Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Conquest

The Gods were as gracious as the sea, while Gods were as powerful as a prison!

Using the Temple of the Gods, this magnificent artifact, the powers of all the Gods were linked together and emitted a dazzling brilliance.

The power of innumerable praises and prayers appeared in the sky to form golden chains.

This was the supreme power on the Monger World! Even the Nine Tier Purgatory trembled below it.

“Hehe… Gods!” Fang Yuan saw this and sneered. “Previously… the Sun God also wanted to punish me. However, he’s now already dead, and even his Godhood landed in my hands! All of you previously united to attack the ninth tier of Purgatory, but instead sparked war here, causing the world to descend into chaos and the Demon Territory to appear among the humans!

“Now, all of you still say that you want to punish me!”

A huge demon silhouette appeared behind Fang Yuan.

It was an Evil Demon that was most frightening, and its body burned with the fire of the Purgatory. It had thousands of hands and eyes, representing countless possibilities, and traces of origin power’s aura clung to it, as if they would split at anytime.

“I… am… Apophis! The snake that devours the sun! The Master of the Purgatory! I am everywhere! Everything is for the Purgatory!” the demon silhouette roared and released pure Evil Demon words.

The Nine Pillar Gods, including Willa, were all utterly horrified. “Quickly destroy him.

He’s the source of all evil and chaos!”

The Gods all felt an unprecedented fear and roared loudly, “Punish! Punish!”

The Temple of the Gods released an unparalleled dazzling brilliance like an overhanging galaxy, and then that brilliance cascaded downwards.

Wherever the brilliance passed, even the void started a horrifying annihilation!


The demon silhouette behind Fang Yuan took the initiative to launch an attack as it opened up its arms and embraced the brilliance. It directly charged toward the stream of brilliance resembling a waterfall, raising its massive demon claws and shaking the Temple of the Gods.

“Is this the power of Apophis? It’s too fearful!”

War God Saquin had still wanted to come out to fight just now. However, after he just left the temple, he was slapped back with one hand, causing his Godhood to crack and him to suffer heavy injuries.

“Too formidable!” Knowledge God roared. “This is a world-grade power. We can’t hold back anymore, or it’s possible for the entire world to be annihilated!”

Amid his roars, the brilliant illusion of a nation appeared behind him, and the surging strength entered the Temple of the Gods like an enraged dragon.

Even though they were swept down from the God World, these Gods still had methods associated with their God Nation, although they were greatly restricted.

At the moment, they did not bother about any of the consequences and extracted the God Nation’s foundation.

“Let’s give it our all!”

“We can’t let Apophis continue!”

“If he succeeds, the Evil Demons will govern the world and even all the Gods will be destroyed as a result!”

The other Gods complied and the illusions of their God Nations appeared. They entered the battle disregarding the costs.


The Temple of the Gods continuously buzzed, like a strong man that had taken stimulants and charged about recklessly, suppressing the Evil Demon lord.

“Very good! Keep it up!”

The eyes of Storm God Holland were completely red as he loudly shouted, “As long as we destroy Apophis, even if it causes our God Nation to shrink in half, it’s completely worth it!”

Under their combination, the giant Evil Demon was pressured into returning to the Purgatory.

“Judgment of the Gods!”

Facing this massive evil, the Gods united and an even more horrifying light beam descended.

This light beam carried an aura of destruction that could even penetrate the world. It was the true light of judgment!


An explosion that shook the three worlds rang out.

The ninth tier of Purgatory was directly penetrated, and even the other eight tiers of the Purgatory were collapsing.

The force was so formidable that more and more cracks started appearing on the Temple of the Gods.

Shortly after, with a brittle sound, the temple collapsed and revealed the exhausted Gods.

“Apophis has perished?”

Meira, the Mother Earth Goddess, looked down at the chaotic scene.

After the ninth tier of Purgatory had been ruined, the remaining matter was burned out under the powerful force, leaving only the most basic chaos.

“With our unity and the power of the Temple of the Gods, even Ramon would be unable to fight us head-on!”

God of War Saquin scoffed, “As for Apophis, his only outcome is to perish!”

However, at this moment, within the Purgatory, threads of divinity suddenly appeared and transformed into dazzling stars.

Numerous stars combined into one and then merged with the entire Purgatory.

The Nine Tier Purgatory continuously trembled and started to slowly shrink, forming a human figure.

He stood upright with an indomitable spirit, as if he was Pangu walking out from a wasteland. Green streams of air encircled his body, and his muscles were solid, as if a mere punch could crack the sky.


Willa was incomparably stunned. “He resurrected?”

The War God was also stunned.

If he could endlessly resurrect, wasn’t that a little too unreasonable?!

“No… this is the true Apophis!” Knowledge God Perry’s face turned deathly pale. “Apophis’ true body transformed into the Nine Tier Purgatory, so the true resurrection must be fusing with the Nine Tier Purgatory to reconstruct his body!”

“You have guessed correctly, ants!”

Fang Yuan opened up his arms and took a deep breath.

Inside his body, he was freely and effortlessly refining the origin power, bringing an unending stream of power. “Speaking of which, I must thank all of you! If not for your power, I’d be unable to reach the final stage and thoroughly refine the origin power!”

This was the same concept as him using the power of the two Evil Gods to forcefully refine the Sun Godhood.

This time, he intentionally revealed his true body to attract the Gods’s attack in order to complete the final stage of origin power refinement.

“Just now, the person you extinguished was only a body I possessed to rebirth as! At the moment… the person that has completely refined the origin power and fused with the Nine Tier Purgatory is the true me!”

Fang Yuan opened his mouth and continuously roared.


The Nine Tier Purgatory vanished and revealed the original world and sky.

Dark clouds filled the sky and heavenly lightning tumbled down, occasionally landing on his true body. Unfortunately, not a single mark was left behind.

Now, even the backlash of the world was like a gentle breeze brushing his face to him.

“Demon! Demon!”

Seeing this, the Gods instantly descended into complete desolation.

“Now… offer your Godhoods and this world to me! In the new world that I’m opening up, there’ll still be spots for you. Otherwise, you will immediately die and not even have the qualification to wallow in the Netherworld!”

A large sun tattoo appeared on the chest of the transformed giant Fang Yuan, representing the Sun Godhood.

Not only that, there were more bizarre symbols on his other body parts. These were the agglomeration of Godhoods such as death and slaughter.

This world was very unusual; the Gods controlled the rules and assisted the world in functioning.

Thus, when their authority and rules combined together, it formed the Heavenly Dao! This was the key to controlling this world!

“Foreign Evil God, you must be dreaming! As the War God Saquin, I am a favored child of the world. I definitely won’t surrender to a foreigner!” Saquin roared loudly.

However, in the next instant, Fang Yuan made a large grabbing motion.


The body of Saquin was instantly crushed by the large force, just like smacking a fly. Rays of golden light appeared and landed on the giant’s body, forming another bizarre symbol.

This symbol was like a weapon with a slightly strange feel to it. Just one glance at it allowed one to sense concentrated war aura!

The War Godhood!

War God Saquin, one of the Nine Pillar Gods, a pillar of the world, someone who had the potential of ascending to a higher God position, could not even receive one blow from Apophis, just like an ant being squashed to death.

As the Gods saw this, their limbs turned icy cold and their faces were as pale as snow.

“Last chance… Surrender or death?” the giant roared once again.

“Mighty Apophis, I am willing to surrender to you, as long as you fulfill your promise and have a spot for me in the future world!”

A Goddess wearing black clothes could not withstand it any further and stood out to surrender.

She was the master of the night and could control darkness. Although she was not one of the Nine Pillar God, it was similar to slaughter and the impact could not be underestimated.

“Hmm, you made the right choice. I can promise you that you will still be the God that controls darkness in the future!” Fang Yuan nodded his head.

Hearing this, joy appeared on the master of the night. She gritted her teeth and revealed a dark golden brilliance.

Fang Yuan swallowed the Godhood crystal, and Godhood lines that represented darkness appeared on his body.Shortly after, he opened his mouth and a mysterious, black light pillar landed on her body.

“In the name of Apophis, I give you the title of Night Goddess!”

Giving up the Godhood was an act of expressing loyalty.

And what Fang Yuan currently did was to bestow a portion of the powers of the Godhood to her.

As the Godhood was still under his control, the Night Lady would have to go through him before being able to unleash her authority and power in the future. Furthermore, a big portion of the belief and origin power that she obtained would return to Fang Yuan.

Of course, this was nothing good. However, if she did not do something like this, death was the only outcome!

Under the influence of death and someone else taking the lead, the other Gods made their decision.

Those weaker Gods did not hesitate much and handed him their Godhoods. Fang Yuan did not go back on this word and directly gave each of them a title.

In fact, within his rules, the functioning of the Monger World still required the protection of these Gods.

What he needed to do was merely take back the power of control from the hands of these scattered administrators.

“What about all of you, Nine Pillar Gods?” Finally, Fang Yuan looked toward the remaining few Gods. “Comply with me and you’ll be able to continue enjoying eternal life and glory. Otherwise, Saquin is your example!”


Quiet sighs rang out.

Meira, the Mother Earth Goddess, was first to bend her knees. “I am willing to comply with you, Apophis. I only hope that you will take good care of the land below!”

With her example, the Storm God and Sky God also bowed. At the end, Harvest Lady Willa sighed and similarly kneeled.

She still slightly felt that everything was an absurd illusion in her heart.

This cunning fellow, Apophis, had already started to trouble her greatly ever since he was a mortal. Now, he was completely above her.

And all of this only happened within a short span of a few days! This really gave her a truly unreal feeling.