Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Deep, Forbidden Love (4)
Chapter 98: Deep, Forbidden Love (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Song Xiangsi didn't stop him but slowly and leisurely turned around, staring at his retreating back. She fearlessly continued, "And that woman seems to be Miss Qiao Anhao."

Lu Jinnian paused a little, but his footsteps didn't waver at all.

Song Xiangsi raised her tall glass and slowly took a sip of red wine. She wore a smile as she raised her voice a little. Facing Lu Jinnian's back, she said, "When Miss Qiao Anhao fell into the water, Mr. Lu didn't hesitate for a second to jump after. I've known Mr. Lu for many years now, and I've never seen him show so much affection before!"

Lu Jinnian's steps halted but he didn't turn back to face Song Xiangsi. He stood on the spot for two seconds before continuing on his path away.

Song Xiangsi swirled the wine glass in her hands. She continued as though she was talking to herself, "During takes, Mr. Lu looks relaxed sitting in his place, unconcerned by the surroundings. Yet, from the corner of your eye, you always glance to your far right. Why is that?"

Song Xiangsi answered her own question. "Because Miss Qiao Anhao sits to the far right... to the far right..."

Lu Jinnian turned around in a flash and stared into Song Xiangsi's eyes. A fire began to burn. The tone of his voice was cold as ice. "Song Xiangsi, I didn't know you were such a gossip!"

"Mr. Lu, could you be angry out of embarrassment?" Song Xiangsi didn't fear Lu Jinnian's threatening demeanor for a second. She stared at him with her smiling eyes. "It's in a woman's nature to gossip. Furthermore, if it's about Mr. Lu, of course I'm interested. However, Mr. Lu, this afternoon, when Miss Qiao Anhao was clearly speaking with me, why did you cut in? Is it because you're pissed that you know she's not coming to my party to avoid you?"

"Song Xiangsi..." Lu Jinnian said in an increasingly hostile tone, for she had hit the nail on the hammer. He looked like he was ready to flip at any moment.

"Oh, I forgot. Not only are you pissed, you're jealous Miss Qiao Anhao looked at me when she spoke. When she spoke to you, she didn't even bother looking at you. So then, you slammed the door so loud. Tut tut tut... Mr. Lu, I didn't realize that you had such a cute side. You're even jealous of a woman..."


Lu Jinnian suddenly noticed that he'd turned around to argue with Song Xiangsi - an unwise decision. He insulted her with just one word before turning away again.

This time, Song Xiangsi finally stood up upright and followed after him. Completely ignoring the frosty exterior that enveloped his body, she tilted her head and stared at him. She smiled and asked, "Hey, Mr. Lu! Who is Qiao Anhao to you?"