Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: The Saints’ Fruit Ripens
Chapter 1149: The Saints Fruit Ripens

Rui Jin stared at the vengeful spirits with mixed emotions. He heavily said, The ancient times were a prosperous era. There were definitely more Saint Emperors in that age than right now, and the vengeful spirits we see right now are only the ones who have fallen in war. I believe theres a huge portion of corpses that Mo Tianyun did not get his hands on.

Jian Chen silently nodded. He knew that Rui Jin and Hong Lians understanding in regard to the situation of the ancient times was no less than the protector clans since they possessed their inherited memories.

Theres so many vengeful spirits outside right now. Once the fruit ripens, how should we go retrieve it? And how should we leave after we do retrieve it? Hong Lian frowned.

All of them fell silent with that. They all began to think of methods to flee, as there were just too many vengeful spirits outside. Once they became surrounded, it would be difficult to break free even for Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu. They could only protect themselves temporarily, and once all of their energy had been consumed, they would fall into great anger as well.

The Death Nest seems to be a whole different world. Space cannot be ripped open, so we cant leave using a Space Gate, said Hei Yu.

Tie Ta glanced past the four of them. Slightly hesitating, he said, I might have a way out.

With that, all of them looked to Tie Ta. They dared not to underestimate Tie Ta since he possessed the memories of the war god.

Tie Ta, what method do you have to break free from the encirclement of the vengeful spirits? Jian Chen immediately asked.

Tie Ta scratched his head. He said with a muffled voice, I have the Mysteries of War. I can break through the limitations of space and move through the void. I can go wherever I want to go, so after careful consideration, I should be able to leave here, but when I use the Mysteries of War, Im the only one who can leave. I cant bring anyone with me, but if you all enter the saint artifact, I should be able to leave with the saint artifact.

The Death Nest is virtually a whole different world. Its different from outside. Are you sure your Mysteries of War can successfully be used here?

This Tie Ta scratched his head heavily. Only after some thought did he say with some uncertainty, My Mysteries of War seem to be very powerful. They can break through the limitations of space anywhere, so there should be no problems.

Since youre uncertain, we definitely cant rely on it. If we become encircled again, we probably wont even have time to construct a miniature world. After all, there are more vengeful spirits outside than before, Hong Lian expressionlessly replied.

It doesnt matter if itll be successful or not. Its a chance at least. We can still get Tie Ta to try if we really run out of options. Though, for the sake of safety, we should make some more preparations. Hong Lian, itll be up to us to create supreme killing formations now, Rui Jin said.

Hong Lian slightly frowned. She said, My Phoenix clan has three great killing formations. They could slay Saint Emperors in ancient times. I have the method of casting them in my inherited memories, but it needs just far too many materials. Where would we find these materials?

Rui Jin looked at Jian Chen. He said, Jian Chen, youve obtained quite a few Space Rings from experts over the past few years. I think there should at least be a few materials that can be used for formations.

Jian Chen pulled out a Space Ring without any hesitation. He said, Ive stored all the Space Rings Ive recently obtained in there. I hope there are some useful items in it. With that, Jian Chen passed it to Rui Jin. The Space Ring contained several dozen other Space Rings, and it was everything he had obtained over the past few years. He had checked through all the items in there, passing on a few valuable items to the Flame Mercenaries. The remaining items were just a mixed assortment. There were even many objects that he had no idea what they were used for.

Rui Jin and Hong Lian immediately began to check through the items inside. It took them two whole days before they could sort through everything, and they really found quite a few materials for formations. The various items had been stacked into a small mountain behind them.

These materials are enough for us to cast killing formations. However, as we lack a few crucial materials, we can only replace them with other ones. This will work, but the formations wont be in their most powerful form, Rui Jin murmured to himself as he stared at the mountainous pile of items behind him.

Afterward, Rui Jin and Hong Lian both went into seclusion. They took the huge pile of materials to create formations. As they possessed inherited memories, they understood every single step of the process extremely well.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu had nothing to do. They spent the next period of time paying attention to the situation outside using the mirror Rui Jin had conjured, watching to ensure that they learned of any unexpected changes.

Very soon, a month passed. Rui Jin and Hong Lian had spent the entire time constructing their formations. Afterward, they joined Jian Chen and the others in watching the situation outside, silently waiting for the Saints Fruit to ripen.

Unknowingly, the five of them had already spent three months in the miniature world. Rui Jin basically needed to replenish the worlds energy once every month in order to maintain the world.

Now, the Saints Fruit had already increased from seven colors to eight. The nine leaves had also increased to seven colors, and the light around it became even more dazzling. The area it enveloped increased once again as well.

All of them knew that the Saints Fruit was even closer to ripening when they saw this. It had already entered a crucial stage.

Another two months went by very quickly. The Saints Fruit now possessed nine colors, purging the vile energies with its light. A paradise had appeared in the Death Nest, as if it was where immortals dwelled.

Another month passed and the nine leaves gained another color. As soon as they were eight-colored, an extremely bright light suddenly erupted. The nine leaves and the fruit seemed to have become a miniature sun. They emitted a blinding light, illuminating the surroundings and enveloping the entire Death Nest with dream-like colors.

Vast strands of presences rapidly surged into the Saints Fruit from the nine leaves. At the same time, vast quantities of essence surged from the scarlet ground of the Death Nest, all gushing into the small tree.

A layer of thick clouds silently formed above the Saints Fruit. The clouds were at a very low altitude and radiated with a tremendous presence. An invisible pressure permeated the surroundings, causing the atmosphere to become suffocating.