Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Specter Ship

“This undead aura—Specter Ship!” Cassenia looked at the crystal ball and cried out in alarm. “It’s within the crystal ball’s detection range, not far from the Golden Ocean!”

“Not only that, it seems like we thoroughly pissed it off when we blocked its curse last time…” Fang Yuan sneered. “Once it detects us, perhaps the ship might come to cause trouble for us…”


Click! Clack!

As soon as he finished speaking, Jaffa, who was approaching him, collapsed, and his jaws started clattering.

“Jeez… Are my subordinates a group of fellows like this?”

Fang Yuan rubbed his forehead.

“Captain… That’s because you have absolutely no idea how terrifying Specter Ship is! It’s been wandering the oceans for over a thousand years, yet no pirate nor navy was able to destroy it! It’s rumored that Specter Ship can freely traverse to the netherworld and even other world boundaries… You won’t be able to imagine what frightening undead creatures there are on board—Ghoul Tyrant, Undead King, Demigod Lich, and many other existences that are beyond description… There are even rumors that the captain controlling Specter Ship is an Evil God!” Jaffa said in a trembling voice.

“Impossible. Although Specter Ship has many powerful undead creatures, it doesn’t have an Evil God…”

In this aspect, Fang Yuan had the most say, as he had previously fought with its curse power from afar.

If Specter Ship really had an existence that exceeded the limit, even with the powers his main body had sent over, he still might not have been able to rescue the witch and Rolisa.

“All right. Even if so… what does Specter Ship have? A ship of undead? Captain, even if you see Specter Ship, what benefits are there? Wait a minute…”

As Jaffa murmured, his eyes suddenly opened wide.

“Yes… Don’t you think the legendary Specter Ship is very suitable as the Purgatory Pirates’ new flagship?”

Fang Yuan laughed arrogantly.

The ship continued forward and soon reached the border of the Hell of Lightning.

During the voyage, an unending stream of information had reached Fang Yuan through various means.

“The Queen of Ettoman formally visited the royal port for a military parade and reviewed the new ironclads in service. Their appearance shocked the entire Opher Continent…”

“Presently, the royal navy has already completely transformed and established the Invincible Steel Fleet. They’ve announced that they’ll be suppressing the Nightmare Ocean’s pirate governor, Blackbeard!”

“Shockingly, the target they’ve picked is Blackbeard’s home base, Blackbeard Island. It’s his largest colonial kingdom and has seven ports, three large-scale shipyards, and almost half of his troops… Blackbeard can’t tolerate it any longer and has no other choice but to battle.”

“The Pirate Prince announced support but not many significant actions were actually taken. It’s said that it’s because his encounter with Specter Ship led to heavy losses…”

“Pirate Prince Edward isn’t able to handle Specter Ship?”

Fang Yuan shook his head and looked at the crystal ball in his hands.

The pillar of smoke rose and was vibrating even more.

Standing behind Fang Yuan, Cassenia said a panicked voice, “Specters! I see numerous specters approaching at high speed!”

“Troubled times…” Fang Yuan sighed. “Full speed ahead! Enter the Hell of Lightning! We’ll fight Specter Ship there!”

“Set sail! Accelerate!” Bill immediately yelled after receiving the order and did not hesitate to use his Ocean Warlock’s abilities to give the ship a boost.

Barely half a month later, Fiery Lotus and Slavery once again entered the Hell of Lightning.


Dark clouds were looming overhead as streaks of lightning danced across the sky.

The roaring waves of the black ocean were like monsters, engulfing everything.

“Lower the sails!” Fang Yuan shouted and went to the edge of the deck.

Unknowingly, his surroundings were suddenly covered in a white fog.

The already poor visibility instantly plummeted to an extremely low level.

“Boss, we’ve lost track of Slavery!” Helga yelled hurriedly.

“No need to fear. Slavery has two Ocean Warlocks, Butcher and Wilson, on it. The Hell of Lightning won’t pose a problem for them… as long as our guest comes to our side first!”

Fang Yuan took large strides and kicked the sluggish pirates into action. “Load the cannons, unsheath your cutlasses, and prepare for battle!!!”


A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed, causing the surroundings to shine as bright as day.

Amid the dense fog, the outline of a large ship could be vaguely seen.

The ship’s ram pierced through the dense fog, and there was an amber hanging lamp lit at the ship’s bow.

“Is it Slavery? It’s caught up?”

Bill was slightly confused.

“Something’s wrong… That isn’t an ordinary ship!” Helga yelled from the crow’s nest. “Quick, look at the sea surface around the ship!”

Bill rubbed his eyes and immediately saw an extremely strange scene.

The originally surging sea had actually calmed down, and the sea surface was as smooth as a mirror. The large ship moved as though it were skating on ice, sailing forward gracefully and soundlessly.

As the two ships continued to approach each other, the pirates on Fiery Lotus began to clearly see the full view of the other ship.

It had a black hull, a decayed deck, and black sails that were full of holes.

Most importantly, there were numerous undead creatures standing on the deck. Some had physical bodies and some were specters, causing those looking at them to be extremely frightened.

“Enemy attack… it’s… Specter Ship!”

On the deck, each and every one of the pirates’ legs was trembling as they thought of the famous legend. “We’re doomed. Specter Ship won’t spare anyone on the ship!”

“Idiots!” Fang Yuan kicked a fellow in front of him and then stepped on this unlucky fellow. “If no one has ever survived an encounter with Specter Ship, then how did those legends get circulated? Now, if you want to continue living, then pick up your weapons and fight!”

After beating and scolding, he finally banded together a group of subordinates to prepare for the battle.

Caw! Caw!

On Specter Ship across from them, numerous white skeletons were biting on to short knives and swinging over using mooring ropes.


Bill waved his hand, and a row of musketeers in front of him pulled their triggers. Amid the rising plumes of white smoke, large numbers of skeleton sailors exploded into pieces and fell into the ocean.

Unfortunately, this batch of skeleton soldiers was clearly only their cannon fodder.

After this failure, there was no uproar on Specter Ship at all. Instead, even more skeleton soldiers swung over.

Fang Yuan could feel from his soles that there were some abnormal movements under Fiery Lotus.

“Bill, lead a team and head below to guard against those skeletons that were smashed into the ocean. They’re trying to climb up!”

On this thought, Fang Yuan immediately commanded, “Also… everyone is to come here before fighting!”

In front of him was a huge water tank.

Fang Yuan extended his hands and produced a light orb, which he then tossed into the water tank.

Buzz buzz!

A ball of light formed inside the water tank, looking like a small sun.

This pure yet strong light attribute power made Fang Yuan’s subordinates, who had committed countless crimes, to squint their eyes in pain.

“Before fighting, everyone’s weapons must be immersed inside the water tank to receive the light’s blessing! Now get moving!”

Fang Yuan roared and drew his cutlass.


The sound of horses galloping rang out from across.

Thirteen knights in black dashed over in the heavy atmosphere. Impressively, the horses they were riding were all Nightmares, which had raging flames burning across their entire bodies and the ability to walk freely in the air.


It only took a single confrontation for the five ghost riders that Jaffa had summoned with all his might to turn into ashes, showing an absolute gap and disadvantage.


The pirates howled. After being driven into a corner, it immediately stimulated their last ferocity, and they started a bloody fight with the incoming death knights.

Some pirates even covered themselves with gunpowder and oil and charged at the knights.

“Bring out the cannons! Fire!”

Fang Yuan had his second officer place a few small cannons on the deck. After several rounds, although the knights remained uninjured, the terrifying thrust still pushed them back. A few unlucky knights even fell off their Nightmares and into the ocean.

Unfortunately, all of this was merely small fights for the other party.

Fang Yuan could acutely sense that multiple forces were hiding within Specter Ship, and some had already reached the level of Demigods!

It could be said that these black knights, skeleton soldiers, ghouls, and so on were all cannon fodder among cannon fodder. The kind where no matter how many of them perished, it would not cause any distress.

In fact, in terms of average crew member quality and strength, perhaps Specter Ship was deservedly first in the oceans.

Even for the current Fang Yuan, it would be very troublesome if he encountered the truly high-level crew members on Specter Ship.

“Counterattack!” However, he did not have the slightest bit of fear and grabbed a mooring rope. “Board their ship!”


The mooring rope drew a huge arc, and Fang Yuan smoothly landed with both feet on the deck.

Specter Ship was not large, about the same as Fiery Lotus, and its black deck carried the smell of decay.

Stepping on Specter Ship, Fang Yuan suddenly had a strange feeling.

The space and scenery around him became hazy all of a sudden.

It was as if the space where Specter Ship was located was entirely different from the real world. This feeling was extremely similar to his main body’s state as an absolute observer!

“Specter Ship indeed deserves its reputation as a ship that traverses world boundaries…” Fang Yuan praised, not fearing the terrifying undead creatures that were gathering around him at all. Then he suddenly laughed loudly. “Such abilities are exactly what I need!”

Specter Ship could traverse to the netherworld and even other dimensions.

Fang Yuan’s main body also existed in this world, but it was isolated in a different realm.

Although he had already tried to break out several times, gaining this incarnation as a result and could even transmit powers, it was still not enough.

However, the appearance of Specter Ship and its characteristics gave Fang Yuan a glimpse of hope of breaking the seal earlier!