Can't Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Honor

Lu Xingzhi's face was as cold as ice. "Do you know who is the person you just called a f*cking cripple? Do you even know how his leg was injured?"

Lu Xingzhi's heart felt cold and desolate at that moment. "I'll tell you. Wu Zhong is a retired soldier. His leg was injured by the enemies during his mission! If it wasn't for dedicated and brave soldiers like Wu Zhong, you wouldn't even have the chance to live! When the soldiers are healthy, they shed blood to protect people like you. Even if they retire due to their injury, they don't deserve to be bullied by ruffians like you!"

Lu Xingzhi could not bear to see retired soldiers being bullied and depreciated.

Wu Zhong's disability was a form of honor, a form of sacrifice! It could never be the cause for him to be a laughingstock!

He could ever forget that Wu Zhong had sacrificed his leg in order to save so many lives in that mission!