Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108: Jian Chen’s Worries
Chapter 1108: Jian Chens Worries

Not only did the large-scale invasion of the Hundred Races shake up the Tian Yuan Continent, even the Beast God Continent was thrown astir. The invasions caused a huge disturbance.

In the center of the Beast God Continent, a radius of several hundred kilometers had disappeared into a huge ditch with the Beast God Hall as its center. The lapping of waves could vaguely be heard from the pitch-black ditch as the Beast God Hall levitated at the center.

It used to be an ancient forest filled with great trees, but it had been reduced to a huge ditch during the battle between the Beast God Hall and the experts of the Hundred Races. The ground further away had sunk down.

The burly Kaiser stood in a quiet hall on the ninety-eighth floor with a sunken expression. He gazed sharply into the distance as he burned with fury.

That was the direction of the Wasteland Continent inhabited by the Hundred Races.

Hundred Races, youre getting bolder and bolder to act so brazenly around my Beast God Hall, If I werent injured by origin energy and had recovered, just I myself would have been enough to flatten you, Kaiser growled as a heavy killing intent filled his voice.

All the experts of the Hundred Races had returned to the Wasteland Continent. The central War God Hall levitated in the air and radiated with an earth-shaking presence. It had already entered battle mode, ready to defend against the large-scale invasions from the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent.

The divine hall was the pillar of support of the Hundred Races as well as their treasure. It was an amalgamation of attack and defense, and its defense was shocking. It was passed down from ancient times and was far more powerful than any forbidden artifact.

At the same time, all the experts returned to their own clans. All of their treasures were ready to be used. The dwarves had drawn their Heavens Guard while the elves had awakened their Elven God Tree. All the various races were fully prepared to repel the attacks from the Beast God Continent and Tian Yuan Continent.

The experts of the Hundred Races had already made the appropriate preparations before the arrival of the experts from the two continents. Although they were not as strong as any two of them, they still possessed their heritage. They did not fear an invasion from the two continents in this current age where almost all Saint Emperors had vanished.

The Heavens Guard of the dwarves had been renowned in the ancient times. Back then, a single dwarven Saint King resisted the encirclement of multiple people just as strong as him with the shield. Even Saint Emperors would struggle to break through such an encirclement.

The Elven God Tree was extremely wondrous as well. It had already gained intelligence, having survived since ancient times. Its vast vitality had turned a portion of the wastelands into an oasis. It had always been the symbol of the elves, and its branches were supple enough to trap Saint Emperors even though it had no offensive capabilities. Its vitality was unending as well. It could not be killed off nor cut down. Even when smashed into pieces, it could regrow in an instant. The only thing was that it could not leave where it had been rooted.

The other races also had their corresponding heritages and none of them could be underestimated.

At the same time, the War God Hall used everything it had to scour the entire continent for the new war god. What they did not know was that the new war god had not been born on the Wasteland Continent but the Tian Yuan Continent. Only the first war god had been born on the Wasteland Continent, which lead to misunderstandings about where the new war god would be born. They assumed the new war god would be born on the Wasteland Continent.

The Dragon Island was completely cut off from the world, so the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent had not reached there. Jian Chen and Hei Yu remained by Tie Tas side, watching over him and preventing any living corpses from interfering.

Tie Ta bathed in a dense, golden light. He was like the sun in the sky, shining brightly. He dyed the entire place with a golden light as his vast battle intent filled the entire island. It possessed a supreme weight, as if it could crush the surrounding space. Some of the Saint Ruler living corpses were even pressed down to the ground by the power of the battle intent.

Sounds that sounded like the roars of wild beasts rang out in the surroundings. Tie Tas breakthroughs had caused too great of a disturbance, alarming all the living corpses on the island. A large groups of Saint King corpses rapidly flew over from all directions. They could endure the pressure of Tie Tas battle intent.

Swish! Swish!

Hei Yu and Jian Che turned into a blur as they disappeared. They charged toward the Saint King corpses to engage in a slaughter, preventing them from approaching Tie Ta.

Hei Yu was a mutated Divine Alligator. He was far more powerful than ordinary magical beasts and could rival beasts of antiquity. He was also at the Great Perfection of Saint King, so the strength he possessed was terrifying. His palms struck out time and time again, crushing a Saint King corpse wherever they landed.

Jian Chen did not use the Emperor Armament. Chaotic Force rampaged within him as he used the advantage of the Chaotic Body as much as he could. He kicked and punched, launching all the living corpses beyond the ten-meter-threshold. He used the powerful formations in the sky to slaughter the corpses, dealing with them in an effortless fashion. The deviant recovery of the living corpses would be enough to pain Jian Chen otherwise.

Tie Ta seemed to have become a miniature sun as his presence continuously climbed. He had already reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King. He had benefited substantially from the war gods blood, still in the process of absorbing it even now.

On another side, Jian Chen and Hei Yu had already finished dealing with the wave of Saint King living corpses. They returned to where they were. This was already the fourth wave.

Suddenly, Tie Tas presence underwent another change. It actually strengthened several times over in that moment while his battle intent became even denser.

The Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. Hes actually reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer. Jian Chen stood there and felt turbulent. He had watched Tie Ta make his way from the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler to the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. This increase was far beyond what his Chaotic Body could offer by moving from one layer to the next.

Hei Yu also became stunned as he stood to one side. He thought about all his cultivation in the past. He had spent countless hours to make each breakthrough, yet Tie Ta had matched over a millennium of his cultivation in such a short amount of time. He found it to be dream-like.

A great roar reverberated from the depths of the island, surprising Jian Chen and Hei Yu. They both turned to look and saw a huge gate levitating high up in the sky, unaffected by the ten-meter-threshold of the island. Several dragon heads that were five or six meters across hurried out of it, looking in the direction of Tie Ta. Their faces were filled with deep worry as well as some fear.

Class 9 dragon souls! Jian Chen was shocked. They were existences equal to Saint Emperors. Coupled with the fact that dragons were the kings of magical beasts, their battle prowess was immense, much more powerful than human Saint Emperors of the same level.

Fortunately, they did not charge over. They only glanced in Tie Tas direction before hurriedly pulling their heads back. They closed the gate to the necropolis, all extremely frightened.

Jian Chen let out a breath of relief. He knew that the dragon souls were figures that came from the same age as Aergyns. Since Aergyns blood was present here, he must have attacked Dragon Island in the past. The Class 9 dragons souls must have suffered by his hands and might have even been slain by Aergyns. As a result, they were extremely sensitive to Tie Tas presence as the new war god and also felt extremely fearful.

Finally, Tie Tas presence gradually weakened. The blinding light around him also quickly subsided before completely disappearing.

Tie Ta slowly opened his eyes, but he was not joyful because of his increase in strength. He was filled with sorrow and pain as two streaks of tears ran down his cheeks.

The droplet of blood contained some of Aergyns memories. He learned about some of Aergyns past. They were both warring gods, so Aergyns had become a father figure in Tie Tas eyes. He felt extremely sorrowful and was pained when he learned that Aergyns suffered defeat at Dragon Island all those years ago and was slain by the Winged Tiger God.

Jian Chen and Hei Yu made their way over as they observed Tie Ta in interest. All they found was that Tie Ta was rather similar compared to before, except that the glow of his skin had become even more metallic. It was glossy, as if it was made from metal, while the imprint between Tie Tas eyebrows had become clearer as well. However, the indent of the imprint gave people a feeling that it was incomplete, as if it lacked something.

Tie Ta, how are you? Are you alright? Jian Chen asked out of concern as he stared at Tie Tas teary face.

Tie Ta dried his tears and quickly dismissed his feelings. He said, Im fine. I just felt that uncle Aergyns life was just too difficult. He fought for a better world for his citizens, but he died in battle in the end. Tie Tas voice was filled with deep grief.

Jian Chen gently sighed. He had no idea how to comfort Tie Ta right now. The matter was interconnected far too much. Not only did it involve the enmity between the Hundred Races and the magical beasts, it included the disagreements between the Winged Tiger God and the war god, yet in the present day, both of them had become his friends. He had no idea what to do. He worried the most over the possibility that all this enmity from the previous generation would be resolved by this current generation.

Uncle Aergyns fought for his clansmen, but his wish did not come true in the end. His final wish was for his citizens to find a good place to live. I will definitely completely uncles final wish, said Tie Ta. His eyes became determined. This was an oath he would never give up until he had achieved it.

Jian Chen became even more worried with the oath Tie Ta made. His joy for Tie Tas increase in strength had completely disappeared as well as he asked himself inside, If the matter really does develop to the point were Tie Ta and Xiao Bai end up fighting, what should I do?

Tie Ta wanted to find a better place for his citizens, to complete Aergyns final wish. This meant that he would definitely go to war like Aergyns and capture land. On the other hand, the white tiger was the god of the magical beasts. Although the Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent had targeted it before, Jian Chen knew that the white tiger would become the new beast god sooner or later. In the future, Tie Ta might end up conflicting with the white tiger, or even pulling the Tian Yuan Continent in as enemies.

Sigh, I never thought that the droplet of blood would contain a part of Aergyns memories as well. Was it the right decision to bring Tie Ta here? Jian Chen asked himself inside. He suddenly felt some regret at that moment.

Hei Yu remained calm and appeared to be indifferent. Although he was a magical beast, he had no attachments to the Beast God Continent. He did not care about what would happen between the Beast God Continent and Hundred Races at all. His greatest wish was to go with Rui Jin to find his vanished clansmen.