Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034: The Heavenly Enchantress? Mu’er?
Zaar Caiyun consecutively struck out with all three attacks of the Way of the Tyrants Sword. Each attack belonged to the upper levels of Saint Tier Battle Skills, equal to a casual strike from Saint Emperors. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection would become heavily injured if the three attacks landed on them. Only a similar Saint Tier Battle Skill could repel it.

There were also differences in power among Saint Tier Battle Skill. The Way of the Tyrants Blade possessed a total of three attacks, and each attack was more powerful than the previous one. These factors allowed it to be ranked close to the top among all Saint Tier Battle Skills. With Zaar Caiyuns great talent, she had comprehended the mysteries of the battle skill to the limit, and she had also reached great proficiency with its use. Her strength at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer combined perfectly with the Saint Tier Battle Skill allowed her to use the skill to its full potential.

Jian Chen became extremely stern. The battle skills vast pressure tightly locked onto his entire body, which caused him to feel like he was submerged in mud. Every action felt difficult. The saint artifact had been knocked away. Although it quickly flew toward him through his mental connection, it would not be able to make it.

Looks like I can only use the Octoterra Divine Hall, Jian Chen thought. The Octoterra Divine Hall was in ruins, but Zaar Caiyuns Saint Tier Battle Skill was only a casual strike from a Saint Emperor. Its strength was nowhere Kaisers punch, so the divine hall could easily block the strike despite its state.

Suddenly, figure flashed before him just as Jian Chen wanted to bring out the divine hall. Rui Jin had appeared silently before Jian Chen, while the Sacred Dragons Sword in his hand radiated with a terrifying presence. Slivers of origin energy slowly pulsed and radiated with a profound aura.

Rui Jin stood like a steel wall before Jian Chen. As he swung out with his sword, an extremely powerful sword Qi immediately shot out toward Zaar Caiyun with a devastating might.

The second sword Qi from Zaar Caiyun collided with the sword Qi from the Sacred Dragons Sword and immediately produced a deafening boom. The giant sword Qi seemed as fragile as tofu and dispersed without much difficulty at all.

Rui Jins Sacred Dragons Sword contained origin energy, so when he used it to send out a sword Qi, it would possess a sliver of origin energy as well. This was a power that surpassed Saint Emperors, something that belonged to a completely different level. Its strength was beyond suspicion, something incomparable to the powers of this world.

The attack from the Sacred Dragons Sword tore through the other attack like a hot knife through butter. Then, it continued toward Zaar Caiyuns third attack with no reduction in force.

Zaar Caiyuns expression suddenly changed when she sensed the power of Rui Jins attack. She extended a finger and immediately, the countless sword Qi created from the third move changed in trajectory and formed a straight line. They all charged toward Rui Jins sword Qi with origin energy.

With consecutive booms, Rui Jins sword Qi charged through all the sword Qi like a wild beast with stoppable momentum. It caused the smaller sword Qi to explode as soon as they made contact. They turned it into surging energy of the world that dispersed in the surroundings.

Rui Jins single sword Qi from the Radiant Dragons Sword broke through two attacks from Zaar Caiyuns Saint Tier Battle Skill. In the end, it passed through her chest and disappeared into the horizon.

Zaar Caiyuns body trembled violently as agony filled her face. Her presence quickly began to decrease, and she began to fall out of the sky like a broken kite.

Caiyun! A cry rang out from afar. Hao Wu had shot over as a blur with lightning speed as he fused with the surrounding space. He firmly caught Zaar Caiyun. Then, he wanted to flee into the distance.

Leave this person behind! Jian Chen did not know Hao Wu. He immediately cried out when he saw that someone wanted to save Zaar Caiyun. As such, he used the Illusory Flash and arrived before the unknown individual in an instant. His Emperor Armament transformed into a streak of black light as it stabbed mercilessly toward Zaar Caiyun.

A three fingers wide sword immediately appeared in Hao Wus hands. It shone with an earthen-yellow light, as it stabbed out like a lightning bolt.

Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King! Jian Chen could sense Hao Wus strength once he lashed out. It was actually at the same cultivation level as Zaar Caiyun, just slightly weaker than her as it was not at the peak.

Just as Hao Wus sword was about to collide with the Emperor Armament, the space a thousand meters away began to twist violently. Vaguely, the rippling space seemed to form a huge zither a thousand meters long, with thirty-six clearly visible strings.

Ding! The strings began to tremble slowly and produced a gentle note of the zither. A transparent musical note that seemed to be formed from the surrounding space flew out. Then, it simultaneously collided with Jian Chens Emperor Armament and Hao Wus Saint Weapon with unbelievable speed.

Clang! An extremely powerful sound wave erupted when the musical note collided with the Emperor Armament and Saint Weapon. It seemed to be able to shake up ones soul, shocking peoples eardrums into temporary deafness. The terrifying sound wave caused the minds of the Saint Rulers who watched from afar to blank out as if their souls were gone.

Jian Chen and Hao Wus arms shook, and the force knocked their swords aside. The powerful force actually almost knocked the Emperor Armament out of Jian Chens hand. At the same time, the terrifying sound wave turned into an invisible pushing force, so powerful that none of them could resist. It separated Jian Chen and Hao Wu, stopping them from fighting.

Just a zither condensed from space could nullify the attacks of two great Saint Kings with a single note. Its power far exceeded anyones imaginations.

Jian Chen and Hao Wu did not continue their fight. They turned around to look at the zither, as it slowly dispersed. Disbelief flooded their eyes.

Its the Heavenly Enchantress! Jian Chen murmured, as his heart began to churn. He recognized the zither condensed from space. It was the Heavenly Enchantress Zither of the Demonic Cry. The appearance was the same. It had the same amount of strings and made the same sound. There was no one else in the world who could play the zither like that other than the Heavenly Enchantress. However, he had not imagined that the Heavenly Enchantress strength would rise to such an unbelievable level after just a few years, which shocked Jian Chen greatly.

Hao Wu carried Zaar Caiyun, as he levitated in the sky. He stared blankly at the zither, and his emotions became extremely mixed. Pain was present in his gaze.

Muer, Muer, is it you? Hao Wu called out gently, but it resounded through a radius of several dozen kilometers. His voice trembled as it was filled with emotions.

Muer? Jian Chen immediately became shocked when he heard Hao Wus words, Does he know the Heavenly Enchantress? Muer? Is that the Heavenly Enchantress name?

The zither in the sky finally dispersed completely, but the Heavenly Enchantress never showed up. No one knew where she was. Was she still hiding or had she left long ago?

Tears pooled up in Hao Wus eyes. He stared painfully at the spot that the zither had vanished from and sorrowfully said, Muer, since youve come, why dont you want to come out and see your dad? It has been so long. Are you still unwilling to forgive dad?

Dad! Jian Chen was shocking inside when he heard that. He turned to Hao Wu suddenly and stared at him fixedly. Surprise filled his face, as he doubted what he had just heard in that moment.

Is that middle-aged man the father of the Heavenly Enchantress? Jian Chen was filled with disbelief, and he was unable to return to his senses. However, if that were the case, it would give an even better explanation to why the Heavenly Enchantress would secretly interfere.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu also stared sternly at the space where the zither had disappeared. They remained silent.

That little girl has become so powerful. She is actually able to move around tracelessly. Even I cant sense her presence. A while later, Hei Yu sighed emotionally.

When we met her several years ago on Dragon Island, she was still a Saint Ruler. How did she become so powerful? Was she always hiding her strength before? If thats really the case, then her ability to conceal her abilities is just too great, Rui Jin murmured. He was still confused after much thought.

That person is very powerful. Just a single note is enough for my soul to tremble. Do you recognize her? Hong Lian stared fixedly on the space where the zither had vanished. She was extremely stern.

Rui Jin nodded and replied, Ive met her before. She was with Jian Chen at that time. She uses the zither as a weapon and uses sound to fight people. She walks an extremely rare path of cultivation, but I just never thought that she will become so powerful.

Hao Wu! Zaar Caiyun stared at Hao Wu emotionally, as he carried her. She called out gently. Her purple dress had already become dyed red with blood, which made her seem extremely miserable.

Hao Wu lowered his head to look at her. His expression became mixed, Caiyun, Caiyun, how are you? Are you heavily injured? Hao Wus voice was filled with concern.

Zaar Caiyun shook her head gently, as tears ran down her cheek. Her voice was filled with tenderness and injustice. Hao Wu, three thousand years. After three whole thousand years, youre finally willing to come see me. Do you know how painful it has been in those years as I waited for you?

Hao Wu painfully closed his eyes. His heart ached, and he said, Caiyun, youre so silly. Im not worth it for you to be like that. Its me who did not have the right to see you. Its me who cant make it up to you. I was the one who failed to live up to you

Zaar Caiyun shook her head gently, as she said weakly, Hao Wu, did you know that although youve once made me suffer so much pain that I would be better off dead, Ive never hated you. I knew the clan secretly organized it all. You only fell to the schemes of the seniors of my clan, suffering because of them. I only resented the seniors and only blamed them. I never blamed you.

Hao Wu, did you know that Ive always been waiting for you these years, waiting for you to apologize to me and beg for my forgiveness? Its a pity that my wish never came true. I waited painfully for you for three thousand years, yet you didnt even want to come see me.

Heartbreak filled Zaar Caiyuns voice.