Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Secret Meeting

The effect of the bamboo fruit was extraordinary, but to a spiritual knight, it was just a supplement.

Many spiritual pills, spiritual flowers and spiritual fruits also produced similar or greater effects.

If not, the shopkeeper would not be so polite and would use all means to obtain these special spiritual objects!

Fang Yuan thought about it before taking out the Cracked Ice Fruit which he found at the Red-eyed White King Bird's nest.


When the shopkeeper saw what Fang Yuan took out, he let out a laugh.

"When I found it, it was already in this condition.."

Fang Yuan helplessly said, "However, I still remember how the actual fruit looked like. I can describe it in detail to you..."


"According to what you said, this fruit seems to be the Icy Fire Jialan. This item would sprout in the first 15 years; its flowers would bloom in the next 15 years, and it would bear fruit 15 years after that. It could calm one's heart, remove one's inner demons, and it had a combination of opposing elements: Yin and Yang. This made it very unique and mysterious, making it something martial artists at the 9th and 10th Gates could dream of but never have!

After a long while, the shopkeeper rubbed his eyes and said in a deep voice.

"Since this fruit is well sought after by 9th and 10th Gate martial artists, could this fruit have a similar effect as compared to the Yin Yang Jade, making breakthroughs easier?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.

"You're correct. If a martial artist at the peak level of the 10th Gate consume this fruit, the chance of him being able to condense the Miniature Elemental Force and making a breakthrough to the 11th Gate will increase by 50%!"

The shopkeeper stroked his beard and said, "Unfortunately, this is just a seed! Also, the conditions for growing this seed are too demanding."

It would take 40 to 50 years for the seed to grow, which was too long for a normal human being. Of course, this was not the main point.

Even if with its seed, it would not germinate in any normal spiritual land.

"I see, thanks a lot!"

Fang Yuan thanked the shopkeeper. He did not feel regretful that the Flower Fox Ferret had actually took half a bite of the fruit.

After all, this fruit was useless to him and he was not in rush to make a breakthrough by taking this fruit.

"I have gotten a branch from the wisteria plant. If you can appraise that it is really from the wisteria, I will give you another spiritual fruit as a reward!"

Fang Yuan took out the branch with a serious look.

"Very well!"

The shopkeeper was very excited but when he saw the wisteria, he was in deep thoughts for quite a while and didn't say a word.

Fang Yuan was disappointed seeing that the shopkeeper couldn't answer. He didn't expect that this experienced shopkeeper in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture City couldn't appraise the spiritual object.

"This branch is really from the wisteria!"

Suddenly, a clear voice interrupted his thoughts. Fang Yuan lifted his head and saw a beautiful lady dressed in green.

She was wearing a golden bangle on her head and a emerald green belt at her waist. She also had a bamboo flute with her. Her face was smooth and beautiful and her eyes were clear like water.

"You are..."

Fang Yuan gave a doubtful look but was shocked.

This woman was the spiritual knight who helped Shi Yutong during the fight over the treasure map.

'No..she is not a spiritual knight. She is just a spiritual disciple!'

Fang Yuan was much more experienced than before and was able to tell her cultivation level by just looking.

"My name is Ling Yin. I cannot help but interrupted when I saw you taking it out. My apologies!"

The young lady took a bow and stared at Fang Yuan with different look.

"There is no need for you to apologise. May I find out the effect of this wisteria branch?"

The shopkeeper stood up and return a humble bow. It was obvious that he wanted to know the answer to his question so badly. If he couldn't get the answer, he would probably not have the mood to eat or sleep for the next few days.

"There is no harm telling you. Wisteria is a rare plant but it does not have much benefits.."

Ling Yin's voice was soft and she looked at Fang Yuan playfully. Seeing him focused, she continued. "However, wisteria is one of the main ingredient used in making Continuation Spiritual Pill!"

"Continuation Spiritual Pill?"

The shopkeeper exclaimed, "Isn't that the spiritual pill which is rumored to allow one to survive for another 10 days when consumed no matter how serious the person's injuries are?"


Ling Yin then continued and said, "Unfortunately, the effect of this spiritual pill will be reduced by a lot when it is consumed by a spiritual knight. If not, this spiritual pill will be worth much more..."

"You must be kidding.."

Fang Yuan could not hold back further. "Since the wisteria is one the main ingredients, the other ingredients should be rare and hard to find...Even if one is able to gather all the ingredients, I'm afraid one will still need a alchemy master's help to produce this spiritual pill. The chances of successfully making this pill shouldn't be that high!"

After hearing what Fang Yuan said, the shopkeeper became less excited and sat down in his chair. He then murmured, "I see..I'm afraid there is only one person here in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture who is skillful enough to make such pill. However, how would that person be willing to make the pill easily? Previously, Shi Yutong, the sect head of Spirit Returning Sect had to come personally to ask for help. She expended a great amount of spiritual objects and favours before he barely agreed to help. No one else would be bold enough to ask him for help, unless it is the prefecture master himself.."

"Thank you for the explanation, young lady!"

Fang Yuan politely said and took out another bamboo fruit. "Please accept my small gift as a token of my appreciation for your help!"

"I should thank you instead!"

Ling Yin laughed and then continued saying, "If I hadn't seen you taking out this bamboo fruit, I wouldn't have said it. My apologies to you two!"

She was being direct because of the spiritual object, saving the shopkeeper from embarrassment. Hence, the shopkeeper could not blame Ling Yin for interupting. Fang Yuan could not help himself but took another look at this lady.

"However, a piece of information in exchange for a spiritual fruit is too much. I shall not take advantage of this and I want you to accept this gift!"

Before Ling Yin left, she took out a emerald green jade with a different expression.

"Oh? This jade is so cooling and it makes it a good toy. Thank you!"

Fang Yuan said without changing his facial expression.

"A toy?"

Ling Yin couldn't help but said, "This jade has something hidden in it. It will be fate if you can uncover its secrets! I shall take my leave!"

Within seconds, she disappeared into thin air.

"Hey, shopkeeper.."

Fang Yuan was playing with the jade in his fingers as he mockingly smiled. "Do you know that lady?"

"You are kidding.."

The shopkeeper shook his hands randomly and said, "She looked like an immortal from heaven. How could I have the honour to know her?"

"An immortal from heaven? Great description of her!"

Fang Yuan kept the spiritual plants and the seed safely in a small package and parted with the shopkeeper. He then left the Secluded Mountains Court without looking back.

'This Ling Yin, she must have doubted me...'

After he turned into a small alley, he hid himself well before taking a look at the jade as thoughts ran through his mind.

What Ling Yin gave him was a piece of jade!

'It seems like she could detect my martial arts skill or my high magical energy...But, what kind of attitude is this?'

His magical energy was above average and he see the inscriptions within the jade.

'Those who can see this message have magical energy that is above the average person. I invite you to go to a place called Three Elemental Views within the prefecture city to make a sincere wish, and you might have the chance to catch an opportunity!'

The inscriptions appeared gentle but it sounded arrogant to Fang Yuan, making him unhappy.

'However, this also proved that she did not detect any abnormality from me and only felt that my magical energy was beyond normal. Or maybe she was just hoping that I could read the inscriptions in the jade?'

'If I chose to go and seek for opportunities, won't I have to give out all my spiritual objects as gifts?'

Since Fang Yuan had the inheritance from a dream master, he wouldn't need these opportunities.

He laughed and threw the piece of jade into the air. As it glittered, it landed into the drain.

He laughed softly and left without looking back.


At the same time, back in the Secluded Mountains Court.

Ling Yin went to another hall, as if she had arrived into another land.

A door opened in front of the hall and revealed a person with a bright smile. It was the Sect Head of Spirit Returning Sect, Shi Yutong!

"I'm late again!"

She gently held Ling Yin's hand and sat down.

The surroundings was quiet. There was a bridge with water flowing under it and the occasional bird chirps and cicada noises. There was a Guqin hanged on the wall. The place was separated from the outside world by a tunnel pathway and it was an entirely different world here.

Shi Yutong was a regular here. As the door closed, she personally made a pot of floral tea for Ling Yin. A few golden-veined flower petals were suspended in the tea, as it emitted an orchid fragrance.

"Sister, please forgive me. I should have been able to reach here earlier. Something interesting happened while I was on my way and I encountered an interesting person, which was why I was late.."

Ling Yin smiled while she explained.

"Oh? How interesting was it? Tell me now!"

Shi Yutong seemed to be very interested. After all, she knew that her sister was one who was full of pride.

She was not only born in a family with a rich background, but was also gifted. Her gifts were recognised by many famous teachers as they took care of her, making her slightly arrogant.

Such a person would already be enjoying all the good things in life. What matter would even interest her?

"This thing started from a bamboo fruit.."

Ling Yin's lip had a slight curve. "I had discovered that the young man were not just a normal person. He had an exceptional amount of magical energy and it was sufficient enough for him to become a spiritual servant!"

Such people with such an amount of magical energy would have the potential to become a alchemy master or a spiritual knight.

But for many years, or perhaps even for the rest of one's life, one would remain at the level of a spiritual disciple - the lowest cultivation level amongst spiritual knights. For the rest of one's life, one would only be able to run errands for spiritual knights, and would be referred to as spiritual servants.

In fact, these spiritual servants were actually brought in by spiritual knights as the spiritual knights were claiming to be recruiting new spiritual disciples but the recruited ones ended up being servants for free.

"From what you said, this young man had inner force, his magical energy was twice as much as a normal person and he also had a rich background. It looks like he is a suitable candidate!"

Shi Yutong nodded in agreement after hearing what Ling Yin said.

Even though spiritual knights and alchemy masters were powerful and skillful, they needed much more resources as compared to Wu Zongs.

In Xia Country, in order to train under these spiritual knights, a large capital is needed. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for one to become a spiritual knight.

Of course, she wasn't bothered by such matters.

Shi Yutong sighed and suddenly appeared serious. "Sister Ling Yin, that rumour is real...The Secluded Mountains Prefecture Master Liu Yan is nearing his death. Is your master considering to take over him?"