Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Ambush

Poof! Poof!

Dragon Engraving Bow owner’s three arrows exploded into pieces behind Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan grabbed the fragments and casually threw them, sending them back even faster.

The Dragon Engraving Bow owner shrieked pathetically as numerous bloody holes appeared on his body.

He immediately saw a being like a Demon God, and the giant silhouette smashed him into oblivion with a single punch.

A suffocating silence spread through Heaven Capital Peak. It took a while before Fu Hongmian reacted and murmured to herself, “It-It can’t be real…”

Everything that had happened today was too unbelievable.

She had only come here with her senior brother to watch the battle but had encountered Blood Imbibing Saber Nangong Wuwang.

Furthermore, she learned that Nangong Wuwang was the Armament Repository Master, and everything that had happened today was only a trap designed to kill him?

Moreover, Nangong Wuwang’s martial arts were so powerful that he beat three Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists to death with his bare fists?

She felt that she had to be dreaming, not even able to move a finger in this suffocating atmosphere.

“These mere pests couldn’t even withstand a single blow!”

Fang Yuan shook his head and laughed. He took a glance at the shivering Ghosteye, and then looked at the Sacred Lady of the Fairy Sect, Bi Luokong. “If you use the Coiled Dragon Silk and collaborate with these guys, you may stand a chance against me!”

He was already in the Divine Demon realm. Moreover, he had deprived the three Divine Armament owners of their Divine Armaments. Even though Divine Doctor Sacred Hands had cured them of the Yin Yang Talismans, they were still no match for him.

Only the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword owner, Xie Xuanyun; Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons; and Bi Luokong deserved Fang Yuan’s attention.

Of course, Jiang Xiaodie should probably be counted as well.

“Building Master, why do you have to do this?”

Bi Luokong frowned, her delicate facial features almost breaking every man’s heart.

But Fang Yuan’s expression was still as cold as ice. Suddenly, he waved his sleeve again.

Chi! Chi!

The sound of things rotting rang out in the air, and the ground within ten meters of Fang Yuan melted immediately.

Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons was extremely disturbed by this sight because he knew that his little trick was discovered and that the Gaseous Poison, the trick he was the most proud of, was forced back.

“I ranked all the Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists in the Heaven Roll. Based on your ability, the four of you may be among the top ten…” Fang Yuan said calmly as he stood with his hands behind the back, showing his absolute confidence. “But you only have a single chance to attack me!”


The next moment, the sound of a sword rang out.

Anyone hearing this sound would feel sorrow, as if they saw a sect collapsing and a family dying, and would become overwhelmed by perversity and hatred.

The third Demonic Armament! The Li Perishing Sword!

Jiang Xiaodie was the youngest among them, and with the weakest mental cultivation, she was the first to attack.

She was afraid that she would not have the courage to face Nangong Wuwang if she waited any longer!

“All right! The Five Elements Cycle!”

The Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword immediately followed the Li Perishing Sword, forming five huge flowers of the Five Elements. These flowers overlapped and transformed into a giant five-colored light sphere, making a loud sound as it smacked down.

“Heavenfell Poisoning!”

Seeing this, the eyes of Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons glistened. A bronze incense burner appeared in his hand, and he attacked with his full strength.

“Adversity of the Heart, Affection Silk Softens!”

Bi Luokong let out a long cry, and translucent silk threads suddenly appeared in her hands.

These silk threads seemed simultaneously real and illusory, possessing some incredible power.

Fang Yuan’s expression was not so serious even when he was besieged by the three owners of Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments.

He floated forward like a willow catkin.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Coiled Dragon Silk slid by his sleeve and cut off a corner from it.

“When it comes to sharpness, the Coiled Dragon Silk can definitely be ranked among the top three of all armaments, even above the Li Perishing Sword…”

After evading a thin silk thread, Fang Yuan’s eyes gleamed.

Many translucent silk threads suddenly appeared in air like deadly laser beams arranged in all directions. A rock on the side was cut, revealing a cross-section as smooth as a mirror.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Threads of the Coiled Dragon Silk spread all over the place like a spiderweb.

It was so sharp that even Fang Yuan did not want to directly confront it with his body.

“Demon… Die!” Jiang Xiaodie seized the opportunity and stabbed three times continuously. “Three Blossoms Dipped in Blood!”

Poof! Poof!

Three puffs of Sword Qi exploded in front of Fang Yuan like plum blossoms. Xie Xuanyun and Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons seized this chance and followed up with murderous attacks.


Fang Yuan saw this and sneered.

He brought his palms together and continuously smashed the air in front of him, as if he was forging something.

Suddenly, he struck out a palm.


The air shook violently, and Jiang Xiaodie’s expression suddenly changed. She held her sword horizontally in front of her chest and kept retreating. A deafening sound rang out, and the Li Perishing Sword was bent, as if it was hit by a hammer heavily.


Fang Yuan gripped with his right hand and launched a sword attack!

The movement of the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword was immediately hindered, and a distinct sound was heard on the blade, as if it had clashed with an invisible armament.

After forcing back two of them, Fang Yuan pounced forward and chopped down with his palm.

“The Sky Fiend Seven Slaughter!”


Saber radiance emerged and immediately split into seven streaks, piercing into Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons’ seven apertures.

He was stunned before all his apertures exploded and his blood splattered; he was as dead as a doornail.

This saber attack was as ferocious as evil ghosts from hell!

Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!

Fang Yuan gripped with both hands, as if he was really holding a saber and a sword, and fought against the Coiled Dragon Silk in the air. Bi Luokong seemed to be having a hard time.

“Is this… the Invisible Qi Armament?”

Outside the battlefield, Shi Lei was stunned as he watched this shocking battle. “Master said that the Sword Dao begins with the pursuit of Divine Armaments, but the swordsman will learn to let go of this pursuit and use common iron armaments instead. In the end, anything in the world can be used as a sword! However, there’s still a realm above that, known as the Invisible Qi Armament! The swordsman can wield the force of the universe via their own Essence Soul. This force is invincible and represents the ultimate level of martial arts… Is he actually in the realm of Invisible Qi Armament?”

He finally understood why Fang Yuan did not bring along any powerful armament.

That was because Fang Yuan’s palms were the most suitable armaments for him!

“If that’s the case, isn’t this demon invincible?” Fu Hongmian murmured as she witnessed this.

“Not really. The invisible Qi Armament is only the top realm in the Sword Dao, and Master also said that the Armament Dao is of the utmost importance in this world… The top three Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments are actually comparable to the Invisible Qi Armament!”

Shi Lei shook his head. “What I’m worried about is whether Miss Bi and the others can persevere after their advantage in armaments is negated by the Invisible Qi Armament.”

“Xie Xuanyun, if you can withstand this sword attack, why don’t I spare you this time?”

Fang Yuan let out an extended roar. He twisted his body like a ghost, his hand holding an invisible Divine Armament and striking it out. “Killing someone in ten steps! Dazzling sword radiance!”


A faint beam of sword radiance slid past.

Xie Xuanyun stayed silent as her Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword transformed into a five-colored light shield to protect her entire body.


A white ray flashed and pierced the light shield before penetrating her forehead.


This new owner of the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword, a Heavenly Phenomenon, fell weakly onto the ground.


Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaodie and Bi Luokong attacked Fang Yuan frantically instead of retreating.

After all, they were both clear that if they did not take this chance to defeat Fang Yuan, they would have no chance at all after he recovered his strength.

“The Omnipresent Affection Silk!”

Bi Luokong plucked at the strings. Threads of Coiled Dragon Silk intersected to form a giant net.

“The Nine Li Perishing Sword Moves!”

Under the net of Affection Silk, Jiang Xiaodie looked determined. She bit her tongue and spit her essence blood onto the Li Perishing Sword.

Woo! Woo!

The Li Perishing Sword emitted brilliant light. Dark clouds gathered in the sky and lightning was vaguely visible in the clouds.

Legend had it that when the Li Human Sect was annihilated, the Li Perishing Sword appeared and summoned lightning to kill all the invaders.

The power of the third Demonic Armament was truly displayed at this moment.

“It’s no use!”

Fang Yuan attacked with both the saber and the sword, his imposing manner shooting into the sky. It even dispersed the dark clouds and stopped the lightning.

This was an extremely shocking scene to behold, seeming like he had poked a hole in the heavens.

Bi Luokong and Jiang Xiaodie took a few steps backward, flushing like two drunk immortal fairies relegated to the mortal world. Even Shi Lei was stunned.

” Phew …”

Fang Yuan let out a long breath and did not chase after them.

Two distinct sounds were heard from both of his hands.

It was evidently not easy for him to defeat the two ladies.

At this moment, there was an abrupt turn of events!

Bang! Bang!

The ground cracked and two silhouettes rushed out.

Before then, they had been like dragons hiding in deep water, not even leaking their auras.

Their sudden attack was as astounding as thunder.

It was beyond doubt that they were experts trying to ambush Fang Yuan, wanting to seize the opportunity to kill him while he was recovering!

Poof! Poof!

Neither of them carried any armament, but a cutting sound was heard as they gripped their hands. Apparently, they had also mastered Invisible Qi Armament!

“I’ve been waiting for you two!”

Fang Yuan revealed a sinister smile and suddenly attacked.

Bang! Bang!

The Invisible Qi Armament fused in front of him and confronted the incoming attack with toughness!

A cracking sound was distinctly heard.

After the two Qi Armaments cracked, a large amount of True Qi pierced the two opponents like steel needles.

In the deafening noise, the two bodies exploded into a mess of blood.

” Tsk tsk … They were elderly martial artists who only had the strength to attack once! It must have been hard on you to ask them to ambush me!”

Fang Yuan shook his head and looked at Bi Luokong.

Clearly, other than the overt siege by the eight Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists, there were these two covert trump cards as well.

Aging was an unsolvable problem to the martial artists in this world.

It was very likely that the two old guys were previous elders of the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao respectively, and they were extremely close to the Divine Demon realm.

They had forcibly adjusted from their retirement and risked their lives to attack Fang Yuan with all their strength.

Of course, they could only do so once. If they could not kill the enemy, the enemy would kill them.