Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 913

Chapter 913: After (30)
Chapter 913: After (30)

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The next day, Xu Jiamu got a call from Yang Sisi to thank him and treat him for a meal.

He knew that she was a little interested in him, which is why she always found excuses to get closer to him.

He didn't reject her advances. In fact, he really did try his best to get to know her. He wanted to get married, then have kids, and... live out a normal life.

Eventually, he agreed to have lunch with her.

After that lunch, though neither of them put a label to their relationship, it was a little more official.

Yang Sisi had more chances to meet up with Xu Jiamu, and he treated her well. Like most good men in the world, he took her shopping, bought her favorite clothes and bags, took her on outings in the weekends, and he even allowed her to come over to the office when he had to do overtime. Sometimes, when he had to work rather late, he saw her sleeping on the sofa, and pulled a blanket over her. He was so good, when Yang Sisi suggested that he quit smoking, he couldn't quit but stopped smoking in front of her.

All in all, he was truly perfect.

Perhaps it was because Xu Jiamu wasn't quite at peace with himself, and as of late, his days have been remotely uneventful, but he often found himself in a daze. Could he really let go of Song Xiangsi?

One weekend, he took Yang Sisi to the hot springs in the suburbs.

He booked two rooms. It was ten in the evening when they came back from the hot springs. Yang Sisi took a shower, got changed into thin pajamas, and went to his room to watch a movie together.

Xu Jiamu didn't decline.

They were adults. It wasn't like he didn't understand what she secretly meant.

The movie Yang Sisi chose coincidentally had a sex scene.

Perhaps it was because he was too calm, and he didn't look like he was going to make a move, Yang Sisi's cheeks flushed, for she moved her hand over to his with her eyes glued to the TV.

The second her fingertips touched Xu Jiamu's, he instinctively pulled his arm away.

His reaction was so fierce, and his rejection so obvious, it made the bold woman feel awkward and embarrassed.

The atmosphere in the room instantly froze.

Yang Sisi's eyes started to well up, and there was a hint of panic and helplessness.

She admitted that she liked this man, but she also knew that she wasn't worthy of him. But then again, this was the man who asked her what her name was, he asked for her contact information, and though she admitted that she was the one who made the first move after that, he never rejected her...

They've known each other for almost a month now, but he never once touched her. Every now and then, even if he was afraid she'd get hit by a car when they crossed the road, he would never hold her hand. At most, he would pull on her arm.

Xu Jiamu didn't look at Yang Sisi beside him, though he knew that her expression looked awful. Just when he thought he should say something to her, his phone suddenly rang. The ringtone cut through the atmosphere in the stifling room. Xu Jiamu let out a sigh of relief, hurriedly reached for the phone, and picked up the call.

It was Chief Luo calling to talk about a problem with the commercial shoot.

When Xu Jiamu got off the phone, Yang Sisi switched the TV off.