Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011: Rui Jin Arrives
Chapter 1011: Rui Jin Arrives

Jian Chen carefully controlled the emperors power as it floated above his hand. He arrived before Kaiser in a flash and struck Kaisers head resolutely.

A gleam of light flashed through the path lord of carnal desires, who was standing to one side. He stared in interest at the drop of emperors power in Jian Chens hand, and his expression changed slightly. He cried out inside, Its an emperors power. I never thought Jian Chen would actually possess some emperors power. Its teeming with water-attributed energy, so it must have come from a Saint Emperor of the sea realm.

The power is enough to threaten Saint Emperors. The Baleful Yin Force has injured Kaisers soul. From the looks of his expression, hes in so much pain that he would rather be off dead. He cant bother with whats going around him at all. I wonder if this emperors power can heavily injure him or not. The light inside the path lords eyes immediately began to flicker as he thought up to there. A gleam of extremely hidden but sharp light flickered through his eyes from time to time.

Houston had also noticed the emperors power in Jian Chens hand. When he saw that Jian Chen was about to push it into Kaisers head, his eyes immediately lit up. He felt a sliver of anticipation.

Hei Yu who was locked in combat with Lankyros, naturally discovered the emperors power in Jian Chens hand. He could not help but sneer when he saw Jian Chens actions.

Bang! With the emperors power in hand, Jian Chen finally slapped it forcefully into the back of Kaisers head. It produced a bang and immediately, a terrifying ripple of residual energy burst out and flung Jian Chen far away.

Jian Chen was thrown backward and only stabilized himself after he flew several thousand kilometers. His right hand that had carried the emperors power also began to tremble uncontrollably, while his complexion became extremely ugly. There was some disbelief present on his face as well.

When he had stuck Kaisers head just then, Jian Chen felt like he had struck a tough steel board. Not only did it fail to turn Kaisers head into pieces as he had expected, it even failed to heavily injure him.

The emperors power actually failed to pierce Kaisers skull. All it has done is blow away his skin. Isnt his head just a little too tough? Jian Chen thought. He could feel that the emperors power had caused minimal damage to Kaiser. The toughness of Kaisers body had far exceeded his expectation.

I never thought that Kaisers body would be so terrifying. He sure is worthy of being a species that borderlines dragons. If it were not for the fact that I had some advantage in soul attacks when I had fought him before, I probably would not have been his opponent, thought the path lord of carnal desires. He was also surprised, as he watched from afar.

Argh! You impudent brat! To actually make a sneak attack on me! Im ripping you into pieces today no matter what! Kaiser roared angrily. Although the emperors power did not threaten him at all, it reduced him to an even more horrible state. With Kaisers level of pride, how could he endure being forced into such a state by a human junior that was both weaker than him in strength and status?

It was basically a great humiliation to him.

Suddenly, Kaisers gaze became extremely terrifying. His face twisted viciously and became like a demon that had climbed out from hell. Just a glance at him was enough to make people shiver. Kaiser poured everything he had into suppressing the great pain in his soul, as he glared coldly at Jian Chen. He seemed to be tempted to devour Jian Chen alive.

Suddenly, Kaiser disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already arrived before Jian Chen. One of his hands had completely turned into a dragon claw, as he swung it mercilessly at Jian Chens head. At the same time, he froze the space around Jian Chen once more. This limited Jian Chens movements and prevented him from using the saint artifact to block the attack.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed abruptly. Kaisers claw constantly grew larger and closer in his eyes, but he was trapped and immobilized. He could only helplessly watch on, as it rapidly approached.

Suddenly, the space to their side split open in this moment of life and death. A sword that radiated with a blinding golden light and a terrifying sword Qi suddenly materialized. Then, it shot toward Kaisers claw with lightning speed.


As the sword collided with the dragon claw, the sound of an earth-shaking metallic collision erupted. The sword was knocked away, but it also derailed Kaisers claw. A tiny wound appeared on the claw and bright-red blood began to flow from it.

This was the blood of a Saint Emperor. Although it was only a tiny amount, it was incredibly eye-catching. Moreover, the terrifying amount of energy hidden inside could be clearly felt.

Kaiser immediately became shocked when Rui Jin injured his claw, because it was the toughest part of his body. Even Saint Emperors would fail to injure his claws.

Its a weapon that possesses origin energy. The Sacred Dragons Sword! Kaiser muttered hoarsely as he stared at the shining sword.

A Space Gate quickly formed. Rui Jin in golden armor stepped out with Hong Lian, who wore a crimson dress.

Rui Jin made a gesture with his hand, and the Sacred Dragons Sword flew over from afar as a streak of light. Then, it landed obediently in Rui Jins hand. Rui Jin wielded the sword as he looked expressionlessly at Kaiser. He growled, I never thought Id see you, mutated earthwyrm, so soon. What, do you really want to go against me?

Kaiser stared viciously at Rui Jin and gnashed his teeth and said, You again. Its actually you again whos messing with what Im doing. You may be a king of the Dragon clan, but the Dragon clan no longer exists now. Its best if you dont get in my way, or Ill kill you as well believe it or not.

Mutated earthwyrm, do you really think that you can kill me? Rui Jin said with a deep voice. His face was extremely dark. The fact that a mere mutated earthmyrm dared to threaten hima dragon kingmade Rui Jin extremely furious.

Kaiser no longer bothered to talk with Rui Jin. Instead, he turned to the path lord of carnal desires and called out, Human Saint Emperor, its about time.

A gleam of light flickered through the path lords eyes. He said nothing and directly took a step forward. He crossed more than ten kilometers to arrive before Rui Jin.

Rui Jins face sank when he saw the path lord. He growled, Human Saint Emperor, I never thought youd actually be working that mutated earthwyrm to harm the genius of your race.

You talk too much, the path lord said indifferently. He grabbed at the empty space; the energy of the world began to condense quickly, which he used to strike Rui Jin. At the same time, he uttered gently, Since you have a treasure that can protect you against my attacks of the seven emotions and six desires, Ill abandon them and completely use the abilities of a Saint Emperor to fight you.