Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Arrest
Chapter 411: Arrest
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"Reporting, the target has entered General's Temple! 10 minutes have passed and there's still no movement!"

"Received hints from Ye Yingzi, negotiation has failed! Be ready!"

"Take note, the top priority of this mission is to protect the personnel's safety..."


Outside General's Temple.

There were slight commotions at a few spots. Snipers had their scopes aimed at the General's Temple and there were even many armed personnel prepared to raid the temple at any time.


But suddenly, accompanied by a huge flash, it was as though someone threw a grenade into the temple. The entire temple exploded and its walls toppled.

A strange gas dome appeared. Ye Yingzi and others were behind Fang Yuan and all of them were perfectly fine.

However, Ma Kunyuan who was opposite them was in a mess. His hair was dishevelled and he was retching up blood as he said, "Daoist technique? I can't believe... there's someone in this world with daoist techniques that are more profound than mine!"

Ma Kunyuan stood straight in front of the altar.

Also, there was something very odd. While the surroundings were ravaged, the statue of the deity was not damaged at all. It's emotionless eyes continued to stare downwards.

"It's such a pity you chose here! Haha..."

Ma Kunyuan guffawed, "Even if your cultivation is above mine, but with the support of the god, Green Phoenix Mountain is my home ground! Stay here!"

"Woong! Woong!"

Although it was in bright daylight, they could see a golden glow radiating from the deity's statue with their own eyes. The golden glow had some hints of black colour and they entered Ma Kunyuan's body.

With that, it was as though Ma Kunyuan just consumed a cure-all panacea and he was immediately full of energy.

"As expected... there's no god... just a messy and jumbled mix of forces..."

Seeing such, Fang Yuan gave a faint sigh, "You kept forcing yourself to cultivate god dao techniques with your human body, have you gone crazy from thinking about becoming a deity?"

"What do you even know! My sect has all sorts of secret techniques, they are not something you can understand!"

Ma Kunyuan laughed and 6 small flags appeared on his palm, "Xuan Yin 7 Evil, die!"


6 beams of black-green coloured light appeared and formed an array which surrounded and trapped Fang Yuan and others.

"Target spotted, snipe!"

Although all these that were happening were very shocking and mind-blowing, the ambush team still completed their duties well as they shot at Ma Kunyuan.


After one shot, Daoist Ma moved aside slightly and was not hit at all. He even faced their scopes with a scornful smile and exclaimed, "On top of Green Phoenix Mountain, I am... god!"



In the skies, a layer of clouds gathered and a bolt of lightning struck downwards.

The 6 tattered array flags could not withstand the flash of lightning and turned into ashes immediately.

"You think you can kill me just with some crippled 'god' forces you absorbed and your crippled array? What a joke!"

Fang Yuan raised his right hand and continued, "The mighty force brought about by the surge in spiritual droplets is a powerful force from the heavens and earth! Your muddled 'god' forces are nothing compared to it!"

"Lightning from the mighty skies, listen to my command! Turn into a divine sword and punish the evil demons!"

As Fang Yuan's palm moved, the bolts of lightning in the skies were drawn together too as they combined and turned into a gigantic divine sword with fearsome purple coloured flashes.

In an instant, everyone including Ma Kunyuan was stunned as they looked at the scene.

The tremendous might of the lightning in the skies could be controlled by the single hand of a person?


Fang Yuan did not hesitate nor pause at all as he directly pointed at where Ma Kunyuan was at.


Daoist Ma's hair stood on its ends and he had never in his life felt such a life-threatening danger so clearly, as though he was about to die. After he let out a strange wail, he immediately ran towards the outside in an attempt to escape.


Nevertheless, no matter how fast he moved, he could not escape the wrath of the heavenly lightning.

A purple flash landed on him and the ground he stood on exploded, leaving behind a 3-foot deep pitch black hole. Old Daoist Ma disappeared in an instant.

"So scary..."

Ye Yingzi went forward and let out a heave of cold air, "If every supernormal person is like him, I can't imagine what our future will be like!"

"No need to worry. Most likely, this Daoist Ma has cultivated in the past. By making use of the surge in spiritual droplets, he managed to breakthrough. In the entire country or even world, his cultivation level should be amongst the top few, else, why would he even dare to establish a sect near the capital?"

Fang Yuan suddenly smiled, "Also... this is not settled yet!"


In the obstetrics department of a certain hospital in the capital.

Accompanied by loud cries, a new life just came into this world.

"Congratulations, it's a boy!"

Suddenly, accompanied by the congratulatory words of the doctors, there were many noises coming from the outside of the ward.

The newborn had its umbilical cord snipped and was bathed. Wrapped in a white piece of towel, the newborn's black eyes had no tinge of innocence in it. Instead, his eyes were filled with cunningness and madness, "Damn it! When did such a powerful freak appear! That 5 Lightning Righteous Technique was just like a heavenly punishment... Luckily, I riskily tried my Corpse Liberation Reincarnation Technique and it succeeded! Revenge is a dish best served cold... just you wait..."

Just that, did he still have the courage to fight against Fang Yuan, someone who was so powerful that could destroy everything with his heavenly lightning technique?

The old daoist's heart trembled in fear. As a newborn's brain could not think too much, he immediately fell into a deep sleep.

"Hello, Little Ma Kunyuan!!"

When the newborn opened his eyes, his whole body trembled. A demon-like face was right in front of his eyes.

Daoist Ma was groaning inside his heart but could only force himself to put up an innocent look as he looked at the surroundings.

After all, he was inside the hospital with a group of people surrounding him, and these people were all on their toes.

"Cut the act! You are the one I am looking for!"

Fang Yuan coughed twice and took out an arrest warrant, "Criminal Ma Kunyuan, you are arrested for illegally reincarnating without the approval of the relevant authorities! You have the rights to remain silent but every word you say will be used against you in court!"


Daoist Ma really cried this time around. His cry was piercing and filled with grief.

He was already forced to reincarnate, and they still did not let him off!

"Bring him away!"

Fang Yuan contained his laughter, "He can't resist against us anymore..."

"No worries!"

Beside Fang Yuan, a person who looked like a political officer smiled and said, "I have already planned 16 years of education for him, starting from the infant's ideological education. We will revamp his ideologies in coordination with the revamp of labour. He shall be used as the specimen for future criminals and he would be a good example."

"I wish you success!"

Fang Yuan then returned to the base.

Fang Yuan's treatment was obviously different now. Many people clustered around him and escorted him to Xi Menjian's office.

"Comrade Fang Yuan, seems like every time we meet, you bring me new surprises!"

Xi Menjian gave a mirthless laughter.

"I said before last time, I have some self-defence abilities!"

Fang Yuan laughed mischievously.

Previously, Fang Yuan concealed his abilities in order to gain entry into this base to obtain more research data.

But now, after so long, with Fang Yuan's level, and especially with the authority he gained from completing the Demon Restraining Cuffs, he had already looked through most of the data he wanted to see. Thus, he was naturally not afraid anymore.

After all, what Fang Yuan needed was the most fundamental experimental data from the large amounts of samples.

With these, Fang Yuan could better compare the differences between the realms and improve those higher order things in his mind, akin to improving the template of spiritual techniques.

Hence, the Fang Yuan now could have such abilities and even have the technique to control lightning and annihilate powerful opponents.

Else, if it was the Fang Yuan who just entered the base against Ma Kunyuan, Fang Yuan might have even died.

"Cough cough..."

Xi Menjian almost choked on his own saliva, "You still need self-defence when you can control lightning and punish evildoers?"

"Originally, I can continue to conceal, but why did I choose to expose it?"

Fang Yuan's expression turned solemn, "Because I can't stand to see those people with special abilities or spiritual techniques freely abuse their powers and bring trouble to this world!"

"Is that so? I have misunderstood you!"

Xi Menjian stood up and bowed to Fang Yuan solemnly, "Thank you! Comrade Fang Yuan, thank you for all that you have done for us!"

In actual fact, ever since Fang Yuan attracted more attention to himself, investigations regarding him had never stopped.

There were specially assigned people that were collecting and analysing his details, including those since he was young to each and every of his action in the orphanage. They even formed a mental model based on him.

'Target does not have any antisocial inclination, he is rather insecure about his safety and is good at hiding and protecting himself. However, he does not bully the weak and he even occasionally kindly help out others!'

'From this aspect, he concealed himself just to protect himself, similar to how Zhao Daniu was like... Now, he even proactively wants to contribute to the country.'

'Such a morally righteous comrade, what's there for me to be worried about!'

Xi Menjian's expression turned very gentle, "Just that... don't be so reckless next time! We rather send our troops to destroy Green Phoenix Mountain than to see anything bad happen to you!"

Fang Yuan was capable of becoming a powerful leader in the bureau in the future.

Furthermore, his research ability was very outstanding, he was really an exceptional and rare talent.

"Yes! I promise I will never commit similar mistakes again!"

Fang Yuan stood at attention.

Fang Yuan was who this realm required, a person who did not have any conflict of interest with Chinese Country.

Furthermore, the real exact details about his background would never be told to anyone. Other than that, anything else could be revealed, even the Green Capsule Scripture Additional Recording!

"I wouldn't be so foolish like Elder Extreme Darkness to go against a country on the battlefield!" Fang Yuan thought.

Records about Elder Extreme Darkness were also kept in the research centre, which Fang Yuan had read before.

Elder Extreme Darkness' potential then was comparable to Fang Yuan's current potential and that was during the period of the first occurrence! During that period, spiritual energy was thin and it was truly horrifying!

But so what? The result of forcefully entering the World War and going against a powerful country was a missile that totally obliterated her.

Past experiences were lessons learnt, Fang Yuan did not want to follow in the footsteps of Elder Extreme Darkness.

It was too shallow to confine one to the national level. This realm's true value was still the realm itself!