Chaotic Sword God Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Team Operation
Chapter 105: Team Operation

Everyone in the room turned their gazes away from Kendall to Jian Chen, but the moment they saw his young face, everyone was astonished.

However Jian Chens words had a flattering effect on them. He needed to make a good impression since first impressions were very important when meeting new people.

Brother Jian Chen, your name is Jian Chen right? Come and sit down quickly. No matter how young you are, the moment you join our group, you are our brother to enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together with. In the future, if you find someone that is bullying you, come and find me. A tall but sturdy person spoke as he got up from the bed. Crossing over to Jian Chen, he placed his right hand on his shoulder and then pushing him towards the table to sit at.

Jian Chen smiled, This one doesnt know how to call his older brother. Looking at the man, Jian Chen thought him to be quite sturdy with his muscles protruding out noticeably. From his stature and physique, the man looked to be in his thirties, and even in the dark room, Jian Chen could tell that this man was relatively dark skinned to the point of resembling a black person. His entire body was filled with scars and old injuries that seemed to have originated from magical beasts. Just one look at him and Jian Chen could tell that the man was quite experienced with dealing with magical beasts.

Im called Hu Po. Brother Jian Chen, if you dont mind, feel free to call me big brother Hu Po in the future. Since Im older than you, its not going to be all that bad anyways. He sat by Jian Chens side and poured him a glass of water with a big smile.

Alright then, in the future Ill call you Brother Hu Po. Jian Chen laughed.

At that point, the people who were previously drinking in the middle of the room stood up as well.

Brother Jian Chen, let me introduce you to everyone. Kendall pointed his fingers at a few of the people around them.

Excluding Jian Chen and Kendall, there was another 6 male mercenaries. Their age ranged around 30 to 40 years old, and there were even two twins in the small group named Zhou Da Kai and Zhou Xiao Kai who were both 28 years old. The both of them had the power of a Great Saint and had the same exact facial features. If it were not for the fact one of them had a scar over their forehead, then it would had been extremely difficult to tell which one of the twins was the older twin and which was the younger twin.

The other 4 people were 32 years old, and aside from the Primary Great Saint Hu Po, the other 3 people were called Yun Xuan, Xiao Dao, and Chang Ning Feng.

Yun Xuan was relatively tall with a wisely face that made him look like a scholar. At the age of 25, he possessed the strength of a Middle Saint.

Xiao Dao on the other hand was tiny, and with his skinny body, he almost looked like a skeleton. In comparison to Yun Xuan, Xiao Dao was seemingly weaker than him. Aside from Jian Chen, Xiao Dao was the youngest of the bunch at the age of 22 years old who also had the strength of a Middle Saint.

Chang Ning Feng was a middle aged man with a calm composure. At the age of 30, Ning Feng was 2 years older than Hu Po and was a Middle Great Saint.

Jian Chen, this is our Flame Mercenaries group. Aside from the people here, there are another two people at the market buying items, but Im sure theyll be back soon. Kendall said. Tomorrow will be another operation for the Flame Mercenaries where everyone will be participating in. Brother Jian Chen, are you willing to join us? There arent many rules, but if you dont want to join, then no one will try to force you, this is a voluntary event.

Operation? What type of operation? Jian Chen blinked curiously.

Kendall gave an incredulous stare at Jian Chen before downing the wine in the cup from the table. What other type of operation is there? Were going to go to the Magical Beast Mountain Range to hunt for magical beasts. After all, our Flame Mercenaries was created for those who wanted to group together to hunt for magical beasts. With our current strength, selling the monster cores are all that we can do to earn money.

Then of course Ill go. What other reason do I need to go to the Magical Beast Mountain Range? Jian Chen chuckled as he replied.

Brother Jian Chen, you dont need to worry. Although youve a weaker strength than us, our combined profits wont exclude you in any way. If your contributions are enough, then youll get your fair share in accordance to the distribution.

Jian Chen, the Magical Beast Mountain Range is very evil and is filled with hidden dangers. In the case that we come across a Class 3 Magical Beast that the captain and your older brothers cannot handle, then it is very possible that your life will be lost. So Jian Chen, take your time and think about if you really want to go or not. The speaker this time was the youngest person aside from Jian Chen, Xiao Dao. His shining eyes stared at Jian Chen with a sincere expression. From his voice, a serious tone could be heard, warning Jian Chen of the dangers with a heartfelt message.

Hearing Xiao Dao speak, everyone in the room grew even more solemn. A Class 3 Magical Beast was enough to bring about a huge amount of pressure. Even though Captain Kendall had the strength of a Primary Saint Master, but when it came to a Class 3 Magical Beast, he would only be able to protect himself. It was oftenly seen that a magical beast was stronger than its same level human counterpart. On the Tian Yuan Continent, if one wanted to go hunt for magical beasts at the same level as them, they wouldnt stand a chance against the strong magical beasts without a strong cultivation or battle skill. This was practically an impossible task unless one had an attributed Saint Force. Otherwise, it was better to run away to preserve your own life.

And even though Captain Kendall was a Primary Saint Master, his Saint force didnt have an attribute, so his attacks would be far weaker than those with an attribute. Against a regular Class 3 Magical Beast, while he could fight it, it was only to protect himself. If he were to come across a stronger or faster Class 3 Magical Beast, then even Captain Kendall would be hard pressed to escape with his life and most likely end up as a type of cuisine for the magical beasts to enjoy.

But no one in the room would have expected that the moment Jian Chen heard the words Class 3 Magical Beast, there would be disdain in his eyes. The moment he had become a Primary Great Saint, he had already started to hunt and kill Class 3 Magical Beasts by himself. It could be said that the regular Class 3 Magical Beasts posed no threat to Jian Chen at all other than the Silver Striped Golden Snake. By this point in time, Jian Chens strength was already at the Middle Great Saint level which was even stronger than a Primary Great Saint many times over.

Dont worry everyone, my strength isnt all that weak. After going to the Magical Beast Mountain Range once in the past, Ive learned many things in there. Jian Chen said.