Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482 Puzzle

In the natural world, the more powerful the individuals were, the fewer their population would be. Soul leave was an extremely rare poison. Even knights could barely survive this poison. However, soul leave’s duration of effect was limited. After being poisoned by it, one’s awareness couldn’t be completely isolated from his body forever.

Soul leave denoted that one’s soul would leave his body out of control. After his soul returned to hisbody, he would feel like having a dream.

After soul leave completely lost its effect, Zhang Tie gradually opened his eyes.

He was in a room, which appeared being in a mountain cave covering 600 square meters. The mountain cave was artificially built as everything in the room was well carved. It was covered with huge granites in all directions. Besides, there was an eternal fluorite lamp on the roof, the dim light gave out which made the mountain cave hazy.

In addition, there were some underground plants which were used to keep the air fresh. Meanwhile, Zhang Tie faintly heard surging sea waves from outside, which represented that this mountain cave was in a sea island or an underground space on the seaside.

With a sound “Huala…” Zhang Tie found his limbs were tied by huge, thick alloy runed chains. The moment he moved, the chains had clashed.

After lowering his head and throwing a glance at it, Zhang Tie had found it was made of abyss iron, mithril and dragon silk as an immortal craftsman. The firmness and tenacity of this alloy were completely out of people’s imagination. Additionally, some advanced runes were applied to this alloy: LV 5 consolidating and strengthening rune; advanced recovery rune, which could help people rapidly recover their spiritual energy and physical strength; an advanced reversal rune, which could completely counteract the effect of the advanced recovery rune at the same time and make people weak constantly.

The chains on his limbs were tightly interconnected with an alloy ring which was made of the same materials. The alloy ring was connected to a huge piece of an alloy which weighed over 1,000 tons. This set of instruments determined that Zhang Tie’s scope of activity was limited to this room.

As an immortal craftsman, Zhang Tie had heard about it. He just couldn’t imagine that it could be applied to him.

This whole set was called Dragonbinding Shackle. It could only be made by a craftsman master and above.

Even heavenly knights could not escape from such a set of instruments.

However, these were external binding instruments. There was another binding system inside his body, which had been sensed the moment Zhang Tie opened his eyes.

At this moment, three items being much thinner than hair were swimming in Zhang Tie’s heart, qi sea and mind sea respectively. Few people knew their names except for Zhang Tiebloody soul needles.

As a secret skill of Bloody Soul Temple, bloody soul needles were to seal one’s spiritual energy, physical strength and battle qi. Whenever he wanted to run his battle qi, spiritual energy and do heavy activities, the three bloody soul needles would take effect in his brain, heart and abdomen respectively, causing him extremely miserable. At the crucial moments, the three bloody soul needles could even blow up his heart, brain and qi sea.

With Dragonbinding Shackle and bloody soul needles, even sage-level knights would be at the mercy what others demand of you.

When he sensed bloody soul needles, Zhang Tie immediately realized that he had fallen in the hand of the remnants of Heavens Reaching Church; because only they could probably master the secret skill of bloody soul needles.

‘The conflict between me and the remnants of Heavens Reaching Church couldn’t be diffused any more. Those b*stards have the motive and ability to do it.’

‘However, how could those b*stards of Heavens Reaching Church know the love affair between senior sister apprentice and me and screw me with it? This could never be done without a considerate plan.’

‘I offended Heavens Reaching Church after I returned to Taixia Country. Before it, I knew nothing about Heavens Reaching Church. Neither would Heavens Reaching Church care about a common knight on a subcontinent. If Heavens Reaching Church could foretell things, they would have long screwed me; neither would Han Zhengfang be killed by me after his real identity was exposed.’

‘If senior sister apprentice Ma really got pregnant and had psychological changes, the first one who knew her physical situation in Hidden Dragon Palace probably the head of Hidden Dragon Palace. If she really delivered the baby, how could she cheat so many people in Hidden Dragon Palace? Over these years, even I, as the grand elder of Huaiyuan Palace, didn’t know about the pregnancy of senior sister apprentice Ma. Nobody else in Hidden Dragon Palace has mentioned anything about it to me. How could Heavens Reaching Church know it?’

‘Unless…unless the influence of Heavens Reaching Church have long penetrated into Huaiyuan Palace so deep that even the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace and I don’t know about the secret concerning me in Huaiyuan Palace!’

The moment this whim occurred to his mind, Zhang Tie had felt a chill all over.

However, Zhang Tie soon felt that this reason was not right. At that time, Huaiyuan Palace, as a small Hua clan in Waii Subcontinent far away from Taixia Country, was completely like an ugly duckling in front of those major clans in Taixia Country. They didn’t have money or power. Was Huaiyuan Palace worth the penetration of Heavens Reaching Church?

When Zhang Tie was confused, with a cracking sound, an iron door above the steps that extended upwards was opened as the gloomy and vicious man at his 50’s that Zhang Tie had seen in Wild Lake Building walked downstairs.

This man reminded Zhang Tie of the late two senior sister apprentices, Gu Caidie and Yuan Ziyi at once. Zhang Tie then clenched his fists. Closely after that, he loosened his grip as he stood there quietly and watched the man coming to his front.

“You’re a dare-to-death fighter. Who’s your master?” Zhang Tie asked calmly as he looked at that man.

That man’s face changed a bit…