Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 919

Chapter 919: After(36)
Chapter 919: After36

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Xu Jiamu frowned, taking a turn. "Hospital?"

Song Xiangsi ignored his question, turning to glance out the window.

Traffic was smooth, in less than twenty minutes, they reached the City Hospital. Song Xiangsi pushed open the door, thanking him haphazardly before rushing into the hospital.

Xu Jiamu glanced at her, and after a moment's hesitation, he parked his car at the side and followed behind.

Song Xiangsi ran straight for the operating room in the emergency building on the third floor. There was a nurse dressed in a pale pink uniform sitting outside. When she saw her rushing woman, she stood up immediately. As Song Xiangsi approached, the alcohol smell on her was easy to smell. Frowning, the nurse asked, "Mrs. Song, you drank?"

Song Xiangsi nodded, turning to glance at the tightly shut operating doors. "What happened? When I visited in the afternoon, wasn't he alright? Why did he suddenly faint?"

The nurse shook her head, repeating the events in detail. "Mr. Song was still alright during dinner and he was in a good mood as well, he even specifically got me to play a movie you acted in before. But after the movie, when I was about to help him to the bed, he suddenly fainted."

"I'll wait here, you can go now."

"Goodbye, Mrs. Song."

"Mmh." After the nurse left, Song Xiangsi held onto the wall and sat down on the chair slowly, as she stared at the "In operation" sign blankly.


Xu Jiamu took in the conversation. He waited by the elevator for a while before deciding to head over.

Song Xiangsi tilted her head when she heard footsteps. When she saw him, he clenched her lips, turning back.

Xu Jiamu leaned against the wall in front of her, staring at her pale face. Hesitating slightly, he asked, "Your father hasn't been cured yet?"

"Mmh," Song Xiangsi replied before the corridor once again sunk into silence. After a long while, she turned towards him. "After the surgery a few years ago, he got better, but it suddenly worsened this year."

Xu Jiamu nodded. When his lowered his gaze and saw her feet, he frowned, and the next second, he headed over, knelt down in front of her, and grabbed onto her leg.

Song Xiangsi trembled, startled by his sudden actions. Before she could react, Xhe had already removed her shoes. Frowning, he asked, "Why is your foot so swollen?"

She lowered her head.

"Did you sprain it this afternoon while filming?" Xu Jiamu recalled how she had fallen from quite a high ground.

Song Xiangsi remained silent.

"Why didn't you say anything when it's so serious," he chastised.

Song Xiangsi hung her head. After a while, she raised it back up to smile at him nonchalantly. "What's there to say?"