Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019: Jian Chen’s Desire
Chapter 1019: Jian Chens Desire

Right. Brother Jian Chen, why dont you take us to below Mercenary City? That way, you can show us the seal, and we can confirm whether this is real or not. Otherwise, it really is hard for us to believe your words, said a striking middle-aged man. He did not belong to the protector clans and was actually an ancestor of an ancient clan. He was extremely powerful and his name was well known, even among the protector clans.

Jian Chen stood calmly beside Tian Jian. Their doubts did not surprise him at all, as it was all in his expectations.

Indeed, this news was just too shocking. No news regarding the World of Forsaken Saints had ever appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent either, so anyone who suddenly heard about it would find it hard to believe as well.

If the person who had told Jian Chen the news was not Mo Tianyun, but a child far younger than him, Jian Chen would not have believed it either. He would just treat it all as a joke.

Jian Chen calmly glanced passed everyone. He did not see any seriousness among them even after they learned about the World of Forsaken Saints. Instead, they were all apathetic. Some of them even smiled sarcastically. None of them cared about the matter.

Jian Chen could not help but sigh gently inside. He shook his head, Apologies, but I cannot take you underground to inspect the seal. Anyway, I have told you all everything I know about the World of Forsaken Saints. Whether you believe it or not will be up to you.

The region below Mercenary City was Xiao Lings territory. Without Xiao Lings permission, even Saint Emperors would not be able to enter there. Jian Chen knew without even thinking that it would be impossible to get Xiao Ling to take them all down to the seal.

Hmph. The matters regarding the World of Forsaken Saints really are a bunch of lies. Jian Chen, weaving such an outrageous story to trick us, just what are you trying to do? said a great elder of the Yiyuan sect with a rather aggressive tone.

Jian Chen had some disagreements with the Yiyuan sect, so he naturally did not respond politely. He stared coldly at the great elder and said, You will naturally know in the future if the matters regarding the World of Forsaken Saints are a bunch of lies from me or not.

The meeting broke up very quickly. All the people from the protector clans returned to their respective clans. The battle with the magical beast Saint Emperor had initially drawn them over, but no one was in the mood to pay attention to it after what had happened to Mercenary City. In the end, Jian Chens make-believe story regarding the World of Forsaken Saints had affected them in particular, disturbing their thoughts.

Although none of them believed the foreign worlds existence, they firmly memorized its name. The fact that the foreign world once had over twenty experts that had exceeded Saint Emperor had shocked them in particular.

None of them believed Jian Chens words, but over twenty people that had surpassed Saint Emperor was a huge deterrence force by itself.

Jian Chen settled down in a room Tian Jian organized to recuperate, while Tian Jian and the various Saint Kings of Mercenary City all gathered in the floating divine hall.

Grand elder, do you really believe what Jian Chen has said? Is there really a huge seal deep underground Mercenary City?

If the World of Forsaken Saints really does exist and the tunnel to it has been sealed up underneath Mercenary City, the city lord should have left behind some information as well, so that people in the future can keep watch. Why would he hide it?

All the elders spoke their suspicions. They also struggled to believe the World of Forsaken Saints and the matters around it.

Tian Jian paced around the center of the hall with his arms crossed. He tightly furrowed his brows and said in thought, It really is hard to accept such an important matter to spring up so suddenly. However, if thats not the case, how would the trembling of Mercenary City be explained?

And its not like Jian Chen is a person who lies. He is so close with the barrier spirit as well, so I think the World of Forsaken Saints is more likely to be true than false.

The elders immediately became stern after they heard Tian Jians analysis. One of them said with a deep voice, If this really is true, then what force will we, the Tian Yuan Continent, use to repel the invasion? According to Jian Chens description of the World of Forsaken Saints, were not their opponent even if the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the Sea race, and the Hundred Races work together. After all, its no longer the ancient times. We dont have the four supreme champions and the many Saint Emperors.

If the World of Forsaken Saints really does invade, we probably dont have any abilities to resist at all, said another elder. His expression was very ugly.

Tian Jian pondered, as he slowly paced around the main entrance of the divine hall. He raised his head to look at the void and mumbled, The war god of the ancient times has reappeared on the Tian Yuan Continent, while even the Winged Tiger God is born once again. The sea goddess is still alive, while a genius has appeared on our continent, Jian Chen. Perhaps they have come into existence because of this disaster? That theyre only born at the same time in order to repel the World of Forsaken Saints?

Only the city lord knew about the World of Forsaken Saints. The city lord had also set down a rule with the elders. If the Winged Tiger God reappears, we must support it when it has not fully matured. He also stated that we should not worry about any harm the Winged Tiger God would bring to the Tian Yuan Continent. Has the city lord forseen all those years ago that the seal to the World of Forsaken Saints will break when the Winged Tiger God reappears in the future?

If its really like that, the city lords abilities all those years ago probably would have already reached heaven-defying levels, far exceeding our level of understanding.

Suddenly, Tian Jian turned to the elders behind him and said, It doesnt matter if the World of Forsaken Saints is real or not. Do not leak it out, or itll throw the entire continent into fear.

In a cold, quiet room, milky-white light dyed the dark room snow-white. Jian Chen sat in the center as he used Radiant Saint Force to heal himself.

Although Jian Chen sustained very heavy injuries in the battle before, he only used an extremely short amount of time to fully recover under the healing of both his Chaotic Body and Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes after making a full recovery. He immediately removed the Octoterra Divine Hall from his Space Ring. It was currently the size of a fist, but Kaiser had already reduced the majestic divine hall had to ruins. It was no longer as mighty as it was before.

Jian Chen stared at the ruined divine hall with a pained expression. Although he had only obtained it recently, it had helped him greatly. The divine halls existence allowed him to treat the protector clans as equals.

The power of the divine hall has not disappeared. It should be repairing itself right now, but its extremely slow. By this speed, itll take at least several decades or even over a century to full repair, Jian Chen mumbled as he stared at the divine hall, before he placed it back into his Space Ring. He knew that he would not be able to use it for a very long time in the future.

Afterward, Jian Chen pulled out the saint artifact. The artifact had endured several attacks from Kaiser. Although Kaiser failed to destroy it, clear marks were left behind. Despite this, the level of damage was insignificant compared to the divine hall. The saint artifact could also repair itself, so it would return to pristine condition without much time.

The saint artifact really is much tougher than the Octoterra Divine Hall. If a Saint Emperor wants to destroy it, theyll need to expend quite a lot of effort. On the other hand, Kaiser smashed the Octoterra Divine Hall after just a few attacks. However, the only problem with the saint artifact is that its attacks are just too weak. If I come across a Saint Emperor, I wont be able to enter the artifact space at all, or itll be no different than throwing myself at the jaws of death, murmured Jian Chen. The defense of the saint artifact was startling, but it was just an item in the end. It could not flee at all before a Saint Emperor, and if it ended up in the hands of that Saint Emperor, it would be destroyed one day or another.

Jian Chen held the saint artifact, as he thought deeply. He thought, Ive told the ten protector clans about the World of Forsaken Saints, but they dont believe it exists at all. They all think that I am lying, and that Im weaving up a story to trick them. Sigh, looks like making them believe the existence of the World of Forsaken Saints is virtually impossible.

Though, it doesnt matters if they dont believe me. An expert greater than Xiao Ling has already appeared in that world, and there will definitely be people at Receival. There are probably quite a few Saint Emperors as well. Theyre nothing that this world can repel. Everyone here is too weak.

The top priority is to increase the overall strength of this world, but the only way for them to all undergo a noteworthy increase is by refining the Yinyang Saint Rock. Its the Yinyang Saint Rocks existence thats making breakthroughs much harder now. According to what senior Mo Tianyun said, once it disappears, the laws of the world will return to how they were in the ancient times. The experts currently at the Ninth Heavenly Layer or Great Perfection of Saint King will only need an extremely short amount of time to reach Saint Emperor, while more Saint Rulers and Saint Kings will appear.

Its a pity that the power of the Yinyang Saint Rock is just too powerful. I cant absorb it with my current strength. I can probably only absorb it after I reach the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body with the Heavenly Enchantress according to the Azulet swords.

Jian Chen could not help but think of the erotic incident that had occurred between him and the Heavenly Enchantress when he thought of her. He immediately became strewn with mixed emotions.

He still needed to cultivate with the Heavenly Enchantress in order to absorb the power of the Yinyang Saint Rock and refine the Yinyang Qi into his own power.

The fifth layer of the Chaotic Body, the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body. I am currently at the third, so just how fast can I reach the fifth layer? I can absorb the energy of the rock once I reach the fifth layer. Moreover, according to the sword spirits, I can reach the eighth layer after I absorb all of its power, or even the ninth. At that time, I should be able to fight those at Returnance or even Reciprocity! Jian Chen stood up, and his eyes became filled with desire.