Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 905

Chapter 905: After (22)
Chapter 905: After (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Xu Jiamu stopped in front of Song Xiangsi, then suddenly clutched her delicate chin. He lifted her face up high, looked right into her eyes, and asked, "You'll agree to anything?"

A burst of viciousness had overcome him.

This was the Xu Jiamu that Song Xiangsi had known for so many years. Seeing him like this for the first time in a long while left her trembling in fear. After much effort, she finally calmed herself down and gave him a light nod.

Xu Jiamu tightened his clutch on her chin, making her cry out in pain. He gazed straight at her. "If I ask you to spend three days and three nights? You promise?"

Song Xiangsi froze. Just as Xu Jiamu thought that she'd decline, he heard her crisp voice say, "I promise you."

Xu Jiamu's heart practically exploded in embarrassment and anger. He tightened his clutch on her chin, then all of a sudden loosened his grip and flung her aside. He brushed past and made his way out the door.

Song Xiangsi found her footing, after she stumbled from his sweep, and chased after him.

Xu Jiamu didn't even glance at her when he pulled the car door open for her to get in. He waited for her to take a seat, then just before she could put on her seat belt, he stepped on the accelerator, causing the car to jump.

All the way to the hospital, neither of them said a thing.

Xu Jiamu's eyes were focused on the road, but every now and then, his anger would flare up.

The car stopped downstairs of the hospital's emergency unit. Without even bothering with Song Xiangsi, he made his way to the blood center, rolled up his sleeve, and took a seat.

The nurse was stunned by Xu Jiamu's actions. Thankfully, Song Xiangsi followed closely behind and explained everything.

"The patient is in poor condition. Perhaps 800 ml will do, but one person can only give 400ml..."

Before the nurse could finish, Xu Jiamu suddenly interrupted her. "Don't worry, you can just take it."

The nurse looked over at Song Xiangsi.

Her lips twitched. "Jiamu..."

"Since it's a deal, let's be fair. Right?" teased Xu Jiamu, as he turned his head. In a commanding tone, he told the nurse, "Take it!"


Xu Jiamu's eyes were shut and he was evidently dizzy when he stood up after they drew his blood. After about half a minute of silence, he started to make his way out of the emergency ward.

Song Xiangsi caught up to him in a jog. "Let me take you home."

"There's no need," he declined flatly. Standing at the hospital entrance, he lifted his arm out to hail for a taxi.

"You don't look too good. You have to eat something to help restore you blood. Also..."

"Mrs. Song, don't you think that talking about such things between a buyer and seller is a bit over the line?"

Song Xiangsi was so chocked up, she couldn't speak. Her mouth moved, but in the end, she sealed her lips.

Xu Jiamu didn't look at her, but stared right at the car in front of him. When the taxi he waited for finally came around, he slightly swayed as he walked up to it. Song Xiangsi hurriedly put her arm out to support his arm. "Are you alright?"

Ignoring her, Xu Jiamu pulled his arm away, and pulled the taxi's door open.