Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 904

Chapter 904: After (21)
Chapter 904: After (21)

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Xu Jiamu paused, then added, "Sorry to trouble your Mrs. Song, but could you please close the door behind you on your way out."

He turned around and headed for the stairs without the slightest hint of wanting to compromise.

Song Xiangsi hurriedly reached her hand out and pulled his arm.

That familiar warm sensation made Xu Jiamu's entire body numb. After two seconds, he flung her hand away.

This time, Song Xiangsi tightly grabbed onto him with both hands. She didn't know if it was because she was scared or worried, but her hand started to shiver. "I don't have time to find someone else to help. The doctor says that they don't have enough in their blood bank and that the situation is dire. Someone could die at any time! Please, I'm begging you! Please, help me just this once, okay?"

All of a sudden, Xu Jiamu chuckled as though he had just heard the funniest joke. He turned his head and looked right at Song Xiangsi, mocking her, "Mrs. Song, if I remember correctly, three hours ago you told me that there was nothing for us to talk about. Since there's nothing to say, Mrs. Song, what reason is there for me to save someone who I have nothing to do with?"

Perhaps it was because Xu Jiamu's voice was so determined, Song Xiangsi really felt that he wasn't going to help her. Tears rolled down her face, and she tightened her grip onto his hand. Her eyes turned erratically, as though she couldn't find any words to convince him. In the end, she sounded barely coherent when she said, "Can you please... Can you please do it for me because of the eight years we spent together..."

"Eight years?"

In the afternoon, he was the first to mention their past, but she didn't care at all for their old love. Now, she was bringing it up again for another man...

Xu Jiamu scoffed again, but there was an unrestrained tinge of sadness beneath his eyes. Soon enough, his gaze turned sharp and overbearing. He turned his head and stared at Song Xiangsi, then paused with each word as he said, "Those eight years were just a business deal, wasn't it? You said, 'a deal settled with money, after which we owed nothing to the other party.' Mrs. Song you're now looking for tips?"

As Xu Jiamu said this with a little haste, he suddenly shut his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands balled up into tight fists.

After two seconds, he opened his eyes and stared into Song Xiangsi's eyes with a freezing glare. "What's more... Mrs. Song, I'd like to ask you, why exactly should I help a woman who ruthlessly aborted my child to leave me?"

As he said this, he forcefully pulled his arm away and said with a cold and hardened voice, "Mrs. Song, I won't bother to see you out."

With that, he made his way up the stairs.

"Xu Jiamu!" Song Xiangsi suddenly cried his name. She stared at his back as he walked up the steps. "It's just a promise to donate blood at the hospital. I'll do anything for you!"

Xu Jiamu's footsteps came to a sudden stop.

"I won't help you for free. Make a deal with me. I promise to do one thing for you. It doesn't matter what you request, I'll do my best to fulfill it. How about that?"

Eleven years ago, she sold herself for her father.

Eleven years later, she would make a deal for her husband.

Song Xiangsi was really a passionate person, but her love was never reserved for him.

Xu Jiamu had no idea where his anger came from. He suddenly turned around and walked back down the stairs.