Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 920

Chapter 920: Continuation(1)
Chapter 920: Continuation1

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Song Xiangsi turned to stare at the operating doors, her gaze turning distant. After about half a minute, she continued in nonchalance, "That's how it always was, whats there to say?"

Xu Jiamu felt an aching pain in his heart.

They didn't spend a lot of time together, she had her job and he had to deal with Xu Enterprise, so they mostly met for a passionate night. In his memory, Song Xiangsi was always distant, as though the worldly problems couldn't affect her. This was the first time he saw her in so much pain, the first time she cried so much.

But now, she was telling him that was how she had been living her life... She was trying to say that all those years, regardless of how upset she was, she had been enduring it by herself?

Xu Jiamu stared at her feet silently. After a long while, he helped her back into her shoes before leaving.


When Xu Jiamu came back, he held a bag in his hands. He came to stand in front of Song Xiangsi, removed a bottle of yogurt, and after sticking the straw in, he passed it over.

Song Xiangsi looked at him in confusion, wondering why he would come back after leaving.

She paused for a moment before reaching for the yogurt.

Xu Jiamu knelt on one knee, then placed the bag by his side before removing her shoes once more. He poured some ointment onto his palm and started to massage her feet.

Song Xiangsi glanced at him. Her lips clenched into a tight line, and she chewed onto the straw to divert her attention.

This was probably the first time in these years that someone had taken care of her.

Maybe because her mother passed away when she was young, she had to learn to be independent. Afterwards, when her father got sick, she had to shoulder all the household matters. Without anyone to take care of her, she had to learn everything by herself, gradually, she was convinced that she was invincible. Regardless of whether she got sick or injured, she would clench her teeth, enduring everything, and when she was finally alone, she would silently cry to herself in pain.

In the eight years she was with Xu Jiamu, there were countless times when she wanted to depend on him, but in the end, she realized he had no intention of being there for her.

She wasn't a coward but she never had the courage to tell him her inner feelings.

She may seem confident, but deep inside, she felt inferior, regardless of how hard she tried to appear stunning in public; she was, after all, just a mistress.

Now that she had Little Red Bean, she had to be even stronger. In the past, when she was tired, she would cry in a corner, but now when she was alone, she didn't even dare to cry, worried that the moment a tear fell, she would collapse. In the past, there were times when she considered getting an honest man to live her life with if Xu Jiamu didn't want to marry her, but now, with Little Red Bean, she didn't dare to marry, afraid that the man won't treat her well.

At this moment, when someone treated her so well out of a sudden, she had an urge to cry.