborted his child... Then married someone else, and became his children's stepmother...

As the principal introduced them to Xu Jiamu, he balled up his hands into fists so hard that they started to bleed when nails dug into his palms.

After Jiang Licheng listened to the principal's introduction, he held Little Red Bean with one hand, then turned around. He shot Xu Jiamu a frank smile and reached his hand out. "Mr. Xu."

Like a robot, Xu Jiamu reached his hand out as well and spoke softly. "Hello, Mr. Jiang."

When the two let go, Song Xiangsi, standing next to Jiang Licheng, naturally reached her hand out and shot Xu Jiamu a casual smile. Politely, she said, "Mr. Xu, thank you for looking after Little Red Bean just now."

She called him Mr. Xu. Her voice was so calm and emotionless, as though they'd never met and this was their very first exchange.

Xu Jiamu stared straight at Song Xiangsi for a while, before he raised his hand out to shake hers.

Just like before, even if it were summer, her hands had a hint of coldness, and they still felt soft to the touch. He couldn't contain the trembling in his heart.

Xu Jiamu summoned a lot of strength to calmly say, "You're welcome, Mrs. Song."

Song Xiangsi smiled at him, calm and collected. She didn't say anything unnecessary, but pulled her own hand back, then turned to apologize to the principal. "I'm so sorry about today. It took me so long to get off work. It's getting late, we have to get going now."

The principal smiled and said, "Goodbye."

Song Xiangsi returned the smile, then gave one look at Jiang Licheng. He shot Xu Jiamu a "Goodbye", then carrying Little Red Bean left with Song Xiangsi side by side.

Xu Jiamu stayed on the spot for a long time after she left. The lights in the room made his figure look slightly elongated.

When Little Rice Cake finished eating, he looked at Xu Jiamu, who hadn't moved at all. He climbed out of his chair and walked over to him. He pulled at Xu Jiamu's trousers. "Uncle, let's go home too."

Xu Jiamu's expression looked cold, as though something had just happened. He bent down and picked up Little Rice Cake, bringing his book bag as well. He then said goodbye to the principal and left the kindergarten.

Back in Mian Xiu Garden, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao had arrived back home and Madam Chen had just prepared dinner. When Qiao Anhao opened the door, she shot Xu Jiamu a smile, but then instantly realized that there was something wrong with him. His face was unusually white, so she couldn't help but ask worriedly, "What's wrong? Are you feeling alright?"

Xu Jiamu shook his head and put Little Rice Cake down. He handed Qiao Anhao the book bag, then didn't even wait for her to respond before turning around with the words "I've got to go" and leaving.