Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 765

Chapter 765 God Annihilation


Hearing Erag’s words of comfort, a gleam flashed in Fang Yuan’s eyes as he came to understand two things.

First, the attack by the Demon Masters on the Heaven Palace was indeed premeditated long ago.

Second, they had a trump card and the confidence to contend against the Heavenly Court!

Trump card… In an instant, Fang Yuan thought of a lot. It isn’t possible for Demon God Ancient Netherworld at the Bottomless Blood Abyss, but are the seals in the other two perilous lands loosening? Or perhaps… these Demon Masters are linked to the Mental Demon Realm?!

He was now tasting the benefits of being a double agent.

For Erag to be able to say this to him evidently showed a slight increase in her trust toward him.

However, it’ll only be useful if there are changes. If there aren’t any alterations to the Mental Demon Battlefield, how would I have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters?

Fang Yuan laughed silently in his heart. His huge, towering arm pressed down and violently smacked Black Dragon to the ground.


A large hole appeared on the ground, and a large number of cracks spread like spiderwebs.

“You… have truly infuriated me!” Black Dragon roared as the ground exploded, and a giant black dragon charged out.

He had the head of a horse, the horns of a deer, and the whiskers of a fish. He had four claws with five toes each and was impressively a true dragon of the water element!

Morphing into the dragon, Ancient God Black Dragon’s body expanded by tens of thousands of times. Unfortunately, in front of the Chaos Giant that Fang Yuan had transformed into, it was still like a small, black snake.

“Dragon Race Technique: Heaven and Earth Phenomenon!”

However, the next instant, Ancient God Black Dragon roared and his body expanded, instantly becoming nearly the same size as Fang Yuan.

Furthermore, the defenses of his dragon scales and the offensive powers of his dragon claws did not seem to be reduced at all.

“Indeed… An Ancient God will inevitably have their own methods! However, he has only obtained a portion of a divine status, and he still has a huge difference from truly controlling origin power!”

Although he was concealing his strength, Fang Yuan did not doubt for a moment that his own body as a Chaos Giant was able to contend against two Duke-rank Ancient Gods!

After all, the Ancient Gods only controlled a portion of the natural source, like a minority shareholder of a company, and only had a minute share of the realm. They were completely unable to realize their shares.

However, Fang Yuan was different!

His origin power truly belonged to himself, and he could completely unleash their powers.

This difference was perhaps not so obvious within the Spiritual Realm, but it could be immediately revealed on the Mental Demon Battlefield.

“The Mental Demon Battlefield is my home field! Here, each of my actions will be enhanced by the environment…” Fang Yuan looked at the giant black dragon before him and smiled. “But what about you? Each of your actions and your magical powers, which of these can pass through the Mental Demon Battlefield seals to enhance the origin power in your body?”

He raised his arm up high and a horrifying aura suddenly spread from his body. “Origin power… Annihilate!”


Erag, who was in a stalemate with the War King, frowned and looked at the battlefield beside them.

There, a giant black dragon was smacked down by a giant Demon Master. Dragon scales were shattered and dragon blood splattered everywhere as he howled like a pig being slaughtered.

“This Ancient God dispatched by the Heavenly Court is really too lacking!” The War King’s face turned black, feeling very displeased. “Although the Heavenly Court regards this place as a land of banishment, I must warn them next time to avoid discarding all of their junk here!”

In reality, he had somewhat wronged Black Dragon.

Although his abilities were not the strongest among the Dukes, it was also not the weakest. This was especially the case with his true dragon body, whose combat power was not trivial.

It was merely bad luck for him to encounter Fang Yuan!

Speaking of combat experience, Fang Yuan had immensely rich experience and further grasped the Ancient God’s weakness, directly suppressing him with his might and obtaining an advantage before pursuing him and striking violently.

“War King, you still have the mind to care about external matters?”

Erag smiled joyfully.

The War King’s body became stagnant as he looked at his chest.

Without him realizing it, a spore had grown on it like a mushroom, and a female face had appeared in the middle.

The face had Erag’s appearance, but blood and tears were currently flowing from her two eyes as she let out a scream. ” Heehee!!! 

“This isn’t right! This is… the poison of illusions?!” The War King’s pupils shrank. “I am a Son of Heaven and have the blessings of hundreds of spirits and Gods. You want to harm me with a mere illusion? Take this—Protection of Myriad Spirits and Kings!”

Roar! Roar!

Beside him, nine purple Dragon Qis appeared.

Simultaneously, many acupoints opened up inside his body and seemed to transform into stars as rays of magical strength emitted.

A God seemed to be sitting in each of his acupoints, giving him blessings through extraordinary methods.

Like grains of sand, numerous incantations appeared and formed a light screen that protected his body.

The War King immediately regained his clarity as he once again looked at his chest. There were no longer any traces of that lady’s face.

“Being able to use poison to simulate the effect of an illusion without me noticing⁠—your enlightenment and Dao path in this aspect are truly astonishing!

“However… it’s useless. My protection was especially comprehended to deal with your poison!”

The War King spoke with immense confidence.

“Poison?” Erag laughed somewhat mysteriously. “You think… that the true from of the poison was merely this?”

Similar to Fang Yuan, this Demon Master evidently retained her own trump card. “War King, I will let you truly see the natural source abilities that I’ve obtained!”

After she finished speaking, a black human face appeared behind her.

This face was very contorted. With just one look, it seemed to be the accumulation of all the pain and suffering in the human world, containing an inexplicable aura.

The War King simply glanced at it once and his expression changed.

However, it was too late.

The light covering his body became stagnant as the illusion of the Gods in his acupoints were destroyed in an instant—some of them became very old, some bled from their seven apertures, while some mysteriously turned into a pool of blood.

In no time at all, all the Gods were reduced to ashes as the Protection of All Spirits and Kings was suddenly broken.

He looked at Erag and said with a raspy voice, “This is… a curse!”

An aura of decay spread from the War King.

“The pinnacle of poison is curses! Of course, I prefer naming it the Demon Cause! As long as you succumb to my enchantment, no matter where you run to, you can’t escape my curse!”

Erag laughed tenderly as numerous vines flew out from the bottom of her body and swept toward the War King like a cage.

By the side, the Hydra and the crow battling the remaining three Ancient Gods were similarly gaining the upper hand.

Fang Yuan swept the entire scene, and seeing this, his expression changed.

“Curse… Demon Cause? It’s indeed very strange!”

It was normal for Erag to conceal a method, but the feeling that this curse gave Fang Yuan was somewhat similar to that of the Purple Eye Realm.

“Strange, endless, and formidable… these are the properties of the Mental Demon origin power!”

Instead, he was indifferent as he looked at Black Dragon.

This Ancient God had a very miserable appearance currently, and even one of the dragon horns from his head was broken, having been violently snapped by Fang Yuan’s power.

“Demon Master… very good!”

A burst of brilliance circulated on Black Dragon, and then he changed into a human figure. God Black Dragon viciously glared at Fang Yuan. “In tens of thousands of years, you’re the first to injure me to such an extent! I won’t forget you!”

After saying these harsh words, he turned around and did not struggle any further. Instead, he flew in the direction of the three Ancient Gods.

Evidently, after realizing that he was no match for Fang Yuan, this God immediately decided to escape.

For such an existence, survival was the most important. Without the power to fight, it was not humiliating to escape.

Even the Celestial Thearch would not be able to force an Ancient God to participate in a task where there was no chance of survival!

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan would definitely not let him go so easily.

Seeing Black Dragon escaping for his life, Fang Yuan laughed coldly and drew his fingers together.

A surge of chaos aura instantly appeared on his fist.

The surrounding void ceased to move, and the four phenomena—Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water—vaguely appeared.

“If you can withstand this punch, why don’t I spare you?”

Fang Yuan laughed loudly as he punched.


The entire battlefield became stagnant.

A giant fist imprint appeared and froze the void. It refined chaos, and the Qi of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water spread in all directions.

This was a Creation Divine Fist driven by origin power!

Even without using the sword array, the power of this punch was thousands of times more powerful compared to when he was in the lower realms.


With a punch, even the space in the Mental Demon Battlefield became slightly unstable. The fist imprint agglomerated, and unexpectedly, there was a vague stagnation in the void, having the manner of becoming motionless for ages.

“D-Dao Marks?!”

Ancient God Black Dragon was astonished. Although he knew that the opponent’s fist only contained a hint of Dao Marks, he was clearest as to what this represented.

Being able to agglomerate the intention of Dao Marks represented an enlightenment that had already begun, even having a rudimentary trace of an Emperor making a move.

Such an existence even had hopes of becoming an Emperor in the future!

He was terror-stricken and desperately flew toward the three Ancient Gods. “Save me!”


Unfortunately, how fast was the Creation Divine Fist? Nearly at the same instant as he used his spiritual will to call for assistance, a huge fist imprint landed on his body.


Without any luck, this Ancient God’s body immediately split into pieces. Within it, a purple Deity Position emerged and wrapped around his divine spirit, intending to relocate it with a sudden and swift power.

However, the Chaos Giant’s movements were dexterous beyond imagination and scooped it up with his huge hand. The originally dispersed Qi of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water condensed, forming a four-colored seal that encapsulated Ancient God Black Dragon’s Essence Soul and Deity Position like a small bug inside amber.

“Black Dragon… died? Even his divine spirit didn’t escape?”

The three Ancient Gods fighting with the Hydra and the Life-and-Death Crow immediately became so astonished that they turned ashen-faced.

An Ancient God had died in front of them, and the impact that it brought was clearly incomparable.

Even the demeanor of the War King became stagnant as three of the nine purple dragons near his body were reduced to ashes among the vines.

“Hehe… Dream Demon, you did well!” An astonished look flashed in Erag’s eyes before it turned to aggression. “Great… let’s use this opportunity to completely annihilate the Heaven Palace!”

“Return to the Heaven Palace!” The War King violently turned around. “We’ll rely on the defensive restrictions. I want to see how much longer these Demon Masters will dare to continue being rampant.”