Chaotic Sword God Chapter 107

Chapter 107: The Strange White Stone
Chapter 107: The Strange White Stone

Within Jian Chens dantian, the azure and violet glows were constantly flickering as they revolved around each other in a circle and emitted a bright light that could be seen by the naked eye. At the same time, he felt a strange sensation within his head as the azure and violet glows started to move as if they had a will of their own and possessed their own independent mind and life. To Jian Chen, it was almost as if the two glows were in a joyous mood.

Thats right, the feeling Jian Chen had felt was as if the azure and violet glows in his dantian were experiencing a great amount of joy and excitement. But Jian Chen was dumbfounded by this unbelievable conclusion, even the look on Jian Chens face could show the amount of disbelief he had.

At the same time, another strange sensation entered Jian Chens mind as if it came in out of thin air. From this sensation, Jian Chen realized that the two glows in his dantian had established some sort of subtle connection with an unknown thing. It was akin to a spiritual connection, but simultaneously, it also felt as if something was being locked away.

Trying to restrain his emotions, Jian Chen took a deep breath and slowly turned his head towards where the sensation was at its strongest. His eyes landed upon a street stall, where a 30 year old man was managing. In his stall was a pile of Class 1 Monster Cores and a few fantastic yet bizarre items.

Jian Chens eyes swept past the items one by one until it landed upon a fist sized white stone. It was in a particularly peculiar shape and was completely white, but other than that, it was unremarkable. Compared to other white stones, this one didnt seem to be any different.

Thanks to the unfathomable mystery that was the strange sensation, Jian Chen knew that it was this white stone that was causing such a stir within his dantian. The glows had some sort of a connection with this locked white stone, like a child would try to protect his most favourite treasure. The feeling of happiness was so strong, even Jian Chen was experiencing the sensation to a degree.

On the surface, Jian Chens expression didnt change at all, but the moment he reached the street stall, his hand reached out to grab the fist sized white stone. But the moment his hand was about to pick it up, his face changed and let loose a surprised expression.

It was because this fist sized white stone was surprisingly heavy. The moment his hand made contact with it, the white stone did not move even a single centimeter.

What a heavy stone! Jian Chen couldnt help but to exclaim. Using his entire hand to clasp the stone firmly into his hand, he began to exert even more energy, and finally, the stone began to slowly rise from the table.

Honored customer, are you looking at this strange stone? The stall owner suddenly appeared next to Jian Chen with a smile.

Jian Chen slowly brought the fist sized stone to his attention and stared at it. While it was only the size of a fist, it had already reached a weight of over 50 kilograms. If it were not for the fact that Jian Chen was a Middle Great Saint, picking up this stone in one hand would have been a strenuous task.

But when he picked up the strange white stone, he could clearly sense the excitement and happiness emanating from within his dantian. However, Jian Chen was skeptical of this sensation because only beings that were given life would be able to experience these types of emotions. And yet, the two glows within his dantian were clearly giving off this sensation, so could it be that the azure and violet glow in his dantian actually had self awareness? Perhaps they already had the ability to think for themselves.

When Jian Chen reached this line of thought, his entire body shook and his forehead began to drip with sweat as he began to feel like he had no control over his fate now. He couldnt help but sigh as he thought about his dantian problem. There was truly no way out of this problem; he had no idea or method in regards to the two glows in his dantian as they were out of his control. Even if Jian Chen wanted those two glows gone from his dantian, there would be no way for him to accomplish it.

Ai, this is a blessing, not a curse, but also a curse I cannot escape from. Its best to forget about it since Ive died once before. What else is there to care about? At worst, Ill just die again. Jian Chen said to himself. Continuing to look at the white stone in his hand, he thought about his dantian even more.

The texture of this white stone was exceptionally unique. No matter how much Jian Chen looked at it, he wasnt able to tell if it was made out of stone or fine iron, as not only was it heavy, but its density was beyond normal. Sending his internal Saint Force through his arm, Jian Chen tried to have it enter the white stone, only to feel a strong resistance the moment the Saint Force made contact with it. It was as if the white stone was a defensive fort, and his Saint Force, the invader, wasnt able to make a dent in its defenses.

The density of the white stone was extremely high, to the point that even Jian Chen was unable to use his Saint Force to enter it.

Jian Chen tore his eyes away from the white stone and looked at the stall owner and asked, I dont know what kind of stone this is, but what uses are there for it?

Hearing Jian Chens question, the stall owner laughed in an embarrassed way, Honored customer, to be truthful, even I dont know what this white stone is. Whatever it is used for, I dont know the answer to that either. But it is unusually heavy, so just after one look at it, one can tell that this white stone is no ordinary plaything.

Then where did you find such a thing like this? Jian Chens eyes shone as he continued to ask.

Furrowing his eyebrows, the stall owner began to ponder the question before saying, Honored customer, Ive been asked that same question many times, but Ive never told them. However you seem quite favorable to me, so Ill tell you where I found this. The stall owners voice stopped as he pointed at the white stone, In all honesty, this white stone was found by me in the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Oh! Hearing this answer, Jian Chens eyes went back to the white stone once more. When he heard that the stall owner had picked up this item at the Magical Beast Mountain Range, it wasnt of any surprise to him, after all, there was always an opportunity anywhere for anyone. Even a farmer could stumble upon gold or another precious mineral while digging his farm.

The stall owner looked at the interested face of Jian Chen and opened his mouth once more, Honored customer, this white stone has been in my possession for many years now. If it were not for the fact that I am in need of money, then I wouldnt have put it out on display in the first place. Seeing you are quite interested in it, why dont you buy it?

Jian Chen looked at the white stone with one eye as he sized it up before looking back to the stall owner, How much is this white stone? His tone was especially flat. This white stones very existence had caused many questions for him, so it was only right for him to buy it.