Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 909

Chapter 909: After (26)
Chapter 909: After (26)

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"After all, even if it was a complete stranger, I'd help them in their time of need if they came to find me."

When Xu Jiamu finished, he stood there for while. Certain he had nothing more to say, he shut the bedroom door.

He quickly put on a shirt in the living room. Then, without any hesitation or pause, he grabbed the car keys and left.

When he paid the bill at the front desk, and walked out of the Four Seasons hotel, it was no later than nine o'clock.

The streets were busy... so busy in fact, the main road was full of traffic.

Xu Jiamu plunged both hands into his pockets, and looked up at the tall skyscraper of a hotel, as though he was looking at Song Xiangsi in the room above.

He stared for a long time, before he lowered his head and pulled out the car keys. He opened the car doors, got in, started up the car, and drove off.

For some people, once they've missed out, they truly have missed out for good.

For example, him and her.

In Beijing, he deeply worried about her for three years, started to pretend for his own sake, and now... the truth was laid out in front of him. He finally came to realization that she would never be his.

It was so sad... He didn't even have a reason to pretend to himself anymore.

However, from now on... He believed that he truly had learned how to forget her.


Xu Jiamu really didn't contact Song Xiangsi after leaving that night.

He even returned her commercial endorsement project back for Chief Luo to handle.

As usual, he went to work and finished work, had meetings for future cooperation projects, did overtime on his own, ate on his own, slept on his own, and lost sleep on his own. He seemed to be no different from how he used to be, but somehow, he gave people the impression that he was a whole different person. After a few days, everyone slowly realized that no matter who it was, Xu Jiamu had the same warm attitude towards everyone. He simply didn't have have a bad attitude, nor did he show happiness, anger, or sadness...

In the end, Chief Luo signed Song Xiangsi as their spokesperson without any hitches. When he found Xu Jiamu to sign and validate the contract, he didn't have much of a reaction. He flipped through it and signed his name in the space next to Song Xiangsi's signature with no emotion at all.

After signing the contract, everyone on the endorsement project got together for a conference.

That day, Song Xiangsi was also present. She sat opposite Xu Jiamu. There was a meter's distance between them. If they looked up, their eyes could meet. Despite that, Xu Jiamu never once glanced at her. He rarely spoke, and he had just the one expression on his face. After the conference ended, Chief Luo suggested that everyone should go out for a meal. In a flat tone, Xu Jiamu refused, "I have a meeting to attend to later", then picked the documents and went back to his office with his secretary.

That afternoon, he met with a client who had quite demanding terms. Yet Xu Jiamu was extremely well-mannered, as he analyzed his project for a whole two hours. Eventually, they couldn't come to an agreement, but he kindly personally sent the client off at the elevators.

Back in the office, he received a call from Lu Jinnian. "Tonight's party is at China World Hotel..."

Lu Jinnian hadn't finished when Xu Jiamu said, "I'm going."

On the other end, his brother was stunned for a moment. "Why are you suddenly interested in going?"

Xu Jiamu turned his head, with the phone to his ear, and stared out at the bright sunshine outside for a long while, before slowly telling Lu Jinnian, "I want to get married."