Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146: In Danger
Chapter 1146: In Danger

Artifact spirit, whats the situation outside? Can you endure the attacks from the vengeful spirits? Jian Chen asked.

Master, the vengeful spirits outside are extremely powerful. There is also the invasion of extremely powerful Yin Qi and the grudges of the dead. I can resist it, but not for long. The artifact spirits figure appeared stern. He had already fused with the artifact, using all the energy that the artifact prosessed to resist the vile energies.

If you cant break free from the encirclement, get as close to Rui Jin and the others as possible. Get them to leave the Death Nest with the artifact, Jian Chen heavily said. His complexion was very bad. The dangers of the Death Nest had far exceeded his expectations. He never thought that he would still be in so much danger even with Rui Jin and the other two.

The saint artifact followed his orders and immediately began to move toward Rui Jin and the others. However, the situation was still horrible. The artifact was sent flying time and time after again by the vengeful spirits, unable to approach Rui Jin and the others.

Also, the two vengeful spirits that had turned into dense mist plagued the saint artifact. The pure energies constantly gnawed away at the saint artifact.

On the other side, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian were encircled by the many vengeful spirits as well. The battle that occurred could be described as devastating. If it were not for the fact that the Death Nest was surrounded by a large formation, probably the entire region would have collapsed and shattered.

The Saint Emperor vengeful spirits that encircled Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian had now increased to over eighty. The area became filled with vile energies with so many vengeful spirits in one region. It seemed to become a domain of ghosts, and the vengeful spirits were only rapidly increasing.

If it was any other day, it would have been impossible for so many vengeful spirits to gather here, but it just happened to be the moment before the Saints Fruit fully ripened. The vengeful spirits possessed a fatal attraction to the fragrance of the fruit, so almost all the Saint Emperor vengeful spirits of the third zone had been drawn over.

The three of them all possessed origin energy treasures that protected both their bodies and their souls, allowing them to resist the vile energies. This was why they were still alive even after being trapped in a heavy encirclement. If any other experts fell into a similar situation, all they could do was desperately run. Even true Saint Emperors would not be exceptions.

However, it was difficult for the three of them to escape now that they had been surrounded by so many vengeful spirits.

Hong Lian, help me create a path. Ill go fetch the saint artifact. The situation there doesnt seem great, Rui Jin called out. Although there were several dozen vengeful spirits he needed to keep at bay, he had always been paying attention to Jian Chens side. Sadly, he was in no shape to care for them.

Hong Lian wore her armor made from feathers. A layer of white flames burned around her as she used her origin energy treasure to fight off the vengeful spirits. Her flames were the bane of vile existences. They were very effective against the Saint Emperor vengeful spirits, but the vengeful spirits were completely unkillable. They would only disperse after all the vile energies within them had been exhausted, which was why it was very difficult for Hong Lian to break free after being surrounded by several dozen vengeful spirits.

On their own, the vengeful spirits were definitely not as powerful as living Saint Emperors. However, they possessed another aspect that made them even more terrifying than living Saint Emperors, their difficulty to kill.

Hong Lian seemed to have turned into a goddess of fire. Flames rolled around her impressively. Suddenly, she produced a clear cry that was sent to the sky. It was not a human sound, but a phoenixs cry. It rang across the desolate land.

Hong Lian turned into a phoenix bathed in white flames in the blink of an eye. A thumb-sized bead hovered above the phoenixs head, shining with a hazy light which protected Hong Lians body. The legacy treasure of the Phoenix clan had also changed to match the shape of Hong Lians body. It still remained a suit of armor made from feathers as tightly clung to Hong Lians ten-meter-long body.

With a flap of her wings, flames immediately gushed forward endlessly. They burned everything in the surroundings into ash, forcing countless vengeful spirits to retreat temporarily.

The Scorching Godfire Hairpin burned with white flames. Under Hong Lians control, it shot out as a white streak of light, collapsing many vengeful spirits in its trajectory. However, the vengeful spirits reformed again very quickly.

At the same time, a golden sword Qi shot out from beside her. Before the vengeful spirits could completely recondense their forms, they were dispersed once again by the golden sword Qi. A passageway appeared.

After the passageway formed, Rui Jin charged along this path as he flickered with golden light. As he moved, two palms from the vengeful spirits viciously struck his back, which caused him to shake violently. Fortunately he was protected by the origin energy treasures, so he remained unharmed. Without any hesitation, he transformed into a golden streak of light that shot toward the saint artifact.

The saint artifact was still being knocked around by a few vengeful spirits. Although the spirits did not possess strength equal to when they were still alive, they were still in the realm of Saint Emperors and, thus, extremely powerful. They were enough to threaten the saint artifact. The golden light from the tower had dimmed after resisting the attacks, and the physical shape had even become a little deformed.

The situation within the artifact space was even worse. The white, hazy sky had now turned to darkness. This was the first night the artifact space had experienced in over a million years. All the Class 7 Magical Beasts that lived in there looked at the sky in horror, as if it was the end of the world.

The artifact spirit was already using everything he had. He used the energy within the entire space to resist the invasion of the vile energies. The two were locked in an endurance battle, seeing who could last longer.

The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force is the bane of these vile energies. It can purify them, but its a pity that the vile energies are equivalent to Class 9 in strength. My origin energy is only Class 8, lamented the artifact spirit. His voice was filled with an unwillingness to give in. He was the natural enemy of these vile energies, yet he was suppressed. It was extremely saddening.

Although the saint artifact was equivalent to a Saint Emperor in the artifact space, that was only a regular Saint Emperor. He was nowhere near Saint Emperors who stood at the apex. Coupled with the fact that the invading energies came from two Saint Emperor vengeful spirits and the brutal attacks from multiple vengeful spirits outside, he was forced into a horrible situation.

Rui Jin made it in time. The Sacred Dragons Sword glowed bright. With a shocking might, he swung out several times and collapsed the vengeful spirits who were attacking the saint artifact. Afterward, he quickly charged into the black mist created by the two vengeful spirits and rescued the saint artifact from danger.

As soon as he had gotten ahold of the saint artifact, the vengeful spirits around him condensed again. They all charged at him, and in the distance, the several dozen vengeful spirits that had encircled him earlier rush over as well. They all surrounded him once more.

In the distance, several huge demonic figures appeared. They were all ten meters tall and surrounded by surging vile energies. One of them was Gustys. The other vengeful spirits around him were very powerful. They were not on Gustys level but not too far away either.

They were all Berserkers of the Hundred Races like Gustys. They were extremely powerful.