Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 917

Chapter 917: After (34)
Chapter 917: After (34)

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Of course, they had to toast Yang Sisi with every question as well.

Yang Sisi had never been in a situation like this before, so she was a little nervous. Every time someone asked her a question, she would first sneak a glance at Xu Jiamu, mumble a short answer, naively clink glasses with someone, and down the drink.

Xu Jiamu could tell she was a bit uncomfortable, so he said, "Guys, quit teasing her."

Though he spoke in a flat voice, to everyone's ears he sounded a little protective.

With that, Xu Jiamu called the waiter and switched the glass of rice wine in front of Yang Sisi for a warm cup of corn juice. Then, he picked up some food and put it into her bowl.

Having seen this, everyone smiled understandingly.

Song Xiangsi also smiled, but when everyone asked her to drink with them, she didn't bother to find an excuse and downed her drink without messing around.

Xu Jiamu didn't have much to say, nor did he really drink. Every now and then, he would shoot a glance in Song Xiangsi's direction. Seeing as she didn't refuse anyone's drinks, downing one glass after another, he couldn't help but furrow his brows.

"Jiamu... Song Xiangsi can really drink," softly whispered Yang Sisi, who also paid attention to Song Xiangsi.

Xu Jiamu turned his head and smirked at Yang Sisi. Then, picked up more food and put it into her bowl.

"Jiamu, did you forget? I hate eating mushrooms." Yang Sisi picked up her chopsticks, and put the food back into his bowl.

Xu Jiamu was stunned for a moment, then picked up his own chopsticks and courteously put a piece of fish into her bowl..

Only then did Yang Sisi smile at Xu Jiamu with curved eyes, and lowered her head to eat.

He turned his head and stared at the plate of mushrooms. Then, he held the chopsticks and slowly put the food into his mouth.

It was Song Xiangsi who liked to eat mushrooms.

There was a private restaurant that served mushroom hot pots on Beijing's second Ring Road. It was Song Xiangsi's favorite. He took Yang Sisi there for their first meal out. That was when he learned that she didn't like to eat mushrooms, so whenever they ate out together, he would always be weary of ordering them. However, tonight... eighty percent of the dishes on the table had mushrooms.


Since Yang Sisi was being protected by Xu Jiamu, everyone else tried their best to get Song Xiangsi, who was pretty, to drink.

No matter how well she could take her alcohol, after downing one glass after another, she couldn't stomach it. It was quite obvious, for she was a little sluggish when she downed her next drink.

Xu Jiamu looked calm and serene, yet his hand silently gripped his chopsticks tighter.

That woman... was about to finish a liter of rice wine... Ever since he sat down, she hadn't eaten a thing. Did she want to die?

All of a sudden, Song Xiangsi couldn't take it anymore, so she jumped up and left the room.

Xu Jiamu, who appeared calm throughout, pursed his lips, like he was struggling with something. Eventually, he put his chopsticks down on the table, and walked out of the room with "Off for a smoke".

He hastily walked over to the restroom. Without even entering, he heard the sound of Song Xiangsi vomiting.