Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: A Struggle Between the Strong (One)
Chapter 1151: A Struggle Between the Strong (One)

Every time the Saints Fruit appears, a Saint King will be able to reach Saint Emperor. Now that the Saints Fruit has appeared, it looks like another Saint Emperor will appear on the Tian Yuan Continent. Thats a blessing for the continent, Wu Chenzi murmured to herself before turning to Changyang Hu. She said, Have some time to yourself for the next few days. I really do hope you can severe all mortal affairs and break free from the chains. With that, the pavilion master walked outside.

A struggle filled Changang Hus eyes, but it would be replaced by confusion from time to time. He seemed to have no idea what he should do, becoming lost. He could not find the path he needed to walk.

Suddenly, Changyang Hu looked toward Wu Chenzi, who was just about to leave through the door. He said, Pavilion master, I want to visit home.

Changyang Hu, are you still worrying about the matters at your home? The pavilion master stopped and said without turning back.

Its already been many years since Ive last returned. I have no idea what the situation there is like right now as well as my younger brother and sisters situation. A rare sliver of reminiscence filled Changyang Hus eyes.

Your worries are unnecessary. The Changyang clan is currently as brilliant as the noon sun, and your younger brother has already become an expert that can shake the continent, the pavilion master gently sighed.

But I still want to go back. I want to see my mother, said Changyang Hu.

After a momentary pause, the pavilion master said, Go back. Return back to the mortal world and comprehend it. It might help you.

Changyang Hu immediately set off from the Pure Heart Pavilion. The pavilion master did not directly send Changyang Hu to the Changyang clan through a Space Gate. She instead got him to travel by himself. She made him travel the huge distance to return back to the Gesun Kingdom by himself.

Just as Changyang Hu left, an ordinary-looking middle-aged man arrived before the pavilion master. He clasped his hands, Pavilion master!

The Gesun Kingdom is very far away from here. Changyang Hu will definitely come across some difficulties along the way. Wu Xin, protect him in secret. Only interfere when his life is threatened, commanded the pavilion master.

Yes, pavilion master. Wu Xin suddenly disappeared with a sway of his body. He shot off in the direction that Changyang Hu had set off in with extremely great speed.

The pavilion master returned to an extremely simple discussion hall. It had been filled with people long ago. They were all important figures of the pavilion.

Pavilion master, the Saints Fruit that only appears once every forty thousand years has ripened. How should we respond? Do we take part in the fight for it? A gray-haired old man stood up and asked the pavilion master.

Wu Chenzi sat on an extremely old cushion. She calmly said, We practice the Pure Heart Sutra of the Pure Heart Pavilion. We have to purify our heart from passions and desires so that we do not become entranced by foreign objects. We have never participated in the fight for the Saints Fruit every single time it has appeared. At most, a few seniors went with some experts to study the mysteries of the Death Nest, so we will not be participating either this time.

At the same time, a huge blade floated three meters above the ground in the forbidden grounds of the Tyrants Blade School. It shined with a layer of brilliant light.

A burly, middle-aged man in robes sat on the hilt of the blade. Strands of extremely pure energy leaked out of the blade, which were then absorbed by the middle-aged man like a whale taking in water.

He was the founding ancestor of the Tyrants Blade School, Guihai Yidao. He was currently cultivating by absorbing the energy within the Emperor Armament.

Over a hundred Emperor Armaments had fused with the blade already. The energy gathered in there had reached an extremely terrifying level where even Saint Kings at Great Perfection found it difficult to control. They would suffer extremely severe backlashes as well.

However, as the original owner of the Emperor Armament, Guihai Yidao could use the weapon like a third arm even though he was not at Great Perfection. He would not suffer any backlashes.

Suddenly, Guihai Yidaos eyes snapped opened. Two streaks of terrifying light shot from his eyes, piercing through empty space, shattering it. The light reduced it into chaos, and soon after, images of the Death Nest appeared clearly. The space distorted constantly, making it very difficult to make out the feature there. However, a bright, nine-colored light appeared.

What is this? Guihai Yidaos face changed. He struggled to keep his composure, and only after quite a while did he sigh in amazement, What a powerful formation and what heaven-defying methods. Who was the one responsbile for this?

Several figures flew over with lightning speed from the distance. Guihai Yidao returned to how he was before, and the space in front of him had recovered as well.

The people were the great elders of the Tyrants Blade School. They knelt down politely outside the forbidden grounds and one of them courteously reported, Ancestor, the Saints Fruit that appears once every forty thousand years has ripened. May we have permission to proceed to the Death Cavern and retrieve the Saints Fruit so the ancestor can return to Saint Emperor?

The Saints Fruit? Whats that? Guihai Yidao became rather interested. He did not originate from the same age as Mo Tianyun, and he had only just returned to the protector clan. He was obviously uncertain about what had happened in the past with Mo Tianyun.

The great elders explained all the information regarding the Saints Fruit in detail. However, when Guihai Yidao heard that the fruit could allow people to reach Saint Emperor, he did not show any hint of joy at all. He remained extremely calm and said, I have no need for the Saints Fruit, but it might be rather useful for you. You can go.

The great elders beamed with joy. With what was said, they could tell that their ancestor did not need the Saints Fruit to reach Saint Emperor, which obviously made them extremely excited and joyous.

The great elders all left the Tyrants Blade School. With their departure, Guihai Yidao left the forbidden grounds as well. He entered the library there, diligently reading through the records regarding Mo Tianyun and the Death Nest.

At the same time, experts left the Changyang clan, the Moyuan clan, the Yangji sect, the Shenxiao sect, the Potian sect, the Yiyuan sect, the Heavens Incense School and the Heartless School. They directly ripped opened Space Gates to travel to the Death Nest.

Other than them, the supreme experts of Mercenary City were mobilized as well. There was not just Tian Jian who was at the Great Perfection of Saint King. There were also the elderly people who had remained in seclusion and had only appeared during the invasion of the Hundred Races. They were approaching the end of their lives and wanted to use their final moments to obtain the Saints Fruit and break through to Saint Emperor.

A few ancient clans with lengthy legacies and a deep heritage possessed records of the Saints Fruit as well. All the Saint Kings in their clans were mobilized as well.

At that moment, the Death Nest became the center of attention for all the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent. This was because the powerful rippling of the mysteries of the world could undoubtedly allow people to reach Saint Emperor. Even a few Saint Kings who had no idea of the fruits existence ripped open Space Gates and hurried over, wanting to understand just what was going on.