Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157: A Powerful Existence (One)
Chapter 1157: A Powerful Existence (One)

The five old men from Mercenary City charged at Jian Chen in unison. Although Tian Jian was the grand elder of Mercenary City, he was unable to stop them. The five of them possessed a special status in Mercenary City and were even older than Tian Jian. They were his seniors, in other words.

The situation of the vengeful spirits was disastrous. The Aurous Sand posed too great of a threat to them. Once they came into contact with the sand, they would catch on fire immediately. They could not put out the flames at all, which caused their strength to rapidly weaken.

Many vengeful spirits had retreated already, and some of them had even been beaten to the point where they could no longer recondense their bodies. They were greatly injured.

Jian Chen was completely panic-stricken in front the Saints Fruit right now. It was surrounded by a powerful formation at level he could not break through.

Zi Ying, Qing Suo, is there anyway to break through this formation? Jian Chen seeked help from the sword spirits.

Master, this is a closed formation. There is no way in or out, so the only method to get through it is by destroying it with supreme force, Qing Suo said in Jian Chens head.

Beside him, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu fought as hard as they could. Not only did they block vengeful spirits, even some human Saint Kings had become their enemies.

Spatial Gravity! Suddenly, someone yelled out. A great elder from a protector clan used an ancient secret technique from far away, which caused the gravity around Rui Jin and the others to skyrocket.

The three of them all slightly sank. At that moment, they felt like they had become over a thousand times heavier, which had even caused the ground below them to sink. Even Jian Chen was affected.

A gleam of stern light flashed through Rui Jins eyes. With a deep call, the Sacred Dragons Sword struck the space while glowing with a dazzling golden light. It caused the space there to violently shake, breaking through the ancient secret technique with supreme strength.

As soon as the ancient secret technique was broken, a vast pressure descended from the sky again. There were Saint Kings casting Saint Tier Battle Skills, and the number of them had reached over thirty.

Rui Jin flung out his hand and eighteen palm-sized banners suddenly appeared. Every single banner shoned with a hazy, golden light. Through the light, the banners could be seen covered in inscriptions and strands of powerful energy radiated from within.

The eighteen banners arranged themselves in the empty air and began to shine with a blinding light. The rays of light weaved together, actually forming a faint barrier of energy to protect them.

The Saint Tier Battle Skills were used at the same time. Over thirty tremendous ripples of energy erupted and the extremely powerful attacks landed on the golden barrier almost at the same time, causing the barrier to violently shake.

The barrier was not destroyed, but over twenty vengeful spirits who were attacking it were reduced to dark mist by the Saint Tier Battle Skills.


The golden light disappeared with a flash. Rui Jin knew that Jian Chen could not break through the formation protecting the fruit, so he stabbed at the formation with his sword.

The formation around the fruit violently shook, but it stabilized once again. Rui Jins attack, which was no weaker than a blow from a Saint Emperor, was actually not enough to break through it.

Lets break through this formation together, Hei Yu growled. The origin energy weapon in his hand began to shine with a blinding white light as a mysterious and powerful origin energy coiled around the surface. Afterward, he struck the formation in unison with Rui Jin.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu were both extremely careful. Although the origin energy weapons possessed tremendous strength, they could control it. As they swung down, they did not target the fruit, but the formation around it. They were afraid that they would destroy the fruit with even the slightest carelessness.

The formation protecting the fruit was far more powerful that they had imagined. It did not shatter after withstanding the joint attack, and instead, it just trembled even more heavily.

Again! Hei Yu roared out as a vast presence exploded from him. His clothes and long hair danced about despite the absence of wind while the machete in his hand emitted an even more dazzling light. He struck the formation once again along with Rui Jins sword.

This time, the formation finally shattered as it gave in. Without any hesitation, Jian Chen used the jade body to carefully collect the Saints Fruit, before grabbing the nine leaves as well. He stored the box away carefully.

Jian Chen immediately exhaled a deep breath after he did all that. He gently rubbed his Space Ring as joy filled him inside. He had finally obtained the fruit as he had wished after so much effort.

The barren, small tree quickly began to wither now that the fruit and nine leaves had been removed. It shriveled up in the blink of an eye before disappearing into the earth.


With a deafening rumble, the eighteen small banners finally shattered from the violent attacks by the human Saint Kings and vengeful spirits. A great group of Saint Kings aggressively charged toward Jian Chen.

Hand over the Saints Fruit Many Saint Kings roared. They all seemed to have been peeved by the fact that Jian Chen had taken the Saints Fruit, all falling into a rage. They could no longer bother with anything else.

The enticement of the Saints Fruit was just far too great. It was so great that even ancient clans dared to offend protector clans to obtain it because this was their only chance to have a clan member become a Saint Emperor. Once they had broken through successfully, there would be no problems even if they had offended the protector clans since they would then possess the ability to contend with the protector clans at that time.