Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Grading
Chapter 412: Grading
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"You already saw what I can do!"

In front of Xi Menjian, Fang Yuan remained resolute. "This is only the beginning of the second occurrence. We still have time to resolve the problems... If we delay any longer and allow the cultivators and mutants to gain the upper hands, then it would be too late!"

"This is why have Operation Typhoon!"

Xi Menjian nodded his head.

"Pardon me for being straightforward, but with only a group of volunteers, the Demon Restraining Cuffs and some firepower, we can only deal with a group of criminal mutants. However, we are still incapable of dealing with the powerful ones among them."

Fang Yuan shook his head. "Take for instance Ma Kunyuan. Although he is an isolated case, those a little weaker than him are still causing problems for us!"


Xi Menjian frowned and remained silent.

He was extremely clear of the capabilities of his soldiers.

Although he had a few strong mutants and a group of cultivators, it was still not enough to deal with a Ma Kunyaun.

"So, what are you intending to do?"

"As your special consultant, I request to lead a small team to reinforce the quick response team... If they still cannot resolve the problem, I will handle it personally!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed with confidence.

'The stronger the mutant or entity, the more it exemplifies the supernatural rules of this world... I must defeat them, capture them, study them, and even... absorb them! Only by doing this will I be able to increase my power!'

"An emergency team? Alright, I'll approve of it!"

After thinking for a long time, Xi Menjian finally agreed to it. "What will it be called?"

"Let's call it the 'Dragon Team'!"

Fang Yuan snickered.


In the following months, the entire world fell into chaos.

The second occurrence came and the concentration of spiritual droplets multiplied. This brought about a change in the laws of physics for the entire world.

This was different from the first occurrence which caused physical bodies to change. This time, it led to discoveries of special ability! People now harnessed the ability to produce fire, ice or even lightning... Or they could be impenetrable, have the ability to fly and other weird abilities. The country could no longer keep the news from the public, resulting in a worldwide chaos.

In the Middle Region, the scientifically-endorsed Qigong was slowly gaining popularity once again. 'Martial Artists' started to appear in these regions. Some were living in the secluded forests and others were living on mountains. They had sworn that they had seen a deity with a sword and therefore, many others were trying to track down the deity in an attempt to become fated and meet her.

In the Blue Star Alliance, the long-gone vampire and werewolf appeared once more. Churches started to spread their faith and preached everywhere, making use of their new and effective magical spells to gain popularity far and wide.

As for the Golden Eagle Federation, although there were only a few cultivators there, the increasing number of mutants were the greatest among the all the regions.

The mutants misused their ability to disrupt peace and even formed an alliance among themselves, claiming that they would create a country for mutants, creating a big problem for the Federation.

Considering the chaos in other regions, Chinese Country already had one of the most favourable situations.

The decisive stance to clamp down on the evolvers and the strong-willed Xi Menjian led to a large-scale cleansing operation throughout the entire country.

Those who had just obtained their special abilities and were not accustomed to it yet were paid a visit by the people from the Office of Supernatural Studies.

The criminals who were disruptive were attacked and clamped down fiercely by the quick response team.

Within a month, the mildly chaotic society started to regain its peace. The few mutants who were left out even surrendered themselves, succumbing to the investigation by the people of the Office of Truth Investigation.


"It's really peaceful..."

Little Night of the Plains carried a basket and walked home.

"You're back!"

The lady who was staying with Little Night was Little Vegetable. She was a small lady with black hair and claimed to be a foreign student.

"Mmm, I've bought carrots, vegetables and a slab of pork. We can cook soup tonight!"

Little Night placed the groceries in the kitchen. While she was doing it, she secretly sensed the enchantment in the surroundings. "Hmm, it is not yet destroyed... You can say your piece in peace!"

"There's meat! This is wonderful!"

Little Vegetable was elated and was filled with emotions. "A few countries within Middle Region have already declared war. No one would've thought that Chinese Country can still maintain such peace and stability. The security in their city is much better and I've heard that the criminal mutants are all captured. With that, the situation became under control!"

"Yeah, it's really strong!"

Little Night let out a bitter smile. Even their home country was troubled with these mutants.

Comparatively, she now knew the power of Chinese Country!

"How's the intelligence?"

Both of them knelt down before a small table and Little Vegetable became tensed.

"The headquarters of the Religious Bureau is in a military base and it is extremely hard for us to infiltrate... However, we are familiar with their departments and the situation in the bureau, especially their Demon Restraining Cuffs. We have verified that these cuffs will affect the spiritual force of Yin Yang Masters!"

Little Night took in a deep breath.

"The instruction from the higher-ups is to prioritize and obtain their little invention!"

Little Vegetable appeared solemn. "Without it, we will need to sacrifice a lot of warriors before we will be able to capture one mutant. Furthermore, we cannot ensure that we will be able to contain the mutant for a period of time! Prioritize the capture of its designer, Mr Fang Yuan, as well! That is our final goal!"

At this point, her expression changed as she glanced towards Little Night. "You've met him before. How is he?"

"How is he?"

Little Night of the Plains thought about the scene at Heart Questioning House and was in a daze. "I could not see through him. Although I felt that everything was under control then, now that I recall, it seems like the entire place was shrouded in fog... It's a pity that they no longer sell the Opening Point Incense..."

The incense was extremely beneficial to Yin Yang Masters. They had secretly performed tests on it after shipping it back to Japan and could create it from its composition. However, they were still unable to achieve its desired effect.

The need for resources and the fact that Fang Yuan's prediction through his thesis made Fang Yuan the top priority for spies from many countries.

"It's a pity..."

Little Vegetable sighed.

As a top mutated scientist, he would surely be protected by maximum security and it would be almost impossible for anyone to go near him.

Although spies from all over the world were hungry to get to him, they could only patrol around Fang Yuan's old lodging and school... all these places were places which he could possibly leave his DNA for the spies to collect.

"I have gotten in contact with the Nightingale and have gotten a piece of intelligence!"

Little Night of the Plains appeared solemn and continued. "This is related to the thunder-type mutant from the legends as well as the Grading system described by Mr Fang Yuan!"

Fang Yuan's actions at the Green Phoenix Mountain was too much of a commotion to be placed under wraps.

Xi Menjian had thought long and hard and could only create a 'God of Thunder' in the database in an attempt to cover up for Fang Yuan.

Of course, it was not entirely covering up for Fang Yuan.

This was because the God of Thunder was indeed the leader of the Dragon Team. The team leader had resolved many problems regarding criminal mutants and was well-known throughout the world.

However, no one would link such a powerful warrior with Fang Yuan the scientist and therefore, it was as good as covering up for him.

"Be clear about it!"

Little Vegetable became excited and straightened her back.

"Those with improved physical qualities after the first occurrence are graded 'Mortal'! Those elementary martial artists and illusionary souls with only the ability to scare others are also in this grade."

Little Night of the Plains continued. "Above the Mortal Grade is the Ghost Grade! This people have a certain special ability and can disrupt the order of society... According to this classification, I am under this grade."

"After Ghost Grade would be the Murderous Grade! There are extremely few mutants in this grade. Those in this grade are able to defend themselves against a group of mutants or even a country's forces... The daoist in Green Phoenix Mountain is classified under this grade. Of course, he is the top in this grade!"

"After Murderous Grade, it would be Calamity Grade!"

Little Night gave a suspicious look. "This is only a hypothetical grade and our sources have yet to get information regarding mutants in this grade. We only know that there must be the existence of such mutants in the Calamity Grade. If any of them were to appear, there would surely be a calamity! I suspect the God of Thunder belongs to this grade."

"There seems to be an official way to test mutants and see which grade they belong to. Professor Fang has designed an instrument to test the circulatory system within one's body based on the concentration of spiritual energy and from there conclude a general grade..."

"It's Mr Fang Yuan again?"

Little Vegetable became silent. "Chinese Country is too fortunate... to have such a talent and such a powerful mutant like the God of Thunder."

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

With a white flash, an origami crane flapped its wings and floated through the window.

"How could they even think of such a method to send information?"

Little Night and Little Vegetable froze. "Is there any emergency?"

Little Night stretched out her hand and the paper crane landed on her palm. She bit her tongue and spat a mouthful of blood on it.


With a red glow, a row of red words appeared.

This was an encrypted message. If Little Night did not spit out the mouthful of blood, the paper crane would self-destruct.

"It is truly an emergency! There are sightings of a Murderous Grade mutant in Mountain Ocean City. It has broken free of the ambush by the quick response team and the Religious Bureau is sending in more reinforcements!"

Little Night became overly excited and a little dizzy. "There are many scientists involved in this, including Fang Yuan!"

"To be able to get close enough to obtain intelligence about the Murderous Grade mutant and Mr Fang Yuan himself..."

Little Vegetable spoke in a serious tone. "This is the best opportunity and we must make full use of it!"