Chaotic Sword God Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity (One)
Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity (One)

Jian Chen left the inn and went to the fair to buy a few dozen gourds to store water, as well as a cask large enough to fit a person in it. He also replenished his nearly exhausted supply of essentials for everyday life, as well as for living in the wilderness. Another 20 or so pairs of coarse clothing was purchased as well. After storing all of these within his Space Belt, Jian Chen directly left Wake City, and headed toward the wilderness.

Jian Chen arrived at a deserted grove, and looked around. After confirming there were no people present, he removed a Space Ring from his Space Belt, and retrieved the Silver Striped Golden Snake from the ring. He then removed the dozens of gourds he had just purchased one by one, and neatly placed them on the ground.

Jian Chens heart uncontrollably leapt up to his throat when he saw the arm-thick and nearly 80 meter long Silver Striped Golden Snake in front of him. A feeling of excitement involuntarily arose from within his heart.

After staring at the Silver Striped Golden Snake for a while, Jian Chen took a deep breath to gradually calm himself down. Afterwards, he slowly walked up to the snake, his Light Wind Sword materializing in his hand.


Jian Chen pierced his sword straight into the snakes scarred seven-inch area. Immediately afterwards, fresh red blood gushed out. Without any hesitation, Jian Chen opened one of the gourds as fast as lightning, and placed the opening about as large as a childs fist underneath the snakes body. The gourd directly began to collect that constant flow of blood.

Meanwhile, the strong, pungent smell of greasy blood filled the air, and gradually began to diffuse through the air.

Smelling that continuously diffusing, strong and stinging smell of greasy blood, Jian Chen knit his brows and murmured, This Silver Striped Golden Snake is indeed worthy of being called a rare and unique beast. I hadnt imagined that the odor of the blood would already be so thick. Jian Chens tone seemed to be slightly concerned; he was worried that the snakes heavy odor would bring him some kind of trouble.

While Jian Chen was extremely anxious, somewhat impatient, and held much anticipation, all of the blood from the snakes body was finally collected after 2 hours. Half of the dozens of gourds that he had bought were already filled. According to Jian Chens calculations, the total amount of blood he had collected was around 100 kilograms in weight.

After carefully sealing the blood-filled gourds, Jian Chen placed them all into his Space Belt. Afterwards, he once again stored the snakes body into his Space Belt, and immediately left the area. This Silver Striped Golden Snakes bloods odor had already been diffusing through the air for 2 hours. Although it had become quite faint, Jian Chen still wasnt certain that it wouldnt bring about any mishaps, so the sooner he left, the better.

Although Jian Chen knew that perhaps he was worrying a bit too much, for the sake of minimizing danger, he was still willing to go through such inconveniences.

Jian Chen returned to Wake City. After resting there for 2 days, and hearing of no special news, he once again left. This time, he didnt return to his original location; instead, he arrived at the exact opposite location of where he had been previously. After advancing nearly 20 miles down a path, he finally found a desolate and safe area. He then once again removed the Silver Striped Golden Snake from his belt, and began dissecting the body.

Although he couldve dissected the body within the city, the Silver Striped Golden Snake was, after all, not a normal magical beast. Once its body was dissected, that strong odor of its blood would once again permeate the area. Such a unique scent of blood would definitely attract quite a few experts to investigate. With Jian Chens current level of strength, he was still unable to go up against the many experts located in Wake City.

The dissection of the body went smoothly. Although the defense of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes outer layer of golden snake scales was extremely strong, Jian Chens current strength had been raised by quite a lot compared to his previous level. Thus, cutting apart the snakes scales only required a small amount of strength.

Jian Chen carefully removed a thumb-sized bloodred object from the snakes stomach. When he lifted it up to his eye level to examine it closer, he couldnt help but smile and murmur to himself, So this is the Silver Striped Golden Snakes precious snake gall. The color of the snakes gall was completely different from any other snakes. Normal snake galls had a bluish green and black color, but this Silver Striped Golden Snakes gall was completely crimson. It looked similar to a red gem.

Jian Chen took out a small jade bottle from his Space Belt, and carefully placed the thumb-sized snake gall into the bottle. This snake gall was extremely important; if he wanted to refine the Ten Thousand Immunity pill, then hed need quite a few snake galls. This body parts importance was much more precious than the Silver Striped Golden Snakes blood.

Soon after, the Silver Striped Golden Snakes skin had been completely removed by Jian Chen. At the same time, the snakes appearance drastically changed; it now looked like a long **.

The Silver Striped Golden Snakes most precious parts were its blood and gall. Its other internal organs and its flesh were also worth considerable amounts, but they werent very useful in Jian Chens eyes. Afterwards, Jian Chen stored the snakes carcass back into the Space Ring, intending to proceed with the next steps later.

After finishing up the Silver Striped Golden Snake matter, Jian Chen looked around his surroundings. He hesitated for a bit, and looked indecisive as he seemed to stand there and contemplate for a moment. Finally, Jian Chen bit down and retrieved the large cask that he had prepared earlier, and lightly placed it on the ground. He then continued to retrieve all the blood-filled gourds, and proceed to empty them into the cask.

Jian Chen now planned to refine the Ten Thousand Immunity. This was because the Silver Striped Golden Snakes blood had too strong of an odor, making it impossible for him to refine it in a city filled with people.

Soon after, all the blood within the gourds had been poured into the large cask, the nearly 100 kilograms worth of blood filling majority of the person-tall cask. Now the strong, stinging smell of blood was emitted from the cask, and circled around the air for a long time without dispersing. Such a large amount of blood collected together made the smell even more dense, and it assaulted Jian Chens sense of smell, making him almost unable to breathe.

Some special magical beasts blood was completely different from a normal magical beasts. The Silver Striped Golden Snake was an example of this.

When Jian Chen had drunk the snakes blood to detoxify himself, Jian Chen had completely ignored its extremely greasy smell since he had been completely focused on curing himself. Thus, he hadnt noticed the snakes blood had had such an intolerable heavy odor back then.