Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079: The Five Major Realms of the Sword
Chapter 1079: The Five Major Realms of the Sword

Jian Chen stood up angrily as regret and pity filled his heart. Saint Kingthat was something he had longed for for a very long time. Although reaching Saint King in terms of comprehension would not increase his strength, he could rip open Space Gates if he did.

When that happened, the size of the world did not matter, nor did the distance between two places. It would all just be a step away for Jian Chen. He would no longer need to rely on Rui Jin and Hei Yu if he wanted to go to some distant place.

Saint King was the level of cultivation Jian Chen had yearned for. He did not lack prowess in battle. He lacked cultivation.

Master, you cant continue your comprehension of the mysteries of the world because itll only be detrimental to you, Qing Suo timidly explained as she sensed Jian Chens anger.

Master, we stopped you from reaching Saint King for your own good. You cant reach Saint King. Zi Yings voice also rang out in Jian Chens head. It sounded extremely stubborn, as if he would obstruct Jian Chen no matter how angry Jian Chen became.

Jian Chen calmed down very quickly with that. He suppressed his anger and growled, Zi Ying, Qing Suo, just what is this about? Why cant I become a Saint King?

Master, you must take the Way of the Sword as your cultivation path. The Way of the Sword conflicts with the mysteries of the world you currently comprehended. The two cannot exist together, or theyll affect your future cultivation greatly.

Master, are you wondering why we did nothing to obstruct you when you went from the Seventh Heavenly Layer to the Ninth Heavenly Layer? Well, when your comprehension remains at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, Qing Suo and I still had the ability to forcefully purge your comprehension of the mysteries of the world, allowing master to embark on the Way of the Sword with no distractions in the future, but if master reaches Saint King in terms of comprehension, it will be extremely difficult for Qing Suo and I to purge your comprehension. This is why you cannot reach Saint King.

What? You even have to purge my comprehension later? Jian Chen was astounded, In other words, I will lose all my comprehension of the mysteries of the world, including the Saint Ruler abilities I currently possess?

Correct, but dont worry too much master. Once you embark on the Way of the Sword, you will discover that it is much more powerful than the mysteries of the world you are currently comprehending, said Zi Ying.

Master, the Way of the Sword is publicly acknowledged as one of the most powerful pathways of cultivation. Before the Way of the Sword, the mysteries of the world are nothing. Unless the disparity in cultivation is vast, the Way of the Sword is invincible, said Qing Suo.

Zi Ying, Qing Suo, is the Way of the Sword really as powerful as youve described it to be? If I do embark on the Way of the Sword, just what level of strength will I obtain? Jian Chen was rather moved. He was a swordsman after all, so he had a special connection to the sword. The temptation he felt for the Way of the Sword just mentioned by Zi Ying and Qing Suo had reached a level that could even make him risk his life.

Master, there are five major realms of cultivation for the Way of the Sword. They are Sword Origin, Sword Spirit, Sword Immortal, Sword Sage, and Sword God. These five realms do not represent certain levels of cultivation; they are like the Saint Tier, Heaven Tier, Earth Tier and Human Tier Battle Skills on the Tian Yuan Continent. They represent great battle prowess and supreme offensive power. However, the Way of the Sword is far, far greater than those battle skills on the Tian Yuan Continent. The disparity is basically a huge chasm. Even the weakest Sword Origin far exceeds Saint Tier Battle Skills by several times over.

And once you reach the Sword Origin realm, every time you attack, every strike you make will far exceed the strength of Saint Tier Battle Skills. At the same time, they are unlike the Saint Tier Battle Skills which consume vast amounts of energy when they are used and cannot be used consecutively even by Saint Kings, explained Zi Ying. He paused slightly, pondering a little before continuing, The Way of the Sword is extremely suitable for master. If master embarks on this path of cultivation, you will possess a supreme advantage over others. If master reaches the Sword Origin realm, master will probably be no weaker than Saint Kings of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, while master will have no need to fear even Saint Emperors if you reach the Sword Spirit realm. Also, the battle prowess gained by these realms will increase as masters base strength grows.

The Way of the Sword was like a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. If it was given to an Earth Saint Master, they would be able to display the strength of a Heaven Saint Master, and if a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master cast it, they would even be able to heavily injure Heaven Saint Masters.

At the same time, if the same Heaven Tier Battle Skill was used by a Heaven Saint Master, the strength would be even greater.

Once one of the five major realms was reached, battle prowess and offensive capabilities that would be increased, not the persons base strength. At the same time, this boosted battle prowess would increase with the growth of base strength.

Jian Chen currently possessed the battle prowess of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, but this was brought upon by the Emperor Armament. Without it, he would only be as powerful as a Saint King of the Third Heavenly Layer. That was Jian Chens base strength. Although his comprehension of the mysteries of the world was far below that, the energy within him had reached the Third Heavenly Layer, which he could also use as he willed.

Jian Chen immediately became filled with excitement because of what the sword spirits said. He no longer resented them for obstructing his attempt to reach Saint King. Instead it was replaced by a powerful desire to learn the Way of the Sword.

Master, do you still remember when you fought with Zaar Caiyun outside the City of God? You entered a wondrous state during that fight, unintentionally dealing an attack that exceeded your current strength. That was actually the Way of the Sword, but only the edge of the first realm. Its just a pity that you dont have your fated swords, or master wouldve reached the first realm long ago. Zi Yings voice was filled with pity.

Jian Chen immediately thought back to when he fought Zaar Caiyun and reached an understanding. He murmured, So I had touched the edge of the Way of the Sword back then. Now I know that that was actually the Way of the Sword. Jian Chen looked forward to the Way of the Sword even more now. He felt like this was the cultivation pathway that suited him.

Master, if you want to embark on the Way of the Sword, you need to obtain your fated swords. Only after successfully forging the Azulet swords can you comprehend that pathway and reach Sword Origin, said Qing Suo. He also displayed much anticipation.

Ever since the sword spirits took Jian Chen as their master and brought his soul to the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chens future cultivation pathway was destined to be the Way of the Sword. It was just that he had never possessed his fated swords, delaying the time when he would step on the Way of the Sword. This was why Jian Chen was forced into a cultivation pathway that belonged to this world, so that he could survive.

The sword spirits had also been waiting for the day when the Azulet swords would be forged after all these years. Only by forging the Azulet swords would Jian Chen gain his fated swords, allowing him to truly begin his journey on the Way of the Sword.

The Azulet swords, the Azulet swords. Its the Azulet swords again. Jian Chen became troubled. The materials for the swords were just too difficult to find. Every single one could only be found through luck, so he could not obtain them just because he needed them.

Jian Chen gently sighed. He would never give up no matter how hard it would be to find the materials. Not only was this because of the two supreme swords he had longed for, it was also so that he could successfully comprehend the Way of the Sword and enter the first major realm, Sword Origin.

Zi Ying, Qing Suo, just how many materials do I lack before I can forge the Azulet swords? Jian Chen asked.

Theres still four more. We already have some leads for one of them, which is the Heavens Soulstone master came across when you faced the assassination of Yama Hall. Although weve already obtained a little from that assassin, its nowhere near enough, said Zi Ying.

The Heavens Soulstone and the Yama Hall, Jian Chen softly murmured as a gleam of cold light flashed through his eyes.

There was no longer any point for Jian Chen to stick around now that his breakthrough had been obstructed and that he could not reach Saint King. After checking on Bi Hai and the others, he roused Huang Luan from her cultivation and bid farewell with Xiao Ling, before leaving with Huang Luan.

Although he wanted to leave Huang Luan there so she could continue her comprehension, the seal in Huang Luans head had not been erased yet. As a result, he wanted to take Huang Luan to the protector clan and find a method to remove the secret technique. He could bring Huang Luan to the city at any time in the future and have Xiao Ling assist her in comprehending the mysteries of the world.

Xiao Ling unwillingly bid farewell to Jian Chen, before sending Jian Chen and Huang Luan to the surface of the earth. When the two of them appeared, the disturbance from the rainbow clouds still lingered about, so they could hear discussions regarding the clouds everywhere.

Jian Chen, why are there so many people talking about seven-colored rainbow clouds and someone reaching Saint King? Are they talking about you? Have you reached Saint King now? Huang Luan stared fixedly at Jian Chen with her large eyes as she asked in surprise. Affection filled her eyes as she looked at him.

Right now, Jian Chens head was filled with matters regarding the Way of the Sword and the Azulet swords, so he had stopped caring about his failure to reach Saint King long ago. He could not help but smile after hearing what Huang Luan had said. He replied completely unperturbed, They seem to be talking about me. I did indeed fail my breakthrough, so my comprehension is still at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler.