Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006: Legacy Treasures
Chapter 1006: Legacy Treasures

Hong Lians gaze suddenly froze when Rui Jin produced the crimson piece of armor. She stared blankly at it and the exquisite red hairpin.

She could swear that it was the first time she had seen these two items, yet she felt a sense of familiarity toward the piece of armor and the hairpin. To her disbelief, she actually felt a weird bloodline connection to them, as if the feathermail and hairpin were items that solely belonged to her.

Hong Lian stared blankly at the feathermail in Rui Jins hands. Her eyes hazed over as she thought long and hard as to where she had seen these items, as well as why they made her feel like she was familiar with them.

Suddenly, a locked memory appeared. Information from her inherited memories surged forth, which immediately allowed her to understand what these items were and why she felt so familiar with them.

T- t- these are the legacy treasures of my Scorching Divine Phoenix clan, the Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail and the Scorching Godfire Hairpin, Hong Lian cried out involuntarily. Disbelief flooded her face, as the Scorching Divine Phoenix clan and the Dragon clan had already vanished from the world. These two treasures had naturally vanished with the clan, so they should not have been able to reappear in the world. Yet, Rui Jin was actually holding those two exact items, which she found unbelievable.

Correct. These are indeed legacy treasures of your clan, the Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail and the Scorching Godfire Hairpin. Hong Lian, I will give you these two items right now. Rui Jin extended his hands with the items toward her and directly passed them over.

Hong Lian was still rather stunned. She just refused to believe that the items had actually appeared before her. She had basically extended hands subconsciously. Her hands trembled, as she received the items from Rui Jin. Despite this, she never looked away from them throughout the entire process.

A while later, Hong Lian finally calmed down. She looked away from the items and stared at Rui Jin fixedly. Rui Jin, where did you get the legacy treasures of my clan? Did my clansmen not take them away when they vanished all those years ago?

No, thats not the case. Rui Jin shook his head and continued, Hong Lian, sense it closely and see if the treasures are the same as the description in your inherited memories.

Hong Lian looked at Rui Jin doubtfully, as she slowly closed her eyes. She sensed the two treasure carefully.

Her eyes snapped open very quickly. They shone so brightly that they actually seemed to be able to illuminate objects, and deep shock and disbelief replaced her previous emotions.

Origin energy. This is actually origin energy. How is that possible? How can origin energy exist in the legacy treasures of my clan? Hong Lian became to cry out uncontrollably once again. The shock within her had reached a maximum peak.

She was born and raised within the saint artifact, but her inherited memories possessed a lot of hidden information about the world. She knew what origin energy was very well. It was something that could make Saint Kings salivate over. Only those who had surpassed Saint Emperor could control it.

Rui Jin, just what is going on? Why does origin energy exist within the legacy treasure of my clan? This is completely different from my inherited memories. And just where did you get these two treasures from? Hong Lian stared at Rui Jin impatiently. She wanted to know the answers as soon as possible.

Rui Jin did not hurry to answer. Instead, he turned slowly toward the clouds that seemed like they were on fire. He said slowly and calmly, Hong Lian, I met the Winged Tiger God.

The Winged Tiger God. That young Winged Tiger God? Hong Lian asked curiously.

No. Rui Jin shook his head and said, The Winged Tiger God that surpassed Saint Emperor in the ancient times.

These words stunned Hong Lian, and she asked, How is that possible? So much time has passed. Has the Winged Tiger God not died?

I dont know whether hes dead or not, but he was old a strand of a soul when I met him all those years ago. It was the Winged Tiger God who handed me the two legacy treasures of your clans. He also got me to pass them onto you, said Rui Jin.

The clan head of every generation always used the legacy treasures and it never leaves their body. How did it end up in the hands of the Winged Tiger God? Hong Lian asked in confusion.

Rui Jin turned around and looked at Hong Lian sternly. A bright golden light shone from him and the legacy treasures of the Dragon clanthe Sacred Dragons Armor and Sacred Dragons Swordappeared.

Even the legacy treasures of my Dragon clan were with the Winged Tiger God, and the two items also now have this extra origin energy, making them stronger. Theyre far more powerful than their descriptions in the inherited memories.

Moreover, Hei Yu also acquired a similar suit of armor and weapon. They both possess origin energy and are no weaker than our legacy weapons. They Winged Tiger God gifted both to him.

Hong Lian was clearly stunned by these words, and she said, Why did the Winged Tiger God give us these two items. He seemed to have disappeared with our two clans. And why does he know that there are still members of the Dragon clan and Phoenix clan left in this world?

Not only did the Winged Tiger God know that there are remaining members of the two clans, he knew even more unbelievable matters in even greater detail. I even suspect that the Winged Tiger God is not dead, but hiding somewhere and observing the Tian Yuan Continent silently, said Rui Jin.

What did you say? Hong Lian became astonished. This conjecture was just too astounding.

Hong Lian, I have something else to tell you. Our clansmen have not vanished. They might have gone to another realm. Theres still hope for us to find them. Rui Jins tone was in no way calm. It possessed a sliver of excitement that he struggled to hide.

A- are you sure? Hong Lian also became excited.

Rui Jin nodded and said, When the Winged Tiger God left us these items, he said that we needed a crucial person to find our clansmen, and that person was the human youngster which the saint artifact took as a master, Jian Chen.

The Winged Tiger God said that we need to protect Jian Chen if we want to find our clansmen. Moreover, he told us that we would never be able to see them ever again if Jian Chen died.

Jian Chen. Its actually him. Hes not very old, so how does the Winged Tiger God know someone like him. Maybe its true that hes not dead, but secretly hiding somewhere as he observes everything unfold Hong Lian murmured. She felt quite uneasy.