Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 898

Chapter 898: After (15)
Chapter 898: After (15)

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It was one o'clock when Xu Jiamu arrived at The Capital Club, two hours before their meeting time.

He sent the waiter away and sat alone in the quiet room. He brought the contract out and stared at the writing.

In truth, he didn't pay attention to a word of the terms, but flipped through the pages like a robot. After he went through over a hundred pages, the sound of high heels came from outside the room. With that, the door opened and the waiter's polite and gentle voice was heard. "Please come in."

Xu Jiamu instinctively looked up from the contract to see Song Xiangsi elegantly walk into the room like an arrogant queen, as she did in the past. She took just a few steps forward when she suddenly stopped in her tracks upon seeing him.

Behind her, her manager also came to a stop. When she saw Xu Jiamu, she was dazed for a moment, before coming back to her sense. She greeted him, "Hello, Chief Xu."

When Song Xiangsi heard her manager's voice, she snapped back to reality. She continued to walk as swiftly as she had done before, then she pulled out the chair opposite Xu Jiamu's and calmly took her seat.

The waiter walked forward and handed them a drinks menu.

Xu Jiamu didn't ask for Song Xiangsi's opinions, but flipped through two pages and ordered a pot of Biluochun tea.

Soon enough, the waiter brought the tea forward.

Xu Jiamu waved his hand, to signal for the attendant to leave, then he personally poured three cups of tea, and brought a cup for Song Xiangsi and her assistant.

Song Xiangsi didn't utter a word, but her assistant gave a soft, "Thank you."

The sweet aroma of Biluochun filled the room.

Neither Xu Jiamu nor Song Xiangsi spoke a word.

Her manager looked at him, then back again at Song Xiangsi. After struggling for a while, all she could do was put on a bold face and break the silence. "Chief Xu, the contract... have you read it?"

Xu Jiamu gave a nod. "Yes, I have."

The manager continued to ask, "I wonder if Chief Xu perhaps has any objections to the terms Song Xiangsi has proposed?"

Xu Jiamu said straightforwardly in a flat tone, "No."

"Then about the endorsement commission, Chief Luo offered five millions at first. Even though our Song Xiangsi has disappeared from the scene for three years and her popularity isn't as it was before, she can still cause quite the stir by suddenly taking this commercial. And so, after some consideration, we believe the commission should be no less that six million."

"No problem." Xu Jiamu had no interest in negotiating, so he agreed without a second thought.

"Then, Chief Xu, can you please amend the offer and sign now?" As the manager asked, she flipped the pages of the contract.

Xu Jiamu raised a hand, and stared at Song Xiangsi without blinking for a long while. His next words were directed at the manager. "Could you please step outside for a moment?"

"Chief Xu, that err..." said the manager, feeling a little awkward. After some hesitation, she turned her head towards Song Xiangsi.

The woman's expression was cold. After about half a minute, she softly gave a nod, after which the manager then nodded at Xu Jiamu and said, "Alright."

When the manager left, she instinctively shut the door behind her.