Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 901

Chapter 901: After (18)
Chapter 901: After (18)

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Xu Jiamu didn't say another thing.

Song Xiangsi's manager paused for a moment, then shut the door.

Only then did Xu Jiamu take two steps back into his seat. His ears rang with the words Song Xiangsi had just said.

"For three years, I wasn't your anything, nor you mine! It was just a business deal between us before. A deal settled with money, one after which we owed nothing to the other party.

"Or else, why would I have aborted your child..."

Xu Jiamu thought about it, then hooked his lips into a smile, and let out a chuckle.

I'm nobody to you, and you're nobody to me... So, all this time, this was what she thought.

Xu Jiamu... May I ask, can you now give it up?

That woman, she never loved you.

That woman, she always thought about distancing herself from you.

Actually, you knew inside but you clearly looked forward to seeing her, and in the end?

In the end, someone just trampled on you and left you with no self esteem at all.


After Song Xiangsi left The Capital Club, she went straight back to Su Yuan apartments.

She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, stared at the golden sunlight with a muddled mind.

She knew that she would eventually be affected by Xu Jiamu.

But, no matter how he affected her, she knew in her heart that she and him would never be able to be together.

She wasn't the same Song Xiangsi from eleven years ago. When she was young, she had plenty of time to fall in love, to wait, and to be free. The Song Xiangsi now was already thirty years old with a two and a half year old daughter, and she'd long lost her money and courage.

Nobody knew how she had felt waking up to his phone call to hear "How could I marry her".

Nor did anybody know how she had struggled for a long time since she heard those words till the first time she broke up with him. At the time, she forced herself to smile, and be gentle and considerate. While behind his back, she would often cry and slip into a trance.

Song Xiangsi realized that she was thinking too much about the past. She hastily shook her head, and pulled back her thoughts. Just as she was about to turn around to the living room, the phone in her pocket started to ring.

She pulled it out and saw that it was an unknown number. She hesitated for a moment and picked it up. "Excuse me, is this Song Xiangsi, Miss Song?"

Song Xiangsi hesitated for a moment, then said, "Yes."

"Hello, this is the District One Hospital. There was a car accident at the Ring South Road. The license plate read 643. There was an adult and a three year old little girl in the vehicle. Both of them have been sent to the hospital. The adult is in a coma with no major injuries, but the little girl is in a severe condition..."

When Song Xiangsi heard this, her phone fell crashing to the ground with a "Pa!" without any warning.

Car crash. Little girl. The situation was catastrophic... was Little Red Bean in an accident?

Song Xiangsi felt her world spin. But soon enough, she quickly stabilized herself, swiftly picked up her bag, and ran out the door.


Xu Jiamu sat in The Capital Club till four before he paid and left.

At night, he had a meeting, so he quickly drove back to the company entrance. Eventually, he pulled out his phone and called his secretary to postpone the meeting to two days later. Then he turned the car around and headed back to Mian Xiu Garden.

When he reached it, he saw Lu Jinnian's car drive in behind him. Xu Jiamu didn't turn into the courtyard but stopped directly at the villa's entrance.