Chaotic Sword God Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Robbery Encounter
Chapter 109: Robbery Encounter

Jian Chen continued to walk down the street after purchasing the white stone. Right now Jian Chen wasnt all that focused on researching the white stone, instead, he was lazily strolling around the street just in case he would be lucky enough to find another treasure.

However, what was strange for Jian Chen was that after he had bought the white stone, the azure and violet glow in his dantian had already calmed down. Although, Jian Chen no longer cared about the matter anymore and only wanted nighttime to come so that he could study the white stone. If he was lucky, he would be able to make a discovery and figure out how to solve the problem with his dantian.

If he could resolve the problem with his dantian, then his cultivation rate would improve without any more problems. Although the azure and violet glows were constantly taking a huge amount of his cultivation, they had allowed Jian Chen to absorb the energy from the monster cores without being affected by the berserk element within them. His consumption rate was still far too large, and Jian Chen was worried about his cultivation.

If it were up to him, Jian Chen would rather have his original cultivation speed, even if he could no longer easily handle the berserk element in the monster cores, he would find a way to deal with them. He did not want a situation that he could not control, because to Jian Chen, the azure and violet glow was like a ticking time bomb. They could go off at any time, and although he would have a slower cultivation rate, he wouldnt need to worry about getting more monster cores every single day. Plus, the amount of energy he would absorb from the monster core would be more than the amount he was currently absorbing. A Class 3 Monster Core was already enough to support his cultivation for several days; it could even last him dozens of days before all of the energy was consumed. In that case, as long as Jian Chen spent an entire day hunting magical beasts or Monster Cores, it was enough for him to train for several months. As the amount of time spent on hunting magical beasts decreased, the amount of time spent on cultivating would increase. Based on his calculations, even if the azure and violet glows in his dantian were removed, they wouldnt have much of an impact on Jian Chens overall cultivation speed.

Jian Chen wandered around the busy streets aimlessly and stared at the various street stalls on the side. Occasionally he would walk into a random store and take a look around. After discovering this strange white stone, Jian Chen was now curious if he could find any other fantastical things while traveling up and down the market street. Perhaps if he was lucky, he would find yet another object that would stir attention within his dantian.

It was unfortunate that while he was walking on the market, he did not see anything else of value.

It seems that these items cannot be found so easily. Jian Chen sighed with disappointment. Seeing how the sky was already getting dark, he had lost interest in trying to find anything new.

Jian Chen stared off in the distance as he gave a grim smile, Right now theres not enough time. After I take care of the people behind me, Ill go rest up at a restaurant. Then tomorrow Ill head out with everyone toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range. As he said that, Jian Chen looked around himself for a less populated alleyway to walk through.

Afterward, Jian Chen walked through the alleyway slowly almost as if he was still window shopping. Just the road he was now traveling on was a more isolated path where less people traveled.

Once more crossing into another secluded alleyway, Jian Chen finally ended up in a completely isolated lane with a dead end that was 4 meters tall.

Stopping where he stood, Jian Chen turned around to be greeted with an empty road. With a look of disdain, he spoke evenly, Friends, youve walked so far with me already, could it be youre still unwilling to show yourself?

Not long after Jian Chen had spoke, a group of people walked out into the secluded lane. There was a dozen people around, with each persons age ranging from 20 to 30 years old, the oldest one of them looked to be around 40 years old.

The moment the dozen people appeared, they began to spread out in formation and blocked up the entire width of the alley. Clearly, they didnt want to let Jian Chen leave the alley, but they didnt stop there. As they blocked up the alley, each person began to slowly walk toward Jian Chen while giving him an intense stare, making them look like fiends.

Jian Chen could only smile as he watched the people approach. To him, these people were not fiendish looking at all. He could tell how strong they were with his spirit, so the exact strength of each of the people here was clear to him. Among the group, the weakest members hadnt even reached the Saint level while three other members were at the Great Saint level. The biggest surprise was that the oldest member there was unexpectedly at the Saint Master level. Even the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Captain Kendall was weaker than this person by a single tier, this man was a Middle Saint Master.

This man was around 40 years old and wore a bluish green robe. He had an exceptionally fierce expression on his face with his short hair swaying in the wind slightly. Right under his mouth was a large beard that was very predominant.

Dear friends, after walking so far down the path with this one, one has to wonder what you are doing. Jian Chen said with a trace of a smile, but his tone was still flat.

The eldest male with the power of a Middle Saint Master stared fiercely at Jian Chen and growled, So you knew we were here all along.

Jian Chen crossed his arms in front of his chest with a smile, Of course, you were following me so adamantly while traveling on the same road for so long, how would a person not notice?

Hearing Jian Chen, the elder man looked at Jian Chen with a sudden look of realization, So it was like this, it would appear that we were too careless then. Then the mans face changed as his surprise look suddenly grew cold. Kid, right now this road has been blocked by us, if you dont want to die, then hand over every single coin and item within your Space Belt. Otherwise, prepare yourself to die here.

If you want the things within my possession, then lets see if you have the strength to do so. Jian Chen said impassively. However, with each passing word, his tone grew colder and colder.

With that said, the elder man didnt bother to say anything else and instead waved his hand. Everyone forward! Bring him down and whatever he has will be ours!

The entire formation began to rush toward Jian Chen as they each brought out their Saint Weapons. For those who hadnt yet reached the Saint level, there was a simple iron sword and shield in their hands as they charged fearlessly at him.

Seeing the dozen people approach, Jian Chen sneered in disdain. Right as they got within 10 meters of him, he leapt into the air as if swallowed up by the sky. Both of his legs kicked off of the walls with an impressive amount of strength as he flew over the heads of the people below. As he flew toward the 40 year old man, a familiar silver colored sword appeared in his right hand as it then transformed into a silver streak of lightning. With a speed that was difficult for the naked eye to see, the sword stabbed at the middle aged mans throat.

After countless of improvements to his body, Jian Chens body was relentlessly refined by the special properties of the Saint Force. So now his strength was far stronger than his previous life thanks to that same Saint Force, and even his speed had increased many times over. Even with such an ordinary looking sword, its speed was so fast that even for a Great Saint it was hard to dodge.

After all, if one wanted to increase their attack speed, they would need to use their Saint Force to enhance it, but this was a hard strain on the physical body. So thanks to Jian Chens special body and fast swordplay, it was a better improvement to his previous life. Even compared to those on the Tian Yuan Continent, aside from those who were stronger than Jian Chen, he was able to bypass the defenses of anyone at his strength level or below. If Jian Chen were to use his entire strength in his attacks, then no one at his level of strength would have an opportunity to retaliate and would have their throats stabbed before they knew it.

Seeing Jian Chen charge at him so fiercely, the middle aged man let out a sneer as he brought the huge axe up into the air. With both hands clasping the handle, a grew amount of Saint Force was constantly flowing into his Saint Weapon as he cried out loud and then chopped down at Jian Chen with all his might.


The Light Wind Sword and the axe made contact with each other, causing a large explosion to take place. Following the sound, a large vibration was inflicted onto the man with an intensity so strong, it had caused his legs to weaken and stumble back a step or two. His eyes widened in astonishment as he stared disbelievingly at his opponent.

This was because the man at first did not take Jian Chens actions seriously. To him, Jian Chen was no more than a 20 year old man who would possibly only have the strength of a Saint at the most. Even if he was a genius, then he would be no higher than a Primary Great Saint so as far as he was concerned, a person like this was no match for his troops. After this exchange of blows, the man was shocked at this new discovery. Even though he hadnt placed too low of an importance on Jian Chen, this strength of his was far beyond his expectations. With this strength, the man estimated that Jian Chen was no weaker than he was.

Jian Chen did a somersault in midair as he descended back down onto the ground. Dispersing the shock from the initial blow with ease, he didnt take a pause even after landing on the ground. Immediately charging toward the elder person once more, the Light Wind Sword in his hand emitted a hazy glow of light that wrapped the entirety of the blade. To the naked eye, the sword looked as if it was a hazy silver ray of light as it shot toward the mans throat with a ridiculous speed.