Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 914

Chapter 914: After (31)
Chapter 914: After (31)

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Xu Jiamu took the call with Yang Sisi sitting next to him. Without the slightest intention of holding back, he talked about work.

His voice was low and flat. It sounded so beautiful, she thought it was like a sweet lullaby.

Yang Sisi couldn't help but turn and look at the man on the phone. He was so handsome and dashing. Even now, she still doubted if being with him was just a dream.

Deep down inside, she knew full well that he might not be interested in her, otherwise, he wouldn't have avoided her touch. Yet, she liked him, and so she was willing to wait for him to accept her.

When Xu Jiamu hung up, Yang Sisi pretended as though nothing had happened just now. She wore a beaming smile and asked him, "Is Song Xiangsi the spokesperson for the cosmetics brand you invested in?"

Xu Jiamu's heart trembled violently at the mention of her name, but the expression on his face was flawless. He was exceptionally calm when he gave a gentle nod and let out a "Yeah".

"I really like her. After she's finished shooting the commercial, can you take me to visit her on set? Back in university, I've always dreamed about seeing her and taking a photo with her."

Xu Jiamu didn't say a word. This was the first time he didn't swiftly agree to something since the two of them had started going out.

"It's my dream. Even though she disappeared for three years, you don't even know... Of the many female celebrities, I still liked her the most, so can you please take me to visit her. Please?" There was a sweet, spoiled tone to Yang Sisi's voice.

Xu Jiamu lowered his head, remained silent for a while, then said, "Alright."


Xu Jiamu really did take Yang Sisi to visit on set, but when he arrived, he just whispered a few words to the director responsible for the shoot. Then he signaled for Yang Sisi to follow the director, and he himself made an excuse to leave the set.

He saw Song Xiangsi the moment he arrived on set. She was surrounded by several make up artists working on her make up. When she saw him, she gently lifted her eyes and glanced over at him, then continued to look at the mirror in front of her.

After Song Xiangsi finished applying make up, the director brought Yang Sisi over to see her. "Xiangsi, Mr. Xu brought her. She says she's your fan who wants to take a photo and get your signature."

Song Xiangsi looked at this average-looking woman who looked familiar. She'd seen her with Xu Jiamu together a few times.

But she'd only seen them from afar.

Song Xiangsi took a closer look at Yang Sisi for a while. Just as the director thought she would decline, she curved her lips into a smile to say she would to take a photo and give Yang Sisi her signature.

The woman wasn't in a hurry to leave the set, as she watched Song Xiangsi shoot the commercial up close.

Xu Jiamu smoked quite a few cigarettes outside. Seeing as Yang Sisi didn't come out, he made his way back on set.

The moment he entered, he saw the image of Song Xiangsi smiling. His feet couldn't help but stop still, and he started to stare at her.

The camera shot was perfect, but the director felt that Song Xiangsi could of done better. He signaled for them to take a rest, and to go again later. Song Xiangsi retouched her make up, and even shot Xu Jiamu a glance. Coincidentally, she saw him open a bottle of water and hand it to Yang Sisi to drink.