Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124: Who Dares Challenge Me? (One)
Chapter 1124: Who Dares Challenge Me? (One)

Jian Chen ran off as fast as he could. Although the depths of the divine realm were littered with danger that could threaten 16th Star experts, Jian Chen was without fear right now. He did not worry about any of the danger he would face at all.

Jian Chen held the baby ape against his shoulder. It had only recently reached the 11th Star, so it was not enough to threaten Jian Chen. Even with it putting up a desperate struggle, it was unable to break free from Jian Chens vice-grip.

The two huge apes furiously ran behind Jian Chen. They angrily roared as their eyes glowed red. The gazes they used to look at Jian Chen were filled with rage, and with every step, a heavy thud would ring out. The earth violently shook.

Even though they were at the Ninth Heavenly Layer and Great Perfection of Saint King, they did not possess any grasp of the mysteries of the world and were unable to use Spatial Force. As a result, they were much slower than Jian Chen even though they were far more powerful than him, so they were unable to catch up.

Jian Chen maintained a constant distance between him and the two apes, planning to draw them far away.

Suddenly, a beast loudly roared out. A twenty-meter-long, winged, scorpion-like feral beast shot toward Jian Chen. Its eyes were full and filled with a blood-thirsty light, clearly having not awakened with intelligence.

The feral beast was already at the 15th Star. Although it possessed a pair of wings, it could not fly, but it did move very fast, much faster than the two stronger apes. It was even vaguely faster than Jian Chen.

With a flash, the beasts venomous stinger shot with lightning-like speed toward Jian Chen. It flickered with blue light.

Jian Chen dodged the attack masterfully before grabbing the stinger with one hand and swinging as hard as he could. Immediately, the scorpion was flung toward the two apes.

The scorpions huge body smashed into the ground and created a crater. It immediately climbed back to its feet as it stared at Jian Chen with its bloodthirsty eyes. It continued to chase Jian Chen by flapping its wings.

But, at this very moment, a huge axe fell from the sky. With a violent boom, it landed heavily on the scorpions back, passing through to its chest.

The scorpion was nailed down by the axe, which the giant ape then raised. It carried its axe on its shoulder with the scorpion pinned on it, chasing after Jian Chen with huge strides. It did not even look at the struggling scorpion on its axe.

Jian Chen felt secretly shocked inside when he saw this. The ape was just far too brutal and far too powerful. A 15th Star feral beast had been dealt with so easily. It did not know any Saint King abilities, but Jian Chen believed that the ape would be difficult to deal with even if a Saint King at Great Perfection were to fight it.

Jian Chen fled as the two apes chased him, having run a thousand kilometers. He came across a few adventurers from time to time, and they all became stunned from what they saw. There were also some predatorial feral beasts that had yet to awaken their intelligence who wanted to eat Jian Chen, but they were ripped to shreds by the angered apes without Jian Chen needing to do anything.

After drawing the two apes away, Zhou Chuyun and the others did not leave their hiding places immediately. Instead, they observed carefully and secretly. Only after confirming that the situation was calm and that the two apes could not return in a short amount of time, Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun carefully made their way past the beast corpses. They arrived before the walnut-sized droplet of divine water with faces filled with excitement and emotion.

Those two terrifying beasts should be returning very soon. Zhou Chuyun, retrieve the divine water quickly. Ill go check over the corpses of the beasts to see if theres any thunderstones, Liu Jun said with a deep voice. Although the apes were now far away, they dared not to stay for too long.

Zhou Chuyun nodded and immediately pulled out a jade bottle from his Space Ring. Liu Jun went to check through the corpses of the other beasts.

F*cking hell, theres a powerful energy around the divine water protecting it. It must have been left by those beasts who were locked in a stalemate. I cant retrieve the water with this layer of energy, Zhou Chuyun suddenly cursed. His face became filled with worry and panic.

What! How can that happen!? Liu Juns face also abruptly changed as he was checking the corpses. He arrived before the divine water in a flash to examine it carefully. With a great grown, he said, This layer of energy is very powerful. Its been left behind by a 15th Star feral beast to prevent the divine water from drifting away. We will need quite a lot of time to remove it. What do we do?

We dont have much time, so we need to think of an idea quick. Zhou Chuyun became overwhelmed by anxiety.

At this moment, a figure quickly shot toward where Zhou Chuyun was standing. He moved extremely quickly and kept his presence hidden without any part leaking out. He was on high alert.

The figure first observed the situation carefully by hiding in the distance. Although he was surprised by the corpses of the powerful beasts littered on the ground, he could tell with a single glance that they had all died in a brutal fight with one another and were not killed by another person. At the same time, he saw that Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun were only Saint Rulers, so he did not attach any importance to them. He immediately became fearless and swaggered over from the distance. He laughed aloud, Theres actually divine water here. Hahaha, this is fantastic. Ive spent three whole years in the depths of the divine realm, but Ive failed to find any. I came here out of curiosity after hearing the intense beast roars before, but I never thought Id come across some of the water. The heavens are smiling upon me.

The person was a skinny, middle-aged man. He possessed an ordinary appearance and his skin was deep blue. He was a member of the Sea race. He seemed rather at ease, but caution filled him inside. He constantly glanced around to prevent other experts from suddenly attacking him in surprise. At the same time, a vast presence radiated from him, as a form of warning towards any people hidden around him.

He could tell with a single glance that the beasts had died in a struggle with each other with his experience. It was impossible for other adventurers to cause similar wounds.

Sh*t, its a 15th Star expert, Zhou Chuyun growled. Both his face and Liu Juns became extremely ugly. Jian Chen was no longer present and it was impossible for them to fend off a 15th Star expert just by themselves.

The middle-aged man walked towards the two of them as the tremendous pressure pressed towards Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun like a mountain. He sneered, You luck adventurers, I never though youd get here before me. But its extremely unfortunate that I also need this divine water, so if you dont want to die, leave it behind and piss off. Dont blame me for not giving you a chance to run later.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun both became rather pale. They were now stuck in a dilemma where they could do nothing.

Esteemed warrior, this divine water already has an owner. Its owner is a 16th Star expert, someone who can rival hall elders. Are you certain you want to steal from him? Zhou Chuyun clasped his hands. Right now, he could only hope to deter the middle-aged man by mentioning Jian Chen.

The mans face froze by a undetectable amount when he heard that, but he recovered instantly. He stared at Zhou Chuyun sharply and jeered, A supreme expert who can rival 16th Star experts? Hahaha, do you think Im that easy to trick? Cut the bullshit in front of me, or Ill finish you right here.

Esteemed warrior, everything Ive said is true. The beasts here were killed by two huge apes. That experts left to draw the apes away, and he ordered us to retrieve the water for him before he had left. If you plan on taking the divine water of the world, please be prepared to deal with him, said Zhou Chuyun

The middle-aged mans face changed slightly. He asked, Whatre the characteristics of the apes? Tell me.

Zhou Chuyun immediately described everything he had seen. The middle-aged man immediately became uneasy when he heard all that, glancing past all the wounds on the feral beasts.

The expert took us directly through the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon. At the very top, he killed an extremely powerful violet serpent dragon, added Liu Jun. He mentioned what Jian Chen had done in the past to scare off the man.

The mans face changed once more. Recently, he had indeed heard the continuous roars of beasts from the mountains. There had been a terrifyingly powerful expert who crossed through there, so he basically believed everything Zhou Chuyun had said after connecting what the two of them had said.

The light in the mans eyes flickered uneasily. After a while of hesitation, a powerful killing intent flashed through his eyes. He said severely, So what if its true? That supreme experts not present. No matter how great that persons abilities are, he will not know that it was me if I killed the two of you and ran off with the water. The mans steps sped up. He was ready to kill.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Juns faces changed drastically. Just as they wanted to run, figures flicked in the distance again. Over ten people shot over with extremely great speed. All of them erased their presences and moved silently, unwilling to alert the beasts up ahead.

The people clearly did not belong to a single group. They stood in different locations and were all on-guard, filled with caution. There were actually three Saint Kings among them.

The middle-aged man gave up on killing Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun. He stared at the people behind with a sunken face. Their arrival had ruined what he wanted to do.

Divine water, theres actually divine water of the world!

Theres actually divine water of the world here. Fantastic, Ive finally found it!

A few people cried out involuntarily when they saw the water. All of them rejoiced.

With a gentle breeze, another four people appeared. They were four old men.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun shivered inside. They were familiar with the old men; they were the same four people who were in the cave before and had almost begun fighting with Jian Chen.

Its actually divine water of the world. What an unexpected harvest, one of the four old men said huskily.